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Anything on the demo that happened last night?

I just wanted to know if anyone was at the demo last night? Or am I going to have to rely on corporate media?
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from an email on Sun morning 30.Nov.2014 12:34

not much info

"interesting that the PPB used "flash bangs" at
the demonstration last night--"

Laughing at Liberals gets shoved by cops 30.Nov.2014 12:46

U stream


Cops shove people who were already "on the SIDEWALK"
video from Sat U-stream by jessehadden

vine clip 30.Nov.2014 12:54



@PortlandPolice fire Flash Bomb Grenade and charge at Demonstrators during #Ferguson March.

located from Twitter feed

Disturbing article in The Mercury 30.Nov.2014 13:26


 link to blogtown.portlandmercury.com

//One of those arrested, Hart Noecker, is the blogger and activist (and Blue Oregon contributor) who wrote a widely shared post criticizing the three officers who, last weekend, posted profile photos on Facebook showing an "I Am Darren Wilson" bracelet wrapped around a Portland police badge. Noecker also posted about Tuesday's protest, in which protesters shut down two bridges and briefly got onto freeway ramps in Southeast.

Noecker says he was booked by one of the cops who posted the Darren Wilson profile picture, Rich Storm. Storm, along with Rob Blanck and Kris Barber, are facing internal investigations for using their official badges to express political views. Mayor Charlie Hales, in an email, promised the Reverend Chuck Currie, an outspoken police accountability advocate, that he would pull those three officers from protest duty.//

Fire the Police PR department 30.Nov.2014 13:31

Corporate Media Warning


Google the title below for article from the 0
"Ferguson demonstration in Portland tests a journalist's nerve (photos)"

Flash Alert Report 11.30.14 30.Nov.2014 13:39



News Release from Portland Police Bureau
Posted on FlashAlert: November 30th, 2014 12:24 AM
Officers arrested 10 people at Southwest 2nd Avenue and Main Street at approximately 11:15 p.m., after a large group of protesters laid down in the street and refused lawful orders to clear the roadway. A larger group of people was briefly detained then released and told to leave the area.

Those arrested include nine adults and one juvenile. Several members of the media were present during this incident but no media members were arrested, as was being speculated on Twitter. Additionally, no "rubber bullets" were used as was being erroneously reported on Twitter.

One police car was damaged by protesters during this evening's actions.

Those arrested will face charges of Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree and Interfering with a Peace Officer.

Names and booking photos will be released on Sunday November 30, 2014.



On Saturday November 29, 2014, Portland Police officers monitored a protest in Downtown Portland outside the Justice Center. Police personnel assisted with safe arrival and departure of the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who spoke at the demonstration asking for peace and non-violence, then left the area.

After the demonstration finished, some protesters took to the streets and have been marching around Downtown throughout the evening, disrupting traffic and attempting to block bridges.

On a few occasions, some protesters have thrown bottles at police officers and have been very confrontational. One protester jumped onto a police car, which seemed to incite the crowd further. Officers ordered the crowd to move but they instead approached officers, who used two "flash bangs" (no projectiles) to stun the senses, then officers performed a deliberate approach to the crowd, which turned and ran away.

There have been no arrests thus far but may be possible if the protesters continue to disrupt traffic and throw projectiles at police officers.

Anyone experiencing property damage as a result of the protesters is asked to file a report online at  http://www.portlandpolice.com or by calling the non-emergency line at (503) 823-3333.