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Africa dies of thirst

A picture is worth a thousand words
scorched earth and smoke
scorched earth and smoke
filthy rivers spew into sea
filthy rivers spew into sea
a large puddle of Atlantic pollution
a large puddle of Atlantic pollution
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Hi everybody. I thought I would come back here, and get you in trouble right along with me,
whether you like it or not. The links above may be dead shortly, who can say first they shut down my internet at home, so I have to wander from hot spot to hot spot
and I suppose that shortly they will take the next step and my links will go dead

But before that can happen

Behold one of the most idiotic coverups of our times, the one story the media won't touch, and what they don't want anyone to know, available exclusively
on Independent media.

Here you can see the thick blanket of smoke cloaking northwest Africa and the scorched earth from the fires below.

In the following images you can see the polluted filthy waters choked by salt, dust and ash spilling into the Atlantic as the people die of thirst because of filthy waters.