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PROJECT VIEWFINDER SCREENING - 12/10/14 - Wednesday 5pm

"Project Viewfinder gives youth a chance to draw out their individual talents. They are motivated to believe in themselves after so many others have given up on them."
- Sue Hays, New Avenues for Youth

Wed, Dec 10, 2014

5:30 PM -- FREE
Whitsell Auditorium
Portland Art Museum
1219 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

Homelessness is, and is not, what you think. This series of poignant short films, created by local young adults transitioning from struggle to hope and self-sufficiency, uses personal experience to reveal some of the causes and possible solutions to this important problem in our community. The youth are participants in the School of Film's Project Viewfinder, now in its second year, which partners with area community organizations to teach the tools of filmmaking to disadvantaged populations. Join us for this uplifting testimony to the power of filmmaking to change young lives, and for film to spark a collective sense of community compassion. Thanks to New Avenues for Youth, Outside In, p:ear, SMYRC, BCCTV and the Wheeler Foundation for helping to make this project possible. (100 mins.)


The young filmmakers and their faculty mentors will be present to interact with the audience. A post-film reception for the young filmmakers immediately follows in the adjacent Andrée Stevens Room.

Meet these film makers link:  https://www.nwfilm.org/downloads/media/Project%20Viewfinder%202014%20-%20SoundByte.pdf

Behind the scenes photos:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/nwfilmcenter/sets/72157648994177932/

2013 Participant Survey

100% created a personal documentary film about their homelessness
50% attended a follow-up School of Film workshop on scholarship
40% want to attend a School of Film college credit class on scholarship

2013 Audience Survey

84% said that projects like these are of great value to the community
70% said that the films show that there are misconceptions about homeless
63% said that it is clear that there are solutions to homelessness

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwfilm.org/youngfilmmakers/projectviewfinder/

Watch the video documentary from last year on Vimeo 12.Dec.2014 11:38

Joe Anybody


You can see part 1 (2013) here on Vimeo:

 http://vimeo.com/66476143 [30 minute video]

You can see part 2 (2014) on on Vimeo soon - the filmmakers announced it would be online asap

The post on indymedia from PROJECT VIEWFINDER SCREENING 2013 is here:

soon 2 see 29.Dec.2014 13:40

stay tuned in

The Project Viewfinder 2014 video [on Vimeo] will be shared here on PIMC as soon as it is available online (should be soon)

parts 1 and 2 from 2013 29.Dec.2014 13:49

one year ago

 https://vimeo.com/66580915 (2013) second part [47 min video]
 https://vimeo.com/66476143 (2013) first part [30 min video]

The 2014 video will be coming soon to indymedia