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portlandiafy other cities ,towns,state,countries ,etc

wan to know how to
i have watched the show and wish that where i live at where a more porlandia-ish lifestyle how do i go about doing this?

if only there was some sort wiki online where we could all contribute to.

something like this ?

i havent read it but im guessing its similar to what im talking about.

i kinda have an idea ,but still

It's In The Pipeline 24.Sep.2015 12:17


See, right after the Twin Tower catastrophe, everybody just gave up. Whether they believed the Mafia State Media narrative or not, they just plain gave up.

Now we need a new "kick-start."

A brand new Indymedia.

This may well start with a new WestMass.Indymedia site (the former one is dead).

I will start from there.

Stop believing "official stories." Start believing in yourself.

It's easy to destroy. Hard to build. Abolish the destroyers and the false profits they pretend to enjoy.