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On January 5, 2015 Overnight Delivery of First Class Mail will end. unless...

On January 5, 2015 Overnight Delivery of First Class Mail will end throughout the
country: unless there is congressional action, a ruling by the Postal Board of
Governors, or PMG action to postpone the changes.
Portland Communities and Postal Workers United

For Immediate Release 12/31/14
Contact: Jamie Partridge, 503-752-5112

On January 5, 2015 Overnight Delivery of First Class Mail will end throughout the
country: unless there is congressional action, a ruling by the Postal Board of
Governors, or PMG action to postpone the changes.

Bend and Pendleton plus Eugene/Springfield Postal Mail Processing Centers are
slated for closure on April 18th and July 11th, 2015 which will cause delay of mail,
loss of good living wage jobs in our community, and also cause an adverse
economic impact to the communities that depend on good service. The cut in service
will cause hardships for the public and small businesses, destroying jobs, and
breaking down the efficient and affordable delivery network by driving away mail and

On January 5, the USPS is slated to lower "service standards" to virtually
eliminate overnight delivery - including first‐class mail from one address to another
within the same city or town as well as the many towns serviced by the Postal
Processing Center.
All mail (medicine, online purchases, local newspapers, newsletters of community
and religious organizations, bill payments, letters and invitations) throughout the
country will be delayed.
Our entire community will lose business opportunities associated with
e‐commerce,which relies on the speedy delivery of goods ordered online.

Although 170 House members and 51 Senators called for a one year moratorium on the
reduction in service and the closures of the mail processing centers, Congress failed
to pass the necessary legislation in December 2014.

We need the public to send a message to the Postmaster General, the Postal Board of
Governors, the President of the United States and Congress:

Stop the new "Changes in Standards" set for January 5, 2015 and stop the 82 closures
scheduled for 2015.

Postal Board of Governors Postmaster General
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW 475 L'Enfant Plaza SW

Washington, DC 20260 Washington,DC 20260
Phone:202‐268‐4800 Phone:202‐268‐4264

Congressional Members President of the United States

Capitol Hill Switchboard 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Phone: 202‐224‐3121 Washington, DC 20500
Phone: 202‐456‐1414

DHL/UPS/FED-EX 04.Jan.2015 07:36


Nothing in the constitution says the mail must be managed by the government. there are many proven alternatives in the private sector. For the people who object, you have to ask yourself is this about the mail, or a socialized jobs agenda?

Greed before Service 04.Jan.2015 12:29


Maximum profits for the few - at the expense of all the others (such as; we the people and as well as all postal workers).

Its not about socialism - This is more of the fall out from capitalism - It is the terrible taste of corruption for profit above all else.

"Privatize = Profits NOT Service"

So if "profits and making $" are your only concern in this issue regarding the post office and getting your mail and services, then follow Ben's proven alternatives.(?)

heheh 04.Jan.2015 13:35

visa corporation

FedEx charges about $17 to overnight a basic letter. Prices vary depending on weight and size!

hmm 04.Jan.2015 20:07


While the earlier salient remarks about Mr. Partridge and KBOO have been "composted" by indymedia, the post office remains an essential and effective resource for this country, which makes it a target for Republicans in Congress to destroy.

All it would take is for the stupid retirement funding thing to be rescinded and voila, no fiscal crisis.

But of course that would stymie the effort to destroy the cost efficient post office, and prevent fat cat contributors to campaigns like Fed Ex and UPS from raping us further.

What a damned shame.

Stamps 04.Jan.2015 20:44


Only a marxist worries about how much money someone else is making. who gives a shit, as long as they do a better job for less money.

worry less about what others are doing and concentrate on what you are doing, or lack doing, and you will be much better off.

well fine then 05.Jan.2015 07:53


The post office does a better job for less money. Screw UPS and Fed Ex. You happy now?

POSTAL "SERVICE" 05.Jan.2015 07:56

carrier Pigeon

This country has had the U. S. Postal service since before we had the US constitution. For over two hundred years the postal SERVICE has done an excellent job--keeping prices affordable for everyone-- --delivering mail (unopened) Keeping communities connected--walk up checks on the Elderly who might be shut ins-- provide secure jobs for the returning veterans-- The Post office is a highly abundant profitable SERVICE and that is the key here-- Fed x and UPS(brown shirts) will not do walk up checks on the elderly. They do not care if the king and queen read your mail--they will not give you affordable prices for everyone for the next two hundred years-- The postal jobs were some of the best and secure jobs in the country and the "PUBLIC" Institution as a business is highly profitable and that is why they profiteers and warmongers want to privatize and steal the public SERVICE. It will be a very sad day for this country and the people for us to lose our post office --Don't people understand that the feds can read you email--listen to your phone calls and track you on the computer-but they are NOT allowed to read you postal mail.

Bullshit 08.Jan.2015 07:04


y wrote: "Only a marxist worries about how much money someone else is making"

That is probably the stupidest thing I will read today, and it's only 7AM. Everybody worries about how much money somebody else is making because that profit is paid for by consumers in one way or another. I care how much money FedEx makes because their profits are based on my paying a lot of money to send something that I can send for less via the US postal service. I feel the same way when I buy lettuce, ball bearings, and cat litter. All people do.