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Scorched Earth; North Africa Burns to the Ground

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true color
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before false color
Because I am unable get onto the internet in a convenient way, I have missed one of the biggest stories in this constantly escalating crisis.

the first image is true color
December 6th, 2015
Each red dot is a fire
You can see the scorched earth to the right
The massive cloud of smoke is readily apparent

the second two images are false before and after
where you can see the scorched earth area by comparing
the smoke shows up as a purplish haze in this type of
false color image

after false color 07.Dec.2015 15:23


did not seem to upload
after false color
after false color

On Africa (and other subjects) 08.Dec.2015 10:46

Brent Herbert

My bio (if I need one)

Some commentary

Imagine Dragons

Interesting choice for the name of a band.

Now that I am waking up to ash and dust, I wanted to say well done guys. The only criticism that I might offer is that it should have been dust and then ash, in that order. This would then leave you with the problem of finding some word that rhymes with 'ash' instead of 'dust'. But I am not going to nitpick.

For something big is really happening. And now it is out of my control.

This is it, the apocalypse.

Welcome to the new age, to the new age.

For it's been a long road, getting from there to here. It's been a long time, but my time is finally here. Nothing is in my way. They are not going to hold me down no more, no, there not going to change my mind. Because I've got faith of the heart.


Now let us discuss Africa. Africa is that one place on the planet where that Americanized style religious right winged religion can still gain some traction. It is a continent with lots of religion, a very culturally diverse continent, riddled with all manner of rotten superstitions. This is the place where they remain bogged down in the age of Leviticus, and literally (yes literally) they can be found burning witches, and as we all know whipped into a fury by the envoys of the American religious right, they are now also hunting down fags so they can burn, stone, or lynch them, as that right winged hawk Jesus would require.

The American religious right having was having such great luck spreading rotten superstitions in Africa, as they have always bragged for years that the situation is now so critically bad that God has no choice to treat swaths of the continent just like Sodom and wipe those people right off the face of the planet. There is no other option for to do otherwise would be to leave both God and myself to perpetually endure the unbearable offense of dwelling like Lot in the midst Sodom and putting up with all their wickedness. AT least until they died a natural death and were stopped that way, but not before perverting the minds of the next generation so that the whole vicious cycle can be repeated over and over again ad nauseum, forever and ever and ever, world's without end.

There is this one red line I have always had, and that would be crossed whenever some thoughtful minister or preacher or any other random godless type of person would be found talking about their plans for the future generations. These are not the people I want making plans for the current crop of children on the planet and all I can do is hope that it is not still to late to be the pied piper and save them by stealing them from their parents. For someone like me that climate conference was an unbearable offense, because I don't know how many times I had to endure listening to blind godless types talking about the climate and saving the climate for 'future generations'. Fortunately that is not something really high and on the top of the agenda right at the moment, and if they want to worry about the climate then they can go back to doing that once God finishes razing to the ground 10 or 20 or 30 percent of the planet, while making sure to completely wreck the environment while doing so since this is the only way God can ensure that the people who once lived there were all dead.

Now that Africa has received the blessed gift of having Jesus, the bread of life, which as I was saying for years and years was one hell of a bad idea, we must now contemplate the fires and since God is merciful even when having wrath, I would agree that if you are going to have a fire and burn a continental area right to the ground, the best thing to do would be to have a great big giant fire and just burn the place to the ground the fast way. In this way, one can hope, those dead Africans who get nuked like Sodom by God, would die the easiest way, by means of choking to death by smoke inhalation, which, while it is still unpleasant as dying can so often be, is still better than to die by being burned alive,

To quote that awesome line from Isaiah, 'the wrath of God rages out over the land, and the people have become fuel for the fire'. It is for reasons such as this that I have always told people that when it comes time to consult some ancient prophet I would invariably be found in the book of Isaiah, and especially in the last half of the book, although the first half is also a good place as well. My recommendation of this book proves to be justified and the reason why I could show such uncanny foresight and understanding is because I am Zerubabbel, the prophet of God, and for that reason I know God very well, and have had a very close personal relationship with Christ for nigh on forty years, and after that long a time a person picks things up along the way. It's like being married to someone. Eventually you can finish their sentences. It's just that intimate.

Now while I am this subject of God burning people as fuels in fires, such as we are now seeing in Africa, this immediately draw my attention to the continental United States, where, no doubt, if I still had my internet connection at home, I would go out to research my intelligence reports only to discover, to my horror, that the religious right wing was still broadcasting their signal all over the planet, when, at a time when God is preparing to nuke Sodom immediately, rather than putting it off until a farther away date, this would not then be a good time for any more such broadcasting.

