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Philippines: Binay tirades smack of desperation

Philippine Vice-President Jejomar Binay's attempt at delivering a "True" State of the Nation Address (TSONA) suffers from a very basic flaw: a lack of credibility in the one delivering it. His antics reek of desperation against the mounting cases of corruption against him. Binay, in the course of losing his grip on the Presidency is trying to grasp at straws to deflect issues.
While he took the time to list down his gripes and perceived issues to level against the current administration, one glaring omission undermines all his claims, and that is his continued silence on the allegations of corruption leveled against not only him, but members of his family.

Vice President Jojo Binay fails to make the connection between corruption as a basic malaise that erodes all other efforts for government to better respond to the needs of the poor and marginalized: from universal health care, to improved transportation, to increases in education budgets, to jobs creation.

Anti-BBL , Anti-Filipino

Instead Binay forwards two policy recommendations that Akbayan find unacceptable: derailment of the proposed legislation that seeks to help address the question of peace in Mindanao as embodied by the BBL; and the erosion of the economic protections accorded by the Constitution.

Akbayan will continue to pursue genuine peace in Mindanao and protecting the economic provisions of the Constitution. Akbayan believes that the BBL offers the best hope at this point in taking a step forward in realizing genuine autonomy for the Bangsamoro. Secondly, Binay's argument in favor of doing away with the economic provisions of the Constitution is selling out the interests of Filipino farmers and workers benefiting from these protections, in favor of foreign interests.

His arguments on both issues are not only misguided, they are dangerous. This adds to the list of his policy positions such as removal of terms limits, favoring political dynasties and pro- China sentiments that makes the prospect of him as President even less palatable.

Insulting SAF 44 memory

Against the obvious purpose of the speech, which is to prop his ailing bid for the Presidency, Binay's invoking of the imagery of the SAF 44 is cheap and unstatesman-like. It degrades their sacrifice and muddles the shared objective of serving justice to all victims of the Mamasapano, which includes Moro civilians.

Instead of taking the high road of the statesman and squarely addressing the issues attending his family, Binay instead chose to disparage. Instead of articulating his platform, he instead chose to accuse. Akbayan cautions Binay that he can't save a sinking boat by bringing down others. Especially when your own actions do not reflect your words.