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A stolen copy of a neo-Nazi's manifesto

Meet Frank Marzitelli. He is a white supremacist and neo-Nazi. He lives in Minnesota, but he prefers to Chicago. Frank hates African Americans, women, activists and people who get him trouble for hurting those people. I could give some first hand accounts of this, but maybe it's better to let you know who he his by using his own words, first. This story does pertain to another story here on the newswire, but this one doesn't give enough attention to the sheer extent of his bigotry and hatred towards others.
As for what I am posting here, what follows is material he wrote in a book. There are many quotes here and all this material shows the racist and misogynist ideologies which drive him towards hurting people. Here's my first quote from his book

"...convicted felons, who also associate with... convicted felons and liberal welfare activists, who happen to advocate against police brutality at some of the facilities, who happen to think of the individual as some kind of race hate group member, because of his false association with some of the police involved on duty at the facilities, especially with a few officers shaving their heads bald in effort to maintain a youthful appearance when dealing with the public, while all the race hate groups in retrospect, antithetically think of the guy as a minority rights supporter, because of his false association with the welfare activist group members, with the minority right Created is a second wave political civil cold war operating underneath the E.M.P aftermath of a major incident. gentlemen as some kind of gender rights group supporter for the same reason, while the feminist rights groups, because of their antithetical association in retrospect to all men in general, think of him as some kind of misogynist, taking place during a time when this person totally oblivious to the entire local political landscape;"
In this first section he is referring to himself in third person. Frank pretends that when he victimizes other people it is he that his the martyr. That's typical behavior for hate groups. Far right hate groups do this habitually.

When affirmative action was put in place, these thugs whined about how those laws threatened oppressed white males. The point is that you, the reader should know that this is a pattern and you will see it with these people again and again. These people attack and scapegoat innocent people. That's all it is. They claim they are victims. They aren't.
Another quote:
" Under these circumstances it isn't uncommon for an inner-racial president of the United States of America (in need of public support) to make our country economically stronger during a major recession, who is considered "biracial" inappropriately by a community talk show host, to consider himself publicly on the broadcast in defense "more of a mongrel" (like that of a wolf; more American than "biracial"--- accepted---rather than "isolated;" especially with the term "biracial" alluding to something "inappropriate" like a biological experiment by comparison; a modern day Frankenstein) in effort to redirect an inappropriately awkward moment created by an inept talk show host. He is remaining humble and accepting for nation sake by condoning local racial values; keeping a very ethnically diverse country consolidated during difficult times, yet trying hard not to play into the negative racial politics that may destroy America as a nation, and in doing so reveals something about our country; we have serious race problems we aren't (even) aware of and haven't (even) began to address yet, unlike other countries. This took place when "The president appeared on ABC's morning talk show The View on a Thursday, where he talked about the forced resignation of Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod, his experience with race and his roots. When asked about his background, which includes a black father and white mother, Obama said of African-Americans: 'We are sort of a mongrel people," according to Sam Youngman's - 07/29/10 11:00 AM ET of the Hill Blog. "

Neo-Nazi's are stupid and Frank is in keeping with that tradition. "Inner racial?" It is like your inner child, your inner race? Is there also an outer race? I wonder if they get these people of the same assembly line. George Bush is known for the same incompetence with the English language.

" The place he is caged, due to community segregated "Habitrail" circumstances, spurred on by a new national poverty level (The Dorothy Day Center, Listening House and Mary Hall), functions as a public funded non-for-profit community African-American political guerilla militancy welfare post, with ties throughout many facilities and communities nationally. This isn't too different from a concentration death camp or plantation in design---if one were to think about it."

What do we have here? Frank seems to really believe that nonprofits that help poor homeless minorities have all the power. Money is power and these people don't have money.

Here's more of his spewing about how poor blacks secretly run the world in that book of his. The book, by the way, is attached to this post:
Another quote:
" In order for slavery to exist, the labor has to be subsidized to be affordable. Not all funded clients are considered exportable labor. Some are localized in the form of a human community garden for appearance sake; funding cow oriented, beneficial to the lap of the community funded luxury life of the favored cow, and his or her beloved plantation. Here is where the racial politics don't evolve just around one's ancestors having been slaves, but more significantly around the politics of maintaining a preferred community slave status for better welfare preference. It is well understood and accepted within these social circles, that if a particular group is no longer wanted for slavery, they will lose their preferred funding cow status (and literally starve), which is what the African-American community fight hard to prevent happening to themselves at these facilities; exclusive welfare rights they do not want to lose needed for survival, because the open indentured servitude market outside the wall of the institution no longer wants them."