It is not my job to write up job lists for God, but rather it is my job to be the middle man, and as such I would therefore make note of the fact that religious right wing propaganda is most likely going to continue to provoke God, since such people never repent which would then explain why God would just cut to the chase and burn those deeply religious Africans as fuels in a fire. They have already accepted Jesus or maybe they have accepted Mohammed and now no one can ever save them for as long as they live, and for that reason they won't be living long.

Unfortunate Americans, and unfortunate American churches, for they will look out over their and find that unstoppable religious right wing piling up logs for some sort of barbeque in their country. Under no circumstances must the American people be stampeded into crazed mobs by the religious right, who will then have them out setting fags and dykes on fire, given how God is now preparing to destroy the planet because of gay marriage. That will be the next damnable thing. The irony is that when people start burning witches that is just the time when God would start burning people, what with the law and all that stuff about not burning a witch for the way you burn witches is the way that God will burn you, literally in the most literal sense, if you happen to be literally burning witches.

For to quote that brilliant prophet Isaiah, 'those of you who light fires and set your torches ablaze...walk by the light of the fires you have kindled...this is what you will receive from my hands, says God, you will lie down in torment." Brilliant stuff. That is a good book written by a real prophet, just like me, a prophet who really did know God, thus explaining how right he could be about everything all the time. Actually you know this is not rocket science. Burn not and you will not get burned.

It is the law. Now it is true that there always have to some deviant in some pulpit preaching some perverted gospel to the nations who seems to think that breaking the law and taking a gamble on being burned in a fire is not something to be worried about, or at least they used to think that way in the past, and perhaps they still do, although I would certainly hope not. In any case I leave to Americans of good will where ever they might be found the sorry task of trying to stop such lawless bastards from preaching that 'gospel' in your country and stirring up the lynch mobs in your country, and to do so before God burns the place to the ground (or perhaps does something even worse to you, since there are so many possible ways to kill people, choking them to death or burning them alive just being two examples of so many other possibilities).

Climate Change - our top priority

The Climate Change conference was scheduled to run until December 11th. Concurrent with this God has scheduled the destruction of the North African environment, which just goes to show you that Climate Change is not really a top priority at the present time. Let's be realistic. Climate Change is some long term issue, and for that reason it would have better if it had been moved down the list, to say number 8, since it proved to be true that there were seven other priorities that were of a much more pressing urgency over the short term, and therefore should have been placed at the top of the list.

I no longer have any convenient access to the internet, since apparently they have decided in their great wisdom that they would like to try facing down the wrath of God Almighty alone without any more unwelcome input from me. I am the persistent sort and I still insist on helping out around the place, especially when I consider the fact that having them try to stop me would just be one more provocation that would be most likely to cause God to go ballistic and become even more terrible than dreadful than before. Not something they would want at a time like this, but sometimes there is no underestimating the stupid possibilities conjured by the godless carnal minded people.

I no longer have convenient access to the internet, and I also threw out my television set about a decade ago, having had more than enough of that media system, and so for that reason I am not always right up to date on everything, but as I understand it, and hopefully this is correct, that climate change conference has pretty much wrapped up early, which is good, because it means that now those politicians have three spare days to move onto other priorities.

Now as we have seen those politicians were kind of juggling two top priorities at the same time, the war between terrorisms and climate changes, and I would imagine that those priorities were always kind of jostling for the top spot on the list of priorities, switching around between number one and number two. But now that climate change is off the to do list I suppose that would mean that now the war between terrorisms can be moved right up into the number one spot, there not being much else to jostle for top ranking on the list of priorities at the present time, now that climate change is out of the way.

Now judging by the content of the Obama speech on the war between terrorisms, while the war has top billing, close behind, perhaps even in the number two spot is the war between Islams, since having a wrong mosque preaching a wrong Islam causes terrorisms. I always thought that it was the military industrial complex that caused terrorisms. Hell some mosque can preach weird radicalisms to me, and to most people I know, but without some burning rage of injustice it is quite unlikely that anyone will just simply go to some mosque and listen to wrong sermons and then be found blowing themselves in a car bomb down at the Happy Dollar store simply because they listened to wrong Islam.

And that reminds, now that I am on the subject of wrong Islam, this leads me to repeat something that I was saying before about how there is no such thing as a wrong Islam and a right Islam, since it would appear, based upon my own judgments on the matter, that there is only a wrong Islam and a right one doesn't exist. For this reason I have always considered Islam to be a really weird and yet quite interesting example of the social catastrophe known as religion, which can be spread by the edge of the sword by Mohammed or Charlemagne the 'Holy Roman Empire', and then once the original terrorisms of religion have subsided over the course of several generations, the resulting cancer will remain in place simply due to ossification.

