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Solidarity with Trans Women: Picket Portland "Mini-Michfest" TERF Festival April 18

TERFs in Portland area are holding a "mini-Michfest" event on April 18 to raise money for Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, the annual weeklong orgy of TERF Lesbian Separatist hate rallies against Trans Women and Gender Non Conforming CAMAB folks.
TERF's (Transgender Exterminationist Radical Feminists) believe Trans Women and Gender Non Conforming/Genderqueer CAMAB folks do not deserve human rights. They rejoice when Trans Women of Color are murdered, or imprisoned and gang-raped by other inmates of men's prisons. They work with Far-Right hate groups such as Focus On The Family, Pacific Justice Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom to help pass state laws to criminalize Trans Women using restrooms and to repeal local non-discrimination ordinances.

TERFs in Portland will be celebrating their willing support of systemic genocide of Trans Women on Saturday, April 18th from 8PM to Midnight.

We call all Trans folks, Gender Non Conforming and Genderqueer folks, and our allies to stop this event from occurring.

We will picket the venue, Cotton Cloud Futon (a TERF-owned business), 701 NE Broadway in Lloyd District, to create visibility and prevent the event from happening. This is a fundraiser for TERF organization Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. The less people attend there will be less money going to TERFs.

TERFs must learn the lesson that they can't be a bunch of neanderthals anymore.

What: TERF orgy for Michfest benefit
Where: TERF-owned Cotton Cloud Futon, 701 NE Broadway
When: Saturday, April 17th 8PM - 12MN

While they celebrate their hate, Trans Women die at the hands of haters who believe the propaganda started by TERF's such as Julie Bindel, Cathy "Buck" Brennen, and Janice Raymend. They have been successful in promoting hate everywhere. In Canada, TERF's just convinced the Canadian Parliament to amend a nondiscrimination bill to include wording that will actually make Transgender a crime!

They are even succeeding at infiltrating Trans organizations by using quislings ("Gender Critical Transwomen" - brainwashed Trans Women who hate themselves so much they believe in TERF lies).

The City of Roses shall not tolerate feminism!
The City of Roses shall not tolerate feminism!
The City of Roses shall not tolerate feminism!

There are a lot of TERF-Supporting Heterosexual Men 03.Mar.2015 18:03


Heterosexual men are encouraged to donate and ATTEND the mini-Michfest and Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (If you can make it). I'm certaihn that the event is very welcoming to men and all humans - discrimination is not tolerated.

Ridiculous 04.Mar.2015 19:29


you people are absolutely ridiculous. Do you seriously think you will get your way by spewing poison and lies?

What are you talking about? 04.Mar.2015 19:29

anonymous or made up

Your description of this event sounds... totally untrue. And it's pretty hard to get behind the rallying cry that my city will not tolerate feminism. This post looks like a troll post, not real news.

Lies 11.Mar.2015 09:56


What is wrong with you?