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Syed Farook's Arsenal Is As American As Apple Pie

Several million Americans own the same guns the San Bernardino shooter used—and likely possess ammo in similar quantities.

Syed Farook's Arsenal Is As American as Apple Pie

Several million Americans own the same guns the San Bernardino shooter used—and likely possess ammo in similar quantities.

By Jon Wiener

December 4, 2015

This photo provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department shows ammunition carried by suspects at the scene of the shootout in San Bernardino, California on December 2, 2015. (San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department via AP)

How unusual is it for a gun owner to have two AR-15 assault rifles and 2,500 rounds of rifle ammunition—the "arsenal" police found in the possession of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik? Many in the media say it suggests a level of planning typical of terrorists. But, in fact, millions of Americans have that kind of "arsenal" at home. The AR-15 is the most popular gun in America—around 8 million have been sold. Two thousand five hundred rounds of ammo for the AR-15 seems horrifying to an anti-gun, middle-class liberal like me—that's enough bullets to kill 2,500 people!—but, in fact, ammo is sold in 1,000-round boxes, and it's not unusual for gun owners to buy several boxes when the price is low.

I asked Marc Cooper about it—he's an award-winning journalist and a friend who's also a gun person. Two thousand five hundred rounds? "Believe it or not, these are modest amounts of ammo," he told me. "A gun hobbyist, a target shooter, can easily go through 500 rounds in one two-hour visit to the range. The amount found in this guy's apartment in no way by itself indicates anything strange."

Another friend said, "It's like buying 48 rolls of toilet paper when you go to Costco."

If possessing two AR-15s and 2,500 rounds of ammo makes you a terror suspect, then we need to investigate several million Americans, most of whom are older white men—and Republicans.

Pipe bombs, of course, are different; most Americans do not make pipe bombs at home.

The New York Times called Farook's guns and ammo an "arms stockpile"; the Los Angeles Times called it a "massive cache." The assistant director in charge of the FBI in LA said, "The amount of armaments that he had, the weapons and ammunition, there was obviously a mission here." The San Bernardino police chief said the guns and ammunition suggest Farook was a terrorist who "may have been planning a second attack."

How many AR-15s do Americans own? In 2013, in testimony before Congress, the National Shooting Sports Foundation offered an estimate of 5 million to 8.2 million "assault-style weapons." USA Today in 2014 quoted a former FBI agent saying that the number at that point was "somewhere around 8 or 9 million"—and the rate of new AR-15s being produced, he said,"is just enormous." The AR-15, one expert said, is "wildly popular."

Police also found two 9-mm semiautomatic pistols in Farook's rented SUV, and 2,000 rounds of ammo for the pistols back at the townhouse. That too by itself is not unusual: Guns & Ammo magazine recently called the 9-mm "incredibly popular right now."

Reports vary on how much ammunition Farook had on hand. The New York Times reported "more than 2,500 rounds for the assault rifles" and "more than 2,000 for the pistols." ABC news reported "6,000 rounds," and the New York Daily News said he had "more than 7,000 rounds." The main reason ordinary American gun owners stockpile so much ammo is that supplies and prices ebb and flow. After mass shootings, and after liberals propose restrictions on ammunition, sales go way up, and the law of supply and demand goes into effect. The peak moments for ammo price spikes came after Obama was elected in 2008, and again in 2013 when Wayne LaPierre of the NRA declared that Obama wanted to "take away" people's guns after an armed shooter killed 20 children at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. That set off the wave of panic buying, and ammo for the AR-15 doubled in price. So it is common for gun owners to buy ammo in large lots when it is cheaper and plentiful.

New evidence shows that Farook's wife, Tashfeen Malik, pledged loyalty to the Islamic State in a Facebook post. Together with the pipe bombs, that is much stronger evidence of terrorist plans than owning AR-15s, 9mm pistols, and thousands of bullets—because owning those guns and lots of ammo are as American as apple pie.

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What's going on 06.Dec.2015 22:43

Curious George

Just because something is put on someone's Facebook page does not necessarily mean the real owner put it on there.
How often have fb accounts be hacked?
This is not suggesting anything, just pointing out something.
And whatever happened to the 'third person,' who the police were searching for that was seen on live TV millions of people? Perhaps I just missed what happened.
And how comes the couples apartment was only searched for a day and a half by the police, then opened up to the press, who saw all kinds of things lying around. Surely with this kind of incident, the police would have been going through the apartment with a fine tooth comb for a couple of weeks.

All 06.Dec.2015 23:10

Around The

Mulberry Bush... the Monkey Chased The Weasel

RE: the couple's apartment 06.Dec.2015 23:35


it's a good question George (letting mass media 'rifle' through their former apartment so soon after incident),

but what's more interesting and you should really be asking about is the person recorded by State of California as the one who purchased two AR-15 pattern rifles for the couple, 3-4 years ago —

a friend and former neighbor of Farouk's in Riverside named Enrique Marquez, who coincidentally checked himself into (yep) a mental hospital immediately following the attack.

the garage door of Marquez' Riverside home was torn apart by forced entrance of police/federal agents.

according to current residents in Marquez' neighborhood, Marquez and Farouk (as neighbors when Farouk and his wife lived there) had an ongoing friendship which centered around automobile repair.

it is not currently know whether Enrique Marquez, sequestered at the mental health facility, has legal representation.

"And whatever happened to the 'third person,' who the police were searching for" 07.Dec.2015 06:34


This may come as a surprise to you, but immediately after violent or chaotic events, there are often conflicting reports of what is actually happening. This also involves the number of people involved, the weapons used, and so on.