As I mentioned previously Mohammed was not a prophet. Neither was that 'Joshua' in the bible some kind of prophet, and that phony version of Moses cooked up by the scribes and pharisees was also no prophet. No prophet would even think of picking up a sword to fight a holy war for God, since any prophet with any common sense at all, and, assuming it really was a prophet, would understand very well that if God wanted to kill lots of people that could be done quite easily, perhaps in an hour, or maybe a couple of days, just depending on how God wanted to do things for reasons which are for God alone to decide.

It is for this reason that you would see me out on a global one man holy war jihad, and I would not even consider asking even so much as one person to help me, because I don't need anyone, for I have God with me. The fact that Mohammed would need to find a bunch of guys with swords to help him out is proof positive that, first, he did not know God and was for this reason disqualified to be considered a prophet, and, second, that God wanted nothing to do with him, for if God wanted to help Mohammed spread around that Islam that Mohammed himself invented, then Mohammed would have been relaxing in his tent, thinking of new verses to add onto the Koran, while God was out on a great massacre.

As we continue to think along these highly godly lines of reasoning, it then also becomes crystal clear that Israel is definitely NOT in the promised land, but is on the wrong place on the planet, the promised land being somewhere else, for if God had wanted Israel to move into that wretched tiny patch of dirt along the coast, then Joshua would not have raised an army, but instead, being a prophet, Joshua would have told those people to relax in their tents out in the desert, and wait until tomorrow afternoon, to give God time to kill everyone in the region, so they could calmly and quietly pack up their tents and load them onto camels and walk into the promised land the very next day at a nice leisurely pace. This would be preferable to having them all get a bad case of Post Traumatic Stress disorder to go along with all that horrifying sword chopping that was the only result you could expect when for some cruel reason God decided to make them take over the promised land by themselves, for it turned out that either God couldn't do it, or that God was the role model of a religious hypocrite by telling them to do it while at the same declaring that to be illegal, or, finally, at the end of it all, there just were no gods and therefore the only solution to the problem was to become terrorists.

After consideration of all these things, to summarize the point, now that after thousands of godforsaken years God has finally decided to break the embargo on this planet and will now be found agreeing to work with someone such as myself, the correct strategy would not be to teach people about wrong Islam and right Islam or to try to encourage religious people to have religious tolerance and not to kill each other, which you hear so much about these days. Rather the correct strategy would be to teach people about wrong Islam, because that is the only Islam they have, as well as promoting tolerance between people by teaching people about wrong religion in general, since God never wanted to have anything to do with their religion, and left our ancestors to hang from the gallows of the religions they themselves constructed.

Festival of Lights

Hey, guess what everybody. It is now past the twenty fourth day of the ninth month (lunar calendar). That means it is now Hanukah, the Festival of Lights, on the Jewish Calendar season.

By golly, by gosh, I bet the lights are starting to come on all over this planet.

But then I am not surprised, because it is only seventy years since the Jewish Holocaust once in all of human history, so you would expect something like that, right?

I am Zerubabbel, the prophet of YAHWEH, the God of Ancient Israel, and this year Hanukah ends on December 14th, 2015, which, by a strange coincidence, also happens to be my birthday. Gosh. That must be a significant day, for some reason. I wonder what is going to happen on that day.

The Criminal Injustice System

I see that now that Ghana is burning to the ground, it has now been discovered that the judges in Ghana are corrupt and have been taking bribes. It remains to be seen if that was the only thing wrong with that country. It seems very unlikely that it is, because this is Africa, one giant kleptocracy combined with religious right wing religious superstition so as to keep everyone stupid enough to cooperate.

As I contemplate this matter I begin to wonder about American judges, and the way that they always let killer cops get away with murder, 99.9% of the time, unless they just cannot do it, in which case, quite reluctantly, I am sure, they might decide to catch a cop. Now my question is as follows. Does this mean that American judges have also been taking bribes, or are they just being corrupt for free?

Even if American judges suddenly decided, right at the last minute, when it looked their entire courtroom was about to burned to the ground, to crack down on that form of hypocrisy that is judicial murdering, that still wouldn't be enougb to fix what was wrong with that system, and even taking that one step, perhaps right at the last minute, would not be enough to prevent their courthouse from being burned to the ground, or flooded, or crushed under hailstones, or whatever whatever.