Here is an extended quote from his book showing his sick mindset:

"The problem is these individuals, especially within the local community, referred here comically as animals of pets or livestock, are viewed as subhuman among the American public; not entitled to human rights, as if intentionally "plantationed" for the purpose of exploitation at shelters, "Since non-human animals were (and to a large extent still are) considered to be "lesser beings," therefore considered as human property by right" according to Kenneth Cassar's March 20th 2008 Animal Rights Malta's Blog. Include the underground African-American political guerilla militant politics prevalent and a greater problem surfaces; a culturally perpetuated third world social symbiosis forms; groups of people of a savage or primitive nature that sociably feed off a modern sophisticated larger society by providing a service (sometimes secretly coveted) benefiting both (similar to bootlegging), which in this case would be the pilfering of welfare benefits partially funding activities the community likes to engage in or covet.
"When speaking on a genuine level with many African-Americans at these facilities making up not just clients, but also the staff and volunteers (rare due to the deeply elusive nature ingrained behind the politics), 85% of everything expressed and suggested by the members of this particular community was of a racist nature that takes place below the waist, which the institutions make money sustaining. 75% of this 85% involved illegal drug politics. In conclusion to the 75% factor, we can conclude that when drunk or high African-American's get racist and horny just like any other ethnic group, however prefer this if it can be afforded to them, due to a history of once having been slaves, rather than working for it, suggesting a reevaluation of the subhuman theory as related to the African-American guerilla militant politics played behind welfare, non-for-profit politics and the 13th Amendment.
"Stray animals will wonder streets looking for masters to own them. The 13th Amendment suggests this is an illegal concept to apply to humans. This doesn't seem to be the case into the year 2000 at many shelters and drop-in-centers. The question is would the average African-American at the Dorothy Day Center, Mary Hall and Listening House or other establishments, secretly sell themselves into slavery to these institutions to maintain the 75% and/or 85% suggested, and also protect these institutions for this with these institutions reciprocating? The answer is yes! Look for the indicated indentures; the supplemental programs; welfare outlining the servitude, the multitude of well supplemented welfare benefits affording this 75% and/or 85%. To substantiate the theory, would the other ethnic groups prefer work over institution provided 75% or 85%? The answer is yes; because of the feeling home privacy better provides this 75% or 85%, if oriented that way. Most African-Americans are under the impression they would not have similar privacy, due to a racially oppressive community housing market that would more than likely be subsidized, indicating the best option for the 75% and/or 85% suggested (if oriented that way), is through the shelters and drop-in-centers developed for this by a community. If offered a choice, why would anyone at these institutions want to associate with this culture, unless similarly 75% or 85% oriented? Furthermore, because of established values associated with the prevalent political guerilla militant attitude at these establishments, those that are housed and/or employed come to these establishments under efforts of stealth either directly or indirectly (staff included) to maintain this 75% or 85% (what kind of person goes to a homeless shelter to pick-up women---in particular, "white-woman?") ---does the term "facebook" mean anything to anyone. What is surprising, is when Caucasian women at a state of destitution start to show up at shelters, how the male population at these facilities starts to swell, especially amongst the African-Americans, along with the availability legal and illegal drugs. This shouldn't surprise anyone. The group with the longest history of slavery to date in America and most prone to slave politics is Caucasian women. What is evident, is a high degree of predation exercised publicly, still perpetuating a market today.
"The argument justifying the mentality at these facilities is this is due to the superior sexual virility of the African-American male and others like him, which has to be medicated and/or sustained. The counterargument is this is due to the immaturity of these African-Americans at these facilities and the others like them, because responsible adults appropriate home and employment first and develop guilt complexes otherwise. The third argument is this lends integrity to the community subhuman theory; stray or abandoned pets will look for masters to take care of them, and often end up at humane societies looking to be adopted. The African-Americans at these facilities that claim them as home or as second homes frequent them because of the other ethnic groups and genders present, which helps solicit a feeling of importance, comfort, security and convenience, especially having someone to exploit other than themselves, which isn't offered at home housed alone or employed, especially with facilities specifically favoring African-Americans, because of the abolitionist politics originating after 1865 with the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution, so well woven into present welfare politics.On the day he went to the county welfare office---after calling to request an appointment weeks prior and getting it---an African-American female staff member from Listening House showed up at the office on the same day, and hung around enough for the opportunity to egregiously announce his first name and last name throughout the office for everyone to hear. The jobs hamster didn't think anything of it. He politely and civilly saw her first, quietly acknowledged her with a calm hello (just to be pleasant), and in retrospect found her behavior to be odd, as if she had suddenly lost her hearing and ability for pronunciation, making it necessary to over compensate broadcasting his full name in the fashion she did; over accentuating the last vow of the last name to imply ethnicity. This was designed to humiliate him. He couldn't realize this (at the time), because he doesn't think on this level and second of all, he thought out all available options ahead of time, and felt no other choice existed other than look foolish, which is what she was trying to do to him, which maybe she succeeded through the eyes of others, but not through his."

There is another article posted here which helps explain this better than what I do here. This is the link:

Help! 07.Jul.2015 16:55


I have a question. Why is every attempt I have made to post a copy of this book this Nazi wrote somehow failing? It is necessary for two articles I have written to make sense. It is his own words that expose him for what he is.

The articles I wrote quote what he wrote in this book. Now I wasted time writing them and I can't repost them.

I've wasted time posting articles which don't make any sense without that book. Is the file size too large? Is there something wrong with the file? Considering where it came from, I wouldn't rule that out either. Please help. Thanks!