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Going backwards is always my way. We attended the County Meeting on 3/12/2015 and offered the position of Individuals For Justice, (IFJ) on the problem of cell phones for the homeless. When your phone goes dead or you need a jump for it to continue working you plug it into your computer or outlet and you are good to go. What do you do if you live on the streets? Street Roots did a wonderful job reminding us that Josť Serrica, a member in good standing, spoke of these a few months ago. So we used our 3 minutes of communication time to tell the Commissioners that it costs less than a penny to charge a cell phone from dead to let's make some calls. They seem to know what we were talking about, maybe because we sent them the article and gave them a heads up that we would be pressing them on this. We also sent copies to the 5 sh-ts at city hall and did receive a note back from our favorite of the 5, Comm. Amanda Fritz, who says they are working or talking about working or thinking of doing something to help. She is one of the few who try and in most cases answers her messages, we like that. "Trust what a politician says and you will get screwed, praise them only when they actually do something." (Joe Walsh 1971)
Here is the video of our testimony/communication with the good county commissioners:

This day only two of us spoke and I am about 4 minutes in, the woman who talked before me is worth listening to because she also is talking about the homeless/houseless. We will keep the pressure on but you can call the chair of the commissioners here and just ask how they are doing with offering a safe place to allow citizens to charge their cell phone. Thank you Street Roots again for reminding us of this important issue.
Chair of County Commissioners Kafoury's number: 503- 988-3308
City Commissioner Fritz's number: 503-823-3008

We went to the City Council Gathering of the 5 sh-ts on 3/11/2015 and had a time; they are so weird! The morning session was kind of boring, except for the wonderful kids who came from Harrison Park Elementary school to talk about leadership and the arts, we enjoyed their presence. We also did speak on item 258 concerning the Park Ranger Program. We like the rangers in general and ask that they act as ambassadors and not as cops, we objected to them excluding people from the parks for 30-60-90 days, somebody else should make that decision and not them. There are only 7 permanent rangers for over 200+ parks, we thought that was shameful, we need more rangers, less cops. On to the afternoon session which surprised me with the large number of people coming out to express their views on item 266 commonly called "Remove the Box"

Hales again loaded the testimony with his buddies and invited guests, the only person who offered any caution was the Oregon President of the AFL-CIO who was concerned that it would not go far enough to help the people coming out of prison. He pointed out that it could be watered down to such an extent that it is, what we called it; a Paper Tiger. Hales was going to not have public testimony at all and only go with the people that he invited to speak, we did not accept that and he backed off and gave the public about 15 minutes to speak, we really got to get rid of this jerk. Somebody with name recognition, money and has a possibility of winning please take a chance of running against char-lie the hales. There were hundreds of people who came to change this small step in the application process and hales decided to use up the two hours with buddies offering what amounts to pre-approved testimony. This is not the way to run a city meeting. I can understand why they get low grades when it comes to transparency. They just do anything they feel like, screw the charter, and forget any attempt to run the meeting according to the Robert's Rules of Order.
We missed a lot of events this week but offer those who did go to list them here.

Almost forgot, we did gather with the good people who did a protest at Pioneer Square about the "Requiem for the Pacific Ocean. This was in coordination with No Nukes.
The gathering was good and people came up from Eugene to share their thoughts and what they have been doing, the question came up, "Are we killing the planet?

We will continue to monitor the city council not because we like doing it but because they are scoundrels and must be watched; objected to---when they are wrong, on the record. We will continue to monitor the County Board Meeting because most times it is the best part of our week, we almost always feel they are trying and that is all we ask, try!
Stay safe!
Joe Walsh, for Individuals For Justice

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.com

You Always Bring A Smile 13.Mar.2015 19:37


I'm not a Vet. Just a lone freethinker.

My brother fought the war while I protested against it.

War is a force that makes THEM real. Not us.

They are the fallen ones. They are the demons.

Let them go to hell.

Thank you for being really real.

great 16.Mar.2015 11:00


a great country that gives its poor cell phones and food. those who would have starved to death in most other countries.