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The Real "Reagan Legacy": Dead Babies & Nuns, Crack Epidemic, Shadow Government.

All this "Shining City on the Hill" Crap glosses over one of the most shameful Presidencies ever
As the MSM love fest over the GOP gladiator pit continues to fester, the pure propaganda being generated in megatons about the "legacy" of Republican Patron Saint Ronald Reagan is enough to make any history buff weep. All this CNN and FOX drivel about how Reagan "brought all Americans together" and that "City on the Hill" soundbite over and over again. Reagan ran a secret shadow government out of the White House Basement under the direction of Oliver North, career Pentagon spook and one man army with free reign over foreign policy. They illegally supplied weaponry to the murderous "Contras" in Nicaragua in direct violation of Congressional Law. These mercenary death squads ravaged civilian areas of the country, killing and assaulting thousands. Children and Nuns and Priests were favorite targets of their wrath. Mass graves were everywhere. In return for all this, the Contras supplied the USA with tons of cocaine. They operated out of the airport in remote Mena, Arkansas, under the watchful eye of then Governor Clinton, whose brother was a complete addict. Yeah- Hillary is dirty too. The whole sordid story is documented in a book entitled "Compromised". Check it out. Reagan started out as a Hollywood snitch under J. Edgar Hoover, pointing out "subversives" and "Communist sympathizers" in the film industry. A lot of people think his Alzheimer's was a ruse so he could avoid prosecution and possible impeachment over the o-called "Iran-Contra" scandal. He and North sold WMD's to the Ayatoillah Khomeni in exchange for American hostages! They took the Iranian cash and paid for all the weapons they sold the Contras with it! And also made a ton of bucks off all that coke coming in. Go to Netflix and check out the "Freeway Ricky Ross" film. He's the guy that supervised the entire crack epidemic. His connections were protected bigtime. And of course those hostages were released from Iranian captivity the very day after George H.W. Bush became the President of the USA. Hey- A deal is a deal. Watching all these GOP clowns trying to paint themselves as some sort of super patriot in the "mold" of Reagan is pretty entertaining in a strange, unearthly way. Reagan was mean spirited about a lot of things. He disliked college students in general, and exhibited a real disdain for education. He called out the National Guard and declared martial law several times in California as Governor, after rhetorically escalating battle lines over the Draft, student rights, civil rights in general, and a 1000 other hot issues that engulfed the 60's. This is why the GOP loves him so much today. He gassed and beat students, Blacks, Chicanos, hippies and politcal acivists by the score. And the biggest joke of all is a LIBRARY that's named after him. He was known for never reading a book! The best selling book with his name on it is the one that documents all his gaffes and flubs and bloopers. There are hundreds. Ronald Reagan as never President- He just played one on TV. Bush and North (and Nancy) ran the show.

Reagan Lol 15.Sep.2015 21:36


yes it is indeed amazing how the corporate mass media-assisted 'Reagan-washing' of that presidency's legacy has so thoroughly permeated the average American's post-1980s consciousness.

Reagan indeed, was the one who got the ball rolling for the complete Wall Street takeover of USA which has come to full fruition in the post-9/11 new century.

and Iran-Contra -- with many of its key operatives extending way back to Secret War in Laos (1950s-70s), Kennedy Assassination era, and some of whom extended forward in time to 11 September 2001 operation -- was simply the precursor to 9/11 itself.

corporate capitalist plutocracy in 21st century usa? Thank its patron saint, RWR.

(addendum) RE: 'That's the joke' 16.Sep.2015 04:34


not only is it laughable to view 21st century corporate plutocrat GOP wannabees mistily extol the Reagan era presidency of 3 decades past,

it's doubly hilarious seeing/hearing the GOP rank and file i.e. Joe Sixpack/NASCAR or a typical social-climber 'thinks he's rich' (making $200K-$800K annually) GOP voter, constantly invoke the "Reagan was a libertarian" / "small government" schtick, which Reagan himself craftily made his rhetorical mantra since at least the time of his 1960s governorship.

coming all the while from the perhaps the greatest big corporate Wall Street stool pigeon / Trojan horse of 20th century American politics. Not to mention (the actual legacy of) Reagan era federal deficit spending, role-scope-size of federal government etc.

the ironies are indeed murderous.





Excuse me? 17.Sep.2015 19:42


Could please write in English? "O-called?" You sound like you are on speed. You cover about 30 topics in 2 seconds. What?

Reagan Was Just Nuts 18.Sep.2015 04:46


I'm convinced his head was chock full of wacky weirdness. He wanted us to be like Japan! Really! He also said "we begin bombing [Russia] in five minutes."

He sure helped screw up the world. A lot of people didn't understand that he was totally nuts.

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