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Hillary's Academy Award Performance

Osama Bin Laden died shortly after the 911 attacks. So why is Hillary Clinton chomping her fingernails in this photo?
It's a FACT that Osama Bin Laden died of kidney failure, Marfan syndrome and Hepatitis C shortly after the US bombings of the Tora Bora Al Qaeda compounds in Afghanistan a few months after the 911 attacks. OBL always denied any responsibility for the attacks at all. Strange for a "terrorist leader" not to take credit for his most devastating act ever. His death and funeral were reported in mainstream newspapers in the Middle East, India, and Pakistan. It was also reported in The New York Times in 2001! It was hushed up in the West to continue the charade about the "all powerful Al Qaeda Mastermind"- The manufactured boogeyman who's out to destroy us all. So there is the hope of the Free World, Hillary Clinton, at the time The Secretary of State, pretending to be stunned with suspense and surprise at the faked "Death of Bin Laden" that the Obama crew staged for the American public and the world in May of 2011. Of course there was no body to display. So our wanna-be President and Commander in Chief is either dumber than a sack of nails, and the only one in the room of 911 criminals that doesn't know the truth, or she's directly involved in 911 attacks as a cover-up artist after the fact. Either way, Hillary Clinton is not going to change a damn thing in the way this nation conducts it's insane foreign policy. 911 launched our society on a one way path toward totalitarianism, and Madame Clinton is really just another link in that chain of fools. Mass deception is the name of the game, and traitors are traitors no matter what contrivances they dream up to fool the public. Who cares about emails when you were in on the 911 conspiracy, a plot that without a doubt included our own government and military and media. I have nothing against a woman President, but it's a long haul between an Imelda Marcos and an Eva Peron.

911 is the litmus test 17.Sep.2015 17:39


for whether a person (particularly those who consider themselves 'activists', 'agents of change' etc.) has accepted the reality of their political surroundings, or not.

continued railing against the 'military industrial complex' / 'U.S. imperialism' accomplishes and signifies zilch when accompanied by blind acceptance of the U.S. government's "Muslim terrorists did 9/11" explanation, nor further with a "it doesn't even matter who did 9/11 or how" (equivalent to Chomsky et al. 'doesn't matter if JFK was assassinated' analyses)

I actually happened to be mulling over the "we got Bin Laden" topic today on the way back from a job site (prior to seeing/reading this). They handed that one to Obama, the clean-up dude ten years after Bu$hCo.

not that it matters of course, as the original post points out except as a continuation of the September 11 / Global War On Terror scam which has brainwashed vast numbers of supposedly 'thinking', 'educated' and 'sensible' persons here in the U.S. and worldwide.