For as we all know capitalism has something known as 'the ideal rate of unemployment', this being the way capitalists have of making sure that people are looking for capitalists to give them jobs, instead of having capitalists looking for people to fill jobs, which is what would happen if we had full employment. This then results in what is known under capitalists economics as 'inflation' as capitalists are forced to inflate that wage package while deflating those profits, and as evevyone knows, you can't run a capitalistic economy type with rampant inflation and zero profits. Therefore the sensible solution is to have outfits like that Federal Reserve stepping in from time to take action so as to maintain the ideal level of slums and ghettos, so as to keep that loony system from collapse, which would then explain why idealistic young people should never become suckers and fall for that 'war on poverty' nonsense when some politician, from time to time, might decide to trot out that tired old cow so as to keep liberals busy for a few years, at least until such a time as they all become cynical yuppies like that previous generation and then get flushed down the toilet like a flushed washed up turd.

In this way capitalism itself manufactures jobs for cops, for we all know that we will have crimes and thefts and dangers whenever we have slums and ghettos and ideal unemployment, since it is true that most people will not simply agree to crawl off into a hole somewhere and just die with dignity, without disgracing themselves by committing a crime. And, hell, even if they did they would just have to be replaced by more people so as to keep impoverished desperation at the correct level so that capitalism can continue on as everyone's very favorite economic system.

Now as everyone should know, leopards are not always nasty cats, and sometimes can be seen purring like a big contented kitten, this usually being the case right after they have had a good meal. However should a leopard be found prowling around with increasing desperation and anger, it becomes transformed from a kitty cat into a leopard and will for sure be found committing a crime by pouncing upon some young fawn or taking down some gazelle. The same principle applies to people who will often be found prowling our streets like leopards because this is capitalism, and leopards are just one more product manufactured by that capitalist system.

For some reason we cannot bring up this obvious connection between prowling leopards and capitalism itself in a capitalist judges courtroom, and instead the prosecutors will be kicking up a big cloud of dust, so as to obscure the facts, while the corrupt judge let's them get away with it, and rules the defense out of order if they should even dare to bring up justice, since that is against the law, as it is written down, and therefore out of order. This will then be followed by a conviction by a vengeful jury, which then suggests that God would be justified in destroying both judge, prosecutor and jury, since they were all part of that same system of criminal injustice. Here I am assuming that the leopard actually made into court so as to be judged in this manner and was not already gunned down by some cop, thus rendering the whole hypocritical charade redundant.

Wall Street

Oh, come on people. Let's not pretend anymore. The reason why everyone is behaving so irrationally is because everyone is shitting their pants worrying about Wall Street. That capitalist system is so unstable, even at the best of times, that even a tweak of the interest rate by 25 basis points causes people to piss their pants with worry. But all hope is not yet lost and maybe the Second Coming of Christ will just go away, and all people have to do is just hold out long enough for the dust and the smoke to clear.

Now let us confront our fearful terrors. Let's suppose that idiotic capitalistic system once again goes tits up as it has been known to do, from time to time, every since capitalism was first invented. Nothing has really happened. Not in the physical real. I can prove it to you when some capitalist shuts down the rubber band factory, because it was a crisis, thus requiring less rubber bands, and then right after that, I went into the place, flipped the breaker switch back on, and threw a few switches and all the machines for making rubber bands hummed back to life. Nothing wrong there. The problem must be located somewhere else, for the canned food factories were still found to be in perfect working order, which was handy, given the threats of starvation and hungers caused by people losing their jobs at the rubber band factory, because it was a crisis, or so they say, and thus leaving those desperate mobs hungering for canned foods, which are no long available, because the canned food factory was shut down arbitrarily because it was supposedly a canned food crisis time, thus requiring the shut down of canned food factories for ten or perhaps even twenty years, just depending on how long those capitalists will sitting around with their thumbs stuck up their ass, and refusing to part with a dime of their fortunes until they can be sure, absolutely sure, that the screwy system of theirs might be moving into its next boom cycle.

Actually my prognosis for the economy in the future is nowhere as gloomy and pessimistic as that of outfits such as the IMF or World Bank, for given that the top percent of capitalists have managed to hoard up half the world's wealth, while sticking everyone else with severe austerity, as called for by the times we live in today, I can forsee upcoming one of the greatest Keynesian style economic stimulus programs in the whole history of capitalism, and on a vast global basis. For this reason I am not worried about anything myself, and the only thing that does worry me is that other people might be so stupid as to think that somehow we might have a real crisis, instead of some phony crisis, and this would then cause panic and mobs and so on. In that case the only solution would be to upgrade our cops to Uzi submachine guns that being about the only way they could ever be expected to keep on top of the escalating wave of crimes and leopards running on the loose all over the damned place.