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Video: Health Care for All Oregon Salem Rally 2.11.15

Filmed in Salem Oregon on 2.11.15 on the steps of the State Capital
Health Care For All Oregon
This video is the complete rally and speeches
Health Care For All Oregon held a rally on the steps of the State Capital in Salem Oregon on February 11 2015

There was a gathering a few blocks away prior to the rally for organizing and workshop.

The video starts with a group from the workshop heading to the rally

The event had music provided by The Raging Grannies, Norman Sylvester, David Rovics, Dr. Atomic, Peter Bergel, Bob Wickline, Bajo Salario/Collective. and others

The video is 2 hours and 35 minutes:  http://youtu.be/wenyi216uDQ

The speeches start around 59:54 in the video.

Around 1:45:49 Sen Demral announce the new bill SB 631 for "Single Payer"

The information below is from the HCFAO promotional material

Hundreds gather in Salem Oregon on 2.11.15 on the steps of the State Capital.
A rally with speeches for Health Care For All Oregon wer giving by doctors, citizens, activists and congress members. This video is the complete rally and all the music and speeches.

At the Rally, Dead Men and Women Tell No Tales-
Come Early to the February 11 Rally and Tell Your Health Care Horror Story!
Where: Micah Center, 680 State St (2 blocks SW of Capitol Building)
When: 9:00 am to 10:20 pm
What: Videotaping your 3-minute health care horror stories
Who: You and videographers Maegan Prentice and Joe Anybody
Some stories will also be taped at the rally on the Capitol steps
For information e-mail  lee@mainstreetalliance.org
You may have heard this story before:
Tyler, from Beaverton, Oregon, had to choose between paying his rent and buying asthma medication. At age 27, he was married and had a five-year old son. Tyler was diagnosed with asthma when he was two years old. After he lost his job and health insurance, he cut back on his asthma medication because paying his rent and buying food for his family took priority. In December 2010, he suffered a severe asthma attack, was hospitalized in a coma, and died shortly thereafter. Tyler is among 43,000 people in the US who prematurely die every year from untreated illnesses due to financial barriers to health care. Unfortunately Tyler and thousands other people who died needlessly for lack of health care are not here to tell their stories.
But you, who have suffered due to lack of health care for a dozen different reasons, have a story to tell!
See other stories in the Health Care for All Oregon Stories Project at  http://hcaoef.org/stories-project/

Register at www.HCAORally.net www.hcao.org
2015 Capitol Steps Rally Rev Pre-Program
February 11, 2015
9:30 Sound Test for Musicians
10:40 Assemble in Staging area
Wes Brain, Rally Rev MC
Cliff Goldman, Rally Rev Stage Manager
Cheryl Simpson, Rally Coordinator
Oregon Raging Grannies - Portland, Corvallis, Eugene
Bajo Salario/Collective Band
Mad as Hell Doctors and Mad as Hell Minutes
Dr. Atomic, Peter Bergel,
Bob Wickline

11:00 - Welcome and set the stage, highlight various activities, legislative visits, introduce MC (2 min) Cheryl
Program highlights, encourage people to be thinking of Mad as Hell Minutes, introduce Stage Mgr (3 min), MC
11:05 - Introduce Oregon Raging Grannies (1 min), MC
11:06 - Oregon Raging Grannies (8 min)
11:14 - Introduce Bajo Solario/Collective Band (1 min), MC
11:15 - Bajo Salario/Collective Band (8 min)
11:23 - Introduce Mad as Hell Doctors (1 min), MC
11:24 - Mad as Hell Doctors and Mad as Hell Minutes set, Mike Huntington and the Mad as Hell Doctors (14 min)
11:38 - Rally Chanting (2 min)
11:40 - Introduce Dr. Atomic, Peter Bergel (1 min), MC
11:41 - Dr. Atomic, Peter Bergel (8 min)
11:49 - Thank Groups, Repeat encouragement for the Day, (3) MC
11:52 - Rally Chanting (2 min)
11:54 - Introduce Bob Wickline (1 min), MC
11:55 - Bob Wickline (5 min)

Camilo Marquez (MC), HCAO Local Group
Cheryl Simpson, HCAO Board - Mobilization and Rally Coordinator
Lee Mercer, HCAO Board President
Glendora Claybrooks, HCAO Board - Nominations and Elections Chair
Dr. Fernando Gapasin Labor
Nadine Grzeskowiak, RN Emergency Room Nurse
Jason Freilinger, Freilinger Electronics, Silverton City Council - Business
Elisa Nasol, Medical Student
Dr. Peter Mahr, Physician at public health facility
Alberto Moreno, Executive Director, Oregon Latino Health Coalition
Representative Jennifer Williamson
Senator Michael Dembrow
Tim Roach, HCAO Board - Faith
Robin Cash, Portland Health Care Action Group

homepage: homepage: http://www.joeanybody.com