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15 NOW!

The organizers, 15 Now Portland, protest income inequality and say they are dedicated to making Oregon the first state to enact a $15 minimum wage. Rally on the Capital steps Jan 24 at noon. 15 Now Portland is fighting to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour in the City of Portland. We are also helping to lead a coalition of almost 50 other 15 Now chapters, labor unions, and community organizations across the state that are dedicated to making Oregon the first state to enact a $15 minimum wage.

Oregon Needs a Raise!
Rally at the Capitol Building

Saturday, Jan. 24, Noon—1 pm in Salem, OR

Bills for a $15 minimum wage are being introduced in the State House and Senate for the 2015 session. Low-wage workers, union members, faith and community allies — ALL OUT for $15 !

1 pm March to local low-wage employer

2pm-3pm Statewide 15 Now Gathering

at the nearby First Congregational Church, 700 Marion St NE Salem, OR.

Click here to get more information

Need a ride? Click here to RSVP for a seat on a bus, van, or in a carpool from your area! If you don't see your town on the list then contact us.  http://www.15nowpdx.org/15-now-rally-at-the-oregon-state-capitol/


Original Post>  http://www.willamettelive.com/2015/news/fighting-15-fairness-rally-capitol/

A rally in support of bills in Oregon legislature that hope to raise the minimum wage is happening Saturday, January 24 on the steps to the capitol.

"Walmart made $17 billion in profit in 2013 and their CEO earns $6,898 per hour, 779 times the average worker's wage," the group's site, 15nowpdx.org, says. Meanwhile, "workers make minimum wage or close to it, and live in poverty... With such high profit margins and ridiculously high salaries for those at the top, such companies can easily afford to pay a $15 minimum wage."
Last year in Washington State, the cities of SeaTac and Seattle approved a raise of the minimum wage to $15/hour, and in Portland, hundreds rallied in Portland to support Oregon Walmart workers who walked out over Thanksgiving.
15 Now Portland argues that raising the minimum wage puts more money in the hands of those who have to spend all the money they make, and thereby benefits all levels of society.
More than 1,400 bills were introduced into the Oregon legislature on January 12, and at two are Democrat efforts to increase the minimum wage.
15 Now Oregon Rally at the Capitol
Saturday, January 24 Noon
Oregon State Capitol steps
900 Court Street NE, Salem

15 NOW! 24.Jan.2015 09:53


Rally for $15 and statewide gathering at the capitol building in Salem!

To RSVP for rides visit  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bus-rides-to-rally-on-capitol-steps-tickets-14945572610 if your city isn't on the list send us a message and let us know!

Portland buses leave promptly at 10:30 a.m. and will leave Salem at 3 p.m. The buses will leave Portland from the parking lot of SEIU Local 49, which is located at 3536 SE 26th Ave.

The Fight for $15 is spreading across the country and Oregon is no exception. Employees at Home Forward (formerly The Portland Housing Authority), seasonal parks workers in Portland, and Multnomah County workers have all recently won $15 minimum wages, unions and community organizations around the state are endorsing a $15 minimum wage, and workers from Ashland to Portland to The Dalles are organizing to fight for $15 in Oregon!

During the upcoming 2015 legislative session, Democrats will likely push to raise the state's minimum wage. They not only need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15/hr, but they need to repeal the preemption law that prevents cities and counties in Oregon from raising the minimum wage locally.

On behalf of 15 Now PDX and Portland Jobs with Justice, bills to repeal the intrusive and undemocratic preemption law and to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr in Oregon will be submitted for the 2015 legislative session. We can win, but we need the working class of Oregon to stand up with us and demand $15 Now!

We call all on Oregon's working class to rally on the steps of the capitol building in Salem on January 24, 2015 from noon - 1pm in order to get out in front of this eventual legislative discussion and ensure that our state legislators know that Oregon's working class demands a real living wage of $15/hr!

Rally at the capitol building at noon. Then head to the Ike Box at 1pm for the gathering where you can get plugged in with other minimum wage activists and 15 Now chapters from around the state.

Join us and Fight for $15 for the whole State of Oregon!

This rally is sponsored by 15 Now Oregon, 15 Now PDX, 15 Now Salem Oregon, 15 Now Southern Oregon, Jobs with Justice, KBOO Community Radio, OSEA, AFT - Oregon, Oregon AFL-CIO, PCUN, LiUNA Local 483, OEA, OFNHP, SEIU Local 49, SEIU Local 503, AFSCME Local 328, AFSCME Local 88, ILWU, PAT, OSALC, CWA Local 7901, AFM Local 99

video: 1.24.15 RALLY AT STATE CAPITOL FOR $15 MINIMUM WAGE IN OREGON 31.Jan.2015 21:09


 http://youtu.be/epRiNbxWztg - 2 hr video from the rally/protest in Salem on 1/24/15