This does not mean that there is a conspiracy, although conspiracy theorists love to use it as some kind of proof, discounting the fact that it happens often. I guess they just can't get the story right before the false flag!

San Bernardino Shootings were a hoax 07.Dec.2015 09:22

Jody Paulson

Just Questions, not theories. 07.Dec.2015 12:35

Curious George

It seems a little bizarre to call it a hoax.
But some things just don't seem to add up.
In this 'eye witness' cbs report she says she saw 'three men dressed in black military attire'
 link to www.cbsnews.com

And why would they want to wear masks?
What were the couple wearing when they were shot to pieces?
These are just questions, not a theory of any sort. So why aren't the mainstream reporters asking them?

Another question one might ask is 07.Dec.2015 14:22

Jody Paulson

why is there always some kind of police or military drill that goes on at all these mass shootings and terrorist attacks that was scheduled well in advance?

This was true of the Sandy Hook shootings, the Paris Attacks, the Boston Marathon bombing, the 7/7/05 attacks in London, even 9/11/01. Convenient cover, wouldn't you say?

jody paulson would be funny if it wasn't so sad 07.Dec.2015 16:59

false flags!!!!!!!

It's all fake! The gunshots, the 911 calls, the police response, it's all an act!

every, single, time, you come up with this crap. Unbelievable.

Security guard was not armed in attack 07.Dec.2015 18:19


The security guard on duty Wednesday at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino was unarmed when two terrorists opened fire in a conference room, killing 14 people and injuring 21 others.

Latest "911" style false flag 08.Dec.2015 20:54

Ghost of Oswald

Just the latest false-flag human sacrifice by the globalists. Why? Confiscation of weapons seems to be the government's and MSM's focus behind the latest atrocity. Juan Hernandez, another employee at the shooting scene, also described "3 athletic looking white males in dark tactical gear" opening fire on the party. He and the woman employee (Sally Abdelmageed) interviewed by both CBS & MSNBC DESCRIBED EXACTLY THE SAME THING! There are also witnesses who saw a third suspect flee from the getaway car as soon as it stopped. This was the agent handler no doubt who already had the two either dead or captured (family lawyer told CNN the bodies in the car were both "handcuffed!)in the vehicle during the "chase". The cops claim there was a running gun battle during the pursuit, but the driver was the only one firing shots (in the air?). The Berdoo cops didn't begin to shoot until the third guy took off. Then they did their Bonnie and Clyde wipeout thing, firing over 400 rounds into the SUV. MSNBC's chickenshit Cuomo tried to convince the girl who saw 3 white guys that "maybe she was overexcited and was mistaken" then he turned to the camera and said "We now know there were only two shooters". This after CNN had already broadcasted the fact that copsa were locking down the entire neighborhood, ordering all to "shelter in place" while they hunted for the "third suspect". Maybe Cuomo should ask them why. The escaped driver probably just jumped into a waiting vehicle and was gone with the wind. Also the shooting range guy in Redlands said that the female suspect had never even gone to the range with her husband, Ever. But they want us to believe that a 90 pound woman who was nursing an infant wielded an AR-15, ammo and bombs in a frenzy of murder, all the while tweeting how great USA trained Isis leader Al Baghdadi is. Believe this fairy tale if you must, but that's what it all is. And first they said there was load of pipebombs at their home. Then it tuens out there was just pipe. They let in the press to prove how "Islamic" they all were, thus proving that they must be radical extremists. Korans in the house! They MUST be guilty! Typical patsy setups. Everyone should have known that when Obama.com claimed he killed OBL that he was a dangerous NWO robot. When the soldiers on that raid were all (over) stuffed into a chopper and it mysteriously crashed, killing all the real witnesses to that fake event, bells should have wrung. When Hillary became part of THAT staged event (OBL died at Tora Bora in 2002) bells should have went off about her involvement and coverup in the 911/OBL saga. Now look where we are! She's the liberal hope? Hahahahah I could cry. No wonder we're going to wind up with Donald Trump as leader of the free world. What will they do next to rally Americans and The West around their Globalist flagpole? Plus there were ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILLS being conducted in that very neighborhood at that very time! FACT! Why do you think all those dressed-out SWAT teams were there almost instantly? The police chief there also claimed that "a third suspect was detained" and then released! (see photo). Connect the friggin' DOTS. Plus Carly Fiorina let it slip during a news conference that one of the pistols recovered was actually purchased from a San Bernardino Police Auction. They claim the guns were purchased legally, but the "friend" who bought them is claimed to have had himself committed to some kind of "mental institutio9n" after hearing of the attack. erouble is in California you cannot legally transfer assault weapons to another party with going through reams and reams of government paperwork and scrutiny. It's nearly impossible for anyone with even a hint of ill will. The clock is ticking..
Sally Abdelmageed saw 3 White Males Opening Fire on the Complex
Sally Abdelmageed saw 3 White Males Opening Fire on the Complex
one DETAINED\\\? Huh\\\?
one DETAINED\\\? Huh\\\?
witness Juan Hernandez Saw 3 White Guys w/weapons open fire on party
witness Juan Hernandez Saw 3 White Guys w/weapons open fire on party

without goin through 08.Dec.2015 20:59


reams of paperwork

people did die there 08.Dec.2015 21:10


Those shots that killed those people were not fake.

agent? 09.Dec.2015 15:28


Obviously this "Enrique" guy who allegedly "sold" the rifles to the dead suspected terrorists is some kind of shadow agent charged with setting up this couple for the fall. He's the David Ferrie of this movie. A manipulated stooge of some sort. It's so obvious what's happening but no one in the MSM seems to give a shit about such little things as discrepancy any more. They all just get on their knees and bow to the spokesperson of the moment as if they're at The Sermon on the Mount.