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CNN Demonizes Sanders 48 Hrs Before Democratic Debate

To CNN, Sanders is a "Socialist Democrat". But CNN darlings John Major and Tony Blair are always "Social Democrats". But the term "Socialist" leaves open the possibility of "Red Smears"- a Soft White Underbelly that can easily be associated with "Communism"- the all-time/all purpose American political bogeyman in the night.
This guy is
This guy is "Social Democrat"
This character is too.
This character is too.
But this guy is ALWAYS a
But this guy is ALWAYS a "Socialist Democrat"
CNN is hosting the debates Tuesday night. Sooo fair and impartial. Lemon and Cooper. A lightweight newcomer and a guy who should know better than to participate in this sham. Fake poll numbers are now standard on CNN. Polls you never heard of put Clinton ahead of Sanders by almost exactly the percentage they claim Biden would receive if he was even running. Sander's huge recent surges in key states like Iowa are virtually ignored by Blitzer & Co. And l@@k! Just in time to help Hillary with her email problem is a Republican whistle blower who swears the entire Benghazi affair was made up just to smear Hillary. Pretty damn convenient just two days before the debate. CNN just aded a new face to their pundit roster today. His job seems to be demonizing Sanders as often and as eloquently as possible. He uses the word "Socialist" continuously, and says some new poll says Americans consider the term "Socialism" to be anathema when it comes to ever voting for a candidate who describes himself that way. Considering the timing, this must be taken as pure last minute propaganda designed to pre-judge Sanders' performance in Vegas Tuesday night. An clear attempt to paint him as some Red Menace before anyone has had a chance to even hear his pitch. Soooo obvious CNN! The very thought that someone of Sander's political stripe could actually come this close to being President of the USA is just too f*cking much for the powers that be. CNN is full of shit period.

United Corporate Socialist States of America 11.Oct.2015 17:24


America today is a Corporate Socialist Plutocracy.

"socialism" (and its long-outdated/outmoded companion term "communism") are still bandied about in the 21st century by corporate mass media — and simultaneously lapped up/regurgitated by unthinking NASCAR-loving GOP drones —

but of course neither of these systems exists in reality, among any of the Nation-States on the modern globe.

yet they still serve a 'boogeyman' / rhetorical smearing purpose in the corporate mass media (and deluded U.S. GOP-citizen) vocabulary.

anyway Sanders (as a candidate for U.S. pResident) is the 2016 equivalent within the establishment 'two-party' system of year 1980's John B. Anderson — or, just as fittingly, the fictional Replacement Party candidate Hal Phillip Walker appearing only via campaign signs and megaphone truck throughout Robert Altman's 1975 film 'Nashville'.



We Are Given No Real Choices -- Sanders Is Just One More Of "Them" 12.Oct.2015 05:04


I use strategic simple score voting. I can vote for up to 20 candidates, and give them from 1 to 10 votes each. I will give Jessie Ventura and Cynthia McKinney 10 votes each. In case those don't win, I will probably give some Democrat (but not Hillary Clinton) 9 or 8 votes. That way, I will sacrifice only 10 or 20 percent of my franchise.

Why use the absurd single-selection method that forces two-party lock-in?

Why bother with the Ivory Tower "voting theory" that takes up 30 pages in Wikipedia, requires fuzzy set theory, and is hopelessly complicated? Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Ford Foundation paid at least about $100,000 promoting the super-complicated "IRV" scheme, which has been rejected in most regions where it has been tried, and where it did nothing to end two-party lock-in.

We also must get rid of voting machines, which make organized rigging over 100 times easier to do.

Perhaps then the people will then begin to care and learn about candidates and political issues. Democracy is based on the idea that money should not be able to buy everything.

At the end of the day, Sanders is simply another Republicrat.

end of the day 12.Oct.2015 10:18


At the end of the day, Blues is just another nihilist. If Sanders was just another "Republicrat" he would be treated like one and not relegated to a five second bite MSM every three days. Unlike Clinton and Trump, whose every whistle stop speech is dutifully broadcast live, interrupting whatever else was going on, Sanders' message is buried. It's been all Trump all Clinton all the time. You have to be Helen Keller not to realize this. McKinney? Ventura? Well I'd love to see Batman and Robin get elected to the White House myself, but it's not going to ever happen. Unless Trump picks Ventura as Veep and miraculously gets elected. But let's face it, Ventura is the Sarah Palin of the , er, left? the right? A blue collar kind of guy who is tight with Alex Jones and espouses 911 truth? You really believe he could have a chance at being elected by the Dancing With The Stars Crowd? This is the goddamn Ralph Nader Syndrome. Take your precious vote and throw it away in "protest". The GOP loves that one.

Sanders = Nader = Not going to be President 12.Oct.2015 11:01


I share one thing with Bernie Sanders, we're both Independent - that's it. Virtually every one of his political positions (if adopted by the United States) would result in even more poverty and further divide people.

At The End Of The Day, blues Is Just Another Revolutionary 12.Oct.2015 15:54


You call me "just another nihilist". Nice, rAT. Real mannerly of you. Thanks for not thinking too much.

I would take Ventura over Sanders any day of the week, because, in a deep sense, the former is real and the latter is almost certainly just Obama 2.0.

So what if Ventura did appearances on Alex Jones? Jones has a vast (if mostly wacky) audience.

To me, and to many others, Sanders is just a white Obama. And I went through the Obama blitz where people called me a traitor for being an Obama skeptic. They pretty much hated me. Check these out:

The Peace Resource
The right-wing political record of Bernie Sanders

World Socialist Website
Bernie Sanders backs Obama on Syria war

I said:
"I use strategic simple score voting. I can vote for up to 20 candidates, and give them from 1 to 10 votes each. I will give Jessie Ventura and Cynthia McKinney 10 votes each. In case those don't win, I will probably give some Democrat (but not Hillary Clinton) 9 or 8 votes. That way, I will sacrifice only 10 or 20 percent of my franchise."

I actually go into the voting station and hand the woman there (they seem always to be older women) a strategic simple score ballot of my own design. The voting officials threaten me with trespass notices and police action. Also I stand at the legally specified distance for candidate endorsement pickets and carry a sign for strategic simple score voting with no machines. And get threatened with arrest for that.

And that makes me me "just another nihilist"?

At least I am not merely another Republicrat sheep.

bomb ISIS 12.Oct.2015 22:30


So Bernie wants to bomb ISIS. BFD! Who doesn't? That makes him the "White Obama"? Geeeeez

I'm not campaigning, I'm just complaining 12.Oct.2015 22:53


I'm really not pushing Sanders for President. I'm not a Socialist or a Democrat. I like owning shit (but I don't mind sharing). I'm just trying to critique CNN and the TV MSM in general as disingenuous in their total lack of coverage and misuse of terminology when it comes to his campaign. Just having to say the word "Socialist" is a paranormal experience for the TV talking brains in a jar that pass for pundits these dark days. They literally have to spit it out. Why organized Socialists haven't demanded some major MSM airtime to refute Bernie by now is a mystery to me. They must be somewhat pleased that the word itself is actually getting some media use besides describing some South American despot in an ill fitting uniform. Trump already said about Sanders: "Socialist, Communist, what's the real difference?" It's all very 1930's Germany to me lately, and knowing what we know about 911, almost any horrific act you can possibly imagine is fair game in the NWO's quest for the decimation of Liberty in the USA and consolidation of globalist power on Earth. But I'd rather take a chance on Bernie than any of these others. He'd be under tremendous pressure to walk the talk.