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Analyzing Obama's Speech on the Disaster in Africa

Continuing with out exclusive coverage of the environmental disaster in Africa, exclusively on Indymedia
Disaster area yellow arrow
Disaster area yellow arrow
Progress westward
Progress westward
Background info
satellite images of the disaster as of Tuesday, December 7th, 2015

The first image shows the disaster area along patch of salt devastation polluting the continent of Africa
The second shows the salt spreading over West Africa and then moving west over the Atlantic ocean
its last known location is shown by the box

text 07.Dec.2015 09:50


When I am attempting to understand what is really going on in the world around me, one source of intelligence information I have found to be very useful is to watch people in videos. Watch their faces. Examine their body language. Study closely their inflections and various subtle little details. For this reason I long ago developed the practice of very closely watching videos of people, while ignoring the actual content of their speech, which typically provides the least valuable form of intelligence data. The riches mother lode of intelligence data is always found in such things as body language.

For those of you who might have missed Obama's speech on the war on terrorism on Sunday night, you didn't miss anything at all. There was nothing new. All of this was just classic Obama. No troops on the ground. Air strikes, yes. Training of the local armies so they can fight their own battles, yes. Perhaps some special operations, such as that time they sent in some Navy Seals to kill that one Islamic State guy and steal his laptop, but as far as ground forces go, that will be it. They might also put some small tactical squadrons on the ground to call in air strikes, but that is it. It also so important that people not blame Muslims, or practice unconstutional discriminations against Muslims, while at the same time it is so important for mosques not to teach radical Islam to people. All classic Obama. Nothing new at all. I don't even understand why he found it necessary to give such a speech, unless their were these Dick Cheney led group of extreme right wing ultra hawks demanding boots on the ground in Syria after the Paris attacks, and Obama was under enough pressure that he felt the need to respond.

If you are the type of person who has empathy then you can read a second hidden secret message that remained unspoken but was also part of Obama's Sunday evening speech. For Obama is not his usual congenial or sometimes impatient crabby self, but instead he was under an extreme load of stress. In fact, he was subjected to waves of almost uncontrollable pain. He could barely keep himself together long enough to finish that speech of his. For, you see, the disaster in Africa is of an almost unimaginable magnitude. Yes, it really is just that bad. If you want to know just how horrifying and really bad that African disaster is, just ignore the content of Obama's speech (nothing new there), and watch his body language. A disaster of unprecedented magnitude has just happened in Africa. This is bad. Really, really bad. Horrifying really. It staggers the mind to consider just how horrifying that disaster really is. Obama's body language says it all. It really is just that bad in Africa.

In this image you can see the destruction. There is swath of salted destrucction in Nigerian and Cameroon that is the source of copious ammounts of salt spreading over Africa. The patch looks like a desolation. Nothing could ever live there. It is just that bad. All the cities in that region have become like Sodom. And now that salted patch is sending out flying salted dust blobs to poison and contaminate the African continent. It has become like a parable for out times.

What an awesome disaster in Africa. Now that I have watched Obama's speech on the disaster in Africa I understand just how massive the destruction has been. I'll bet they all died instantly. They were crushed to death by a millions of megatons dirty nuke salt bomb. Oh, God have mercy I certainly hope so. I have a hunch that is exactly what happened. If they are still alive they won't be for long. A person can slowly starve to death for months without food, but they can only live for a week without water. If they aren't dead yet, it won't be long now. A couple of more days and they will all die of thirst, because you can't drink salted water.

Please post sources. 07.Dec.2015 14:04


"... the disaster in Africa is of an almost unimaginable magnitude..."

Please post sources and links.

What salt bomb? Where did it originate? When did it happen? What caused it? etc.