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The Daily Poetry Movement

A poem
Snuff Film

I bet if you were into Snuff Films
You would be particularly awed to be
Invited to Cheneys House
It sucks to get hunted on his property
But be advised
He has accepted new hearts

He says,
Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhh

His pitiful dark lust etched into
His twisted resurrection
Of the snuff film industry of Vietnam

His happier than thou constant
Vigil of torture videos always ended in hideous
Snuff films for that wanker
To decided the next terrible story plot
For his twisted forbidden fantasies
And that prick
Gets twisted in his hand

You could imagine
Going to his house
And watching his palored
Face grimacing with empathetic
And chemical infused lust
As he paled upon the torture scenes
With a wild passion
That left his unable to become erect
Permanently twisted dick
Softly cuddled in his pocket
Like a baby chick in the gullet of an eagle
He directs his gaze
Toward your pale form

And has difficulty with your
Perfect freedom of mobility
He flinches
At the need to see you
Submitting to
His basic need for power
Ass Kissing in her
As an aphro-diss-ee-act

Is never as Happy as when
He talks to Woo
Woo had such vision for his desires
He modeled them perfectly
Would he Woo you?