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4 women of color murdered in 80's by just arrested serial killer Homer Lee Jackson.

Homer Lee Jackson, an African American serial killer murders 4 women of color in the 80's yet has just been arrested. About time. What has been doing for 25 years? Why wasn't he identified and arrested before?
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Since most serial killers target females it's kind of redundant to call them misogynist but the reality is if you specifically murder females you must have some bias toward them. Of course, there is usually a sexual component which must be considered also. Homosexual serial killers kill their own gender. Does that mean they hate their own gender or simply desire them? We may never truly understand the psychopathy but we must do our best to identify and stop these monsters.

This case of Homer Lee Jackson is kind of strange, he's been arrrested for 4 murders from the 80's. What has he been doing since 1990? Why did it take police so long to identify and arrest him? A serial killer has been walking around for 25 years despite having regular encounters with police. How many missing women might be attributed to him? No details have been released yet about evidence but I'm going to guess there were dna hits, maybe has something to do with those backed up rape kits that haven't been tested in Portland.

This time gap presents a lot of questions in my mind re this case. The perp is a black man and his victims were black women. How much effort did police expend to investigate murders of 4 women of color? Would they have worked harder if the victims were white? How many cases of mysteriously disappeared women of color could this guy be tied in with over the years? Is this a case where police assumed a serial killer would be a white man? It is something police have done in the past and allowed black serial killers to go free longer than they should. The public perception is that serial killers are white men, though it is quite false, most serial killers in contemporary times are black men, a phenomenon that has gone unreported by the media. How has this myth contributed to black serial killers escaping detection to kill more? I'm old enough to have been an adult in the 80's and don't remember these missing women, I remember individual cases of white women being murdered or disappeared but I don't remember this one. How much media coverage was supplied for these women? Is there a difference between the amount of media coverage supplied for women of color and white women? I can't believe this POS hasn't killed other women in 25 years and if he has continued to kill black women who were they?

The black community has long complained that Suzy blonde hair gets the milk carton while missing black girls or women are nearly ignored. I believe that was true in the past but have noticed that has changed, I see more reports now of missing black women but I suspect there is still a subtle bias toward missing black women. It gives a monster like this Homer Lee Jackson, who kills women of is own race more time and opportunity to operate.

evil guy 19.Oct.2015 10:37


one of his victims was only 14...this was a very bad dude.

JoAnn Hardesty may believe he was racially profiled 20.Oct.2015 08:31


She may also believe that the police ignored the murders because the victims were African-American. Of course at the time of the murders she was living on the east coast - she later chose to bring her divisive type of rhetoric to Portland educating people on the evils of police.

Everybody Knows The Police Have Always Been Evil 21.Oct.2015 17:22


They work for the Illuminati. Their check comes from the Freemason owned City.

They know which side their bread is buttered.

Nothing new here.

Question 01.Nov.2015 18:29


JoAnn, who are you speaking of. The author of this piece? Confusing.