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How Al Carroll formed NAFPS

The roots of the online club NAFPS - new age fraud and plastic shaman - and it's creator Alton Al Carl Carroll - Northern Virginia Community College
Alton Carl 'Al' Carroll Jr began identifying as 'Indian' in graduate school, when he began using monies from fellowships dedicated to minorities. The first evidence of his self-identification is in posts for the 'Poly Friends Network 3' Yahoo Group in March of 1999. Carroll posts about a "Native American Indian Polygamy" group he is starting.

"I'm a new member, an American Indian traditional poly. My wife and I are seeking F, ethnicity or belief less important than a good heart, to add to our loving family and would be glad to hear from anyone interested. I also am working on a web page about American Indian polygamy and will link it tho this club when I'm done" source

He advertised himself and wife as follows: in March 1999

Hello, We are a couple seeking to practice traditional American Indian polygamy, meaning a woman centered household. We both have a mix of Catholic and native beliefs. I am mixed blood, also Irish/Mexican, 33, 6'1", 190, quiet, gentle, well educated, grad student becoming a professor, thoughtful, loving, devoted to family and friends. My wife is 20, 5', 90, Asian, straight, silly and fun, very bright, speaks 4 languages, becoming a computer programmer. we seek a single lady who is loving, opne, nonjealous, good hearted, any racial or ethnic background. We are very accepting of all peoples and beliefs. Please consider joining our loving family. " San Antonio for now - Carl & Sheryl E-MAIL: < bigi__@yahoo.com> -- 03/29/99 -- 15:34:13 source

By September of 1999 Al Carroll began listing other 'Native' groups he created, which he begins to list on his Yahoo profile for polyamorous dating clubs. The clubs were rapidly taken down by administrators which is why he lists the links as web archives. Soon after this time, his wife 21 year-old Sheryl Carroll, thirteen years his junior, would file for divorce in April 2000.

During this time Al Carroll would meet fellow "blogger/cyberstalker" Robert 'Rob' Schmidt, who 'interviewed' him on his website in April 2002. Al Carroll would later create a GeoCities website called Our Red Earth Organization first archived online in March 2003, this site would later become the newagefraud.org online club.

After graduating from Purdue, Al Carroll attended Arizona State University, again using monies from a fellowship for minorities. Accusations of sexual misconduct were made during Al Carroll's time at the school. Sources regarding the alleged complaint from two young Asian students have neither been confirmed or denied. A search of court records for Maricopa County at the time shows Al Carroll as a defendant in Case#M-0741-2808618 on December 12 2002, in a matter unrelated to the accusations.

Sheryl Carroll would file for divorce a second time in October 2003 along with an affidavit of unknown whereabouts. Finally completing her divorce from Alton Carl Carroll in January 2004, four years after initially filing. In October of 2004 Alton Carroll would register the newagefraud.org domain name. Several attempts to have the NAFPS online club through Yahoo resulted in the site being banned due to terms of service violations.

Following graduation from ASU Carroll traveled to Europe in 2005 and 2006 to lecture as a "Mescalero Apache mixed-blood" concerning Native American cultures and "especially his own Apache people." Around this time he would start a short period of employment at St Phillip's College in San Antonio TX. During this time he began recruiting for "GENUINE Native Americans" to appear in Swedish director Annika Banfield's 800,000 krone movie project and began making false claims about having been a professor at ASU.

While at St Phillip's, Carroll touted his status as professor in an increasing volume and intensity of posts spewing outrage through the NewAgeFraud.org online club. "WikiWarrior" Kathryn Price became increasingly vocal at NAFPS during this time. In 2007 Alton Carroll was still working part-time at St Philips's College, but was seeking employment in Asia as an ESL teacher by March 2007.

Other people active with NAFPS at or before this time include Brent Michael Davids, Cinda Hughes, Vance Hawkins, Debbie Redbear Moran, and Ladonna Allard.

Al Carroll looking for ESL work in March 2007 - ESL 4 Korea..com

Later in 2007 the eight hundred thousand krone movie, Spirits for Sale, made by Annika Banfield of Sweden would be released. In the film Carroll professes to his strong Apache heritage "My name is Al Carroll, my background, my ancestry, my heritage, is Mescalero Apache." he says. He recounts how hard it was for him supposedly growing up being called a "red back" a "redskin:" and a "prairie nigger" all the time

In 2008 Carroll padded his PHD dissertation from ASU to book length, releasing it as Medicine Bags and Dog Tags. Further building his image, in the book he states how his fellow service members were supposedly intimidated by his Native ancestry. Claims such as these led to questions of Al Carroll's authenticity from the Native American community.

Throughout 2008 multiple individuals publicly discredited Al Carroll and his work at this, including Comanche David Yeagley. Resulting in Alton Carroll's subsequent attempts to smear David Yeagley and others. In July of 2008 the newagefraud.org site was again removed by a hosting provider for violating their terms of service. In early January 2009 Carroll was sued for libel/slander in Oklahoma Supreme Court.

The marked end of his brief tenure at St Philip's College. His claims to be a professor at Arizona State were also proven false at this time (he was a TA while a student). After being publicly discredited on several counts, Carroll left the country. Some said to avoid further scrutiny and lawsuit, others say he was looking for a young Asian wife. He would travel to Indonesia to lecture about Native Americans.

In 2010 Al Carroll would resurface in Virginia. On May 12th he was cited in Loudon County for an expired registration. His race is listed as "White Caucasian (Non-Hispanic)" Case#GT10021347-00. He would be pulled over three more times in 2010, continuing to be cited for driving without registration, insurance, or inspection. A list of court cases for Alton Carroll in that year include:

06/10/10 Case#GT10021347-00 Loudon Co VA
09/23/10 Case#GT10037851-00 Loudon Co VA
09/23/10 Case#GT10037853-00 Loudon Co VA
10/19/10 Case#GT10044070-00 Loudon Co VA
10/19/10 Case#GT10044071-00 Loudon Co VA
11/22/10 Case#GT10046192-00 Loudon Co VA
11/22/10 Case#GT10046193-00 Loudon Co VA
11/22/10 Case#GT10046194-00 Loudon Co VA

By 2010 Alton Carroll had begun working for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) as an assistant. Sources at NOVA state the school was not aware of Carroll's background at the time they engaged him. Similar to his pattern at St Philips, he again began using his employer's name to his hate speech and increased it's intensity.

By August of 2010 the newagefraud.org site was again removed by their hosting company for violations of their terms of service. On August 6th Native American activists blog about having the site removed for libel. Alton 'Al' Carroll re-registered the newagefraud.org domain under a new server.

Domain ID:D105027191-LROR
Created On:20-Oct-2004 08:07:58 UTC
Last Updated On:01-Aug-2010 00:23:31 UTC
Expiration Date:20-Oct-2011 08:07:58 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:FastDomain Inc. (R1455-LROR)
Registrant ID:FAST-14376707
Registrant Name:Alton Carroll
Registrant Street1:20253 River Ridge
Registrant City:Ashburn
Registrant State/Province:Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:20147
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.8302671500
Registrant Email: patricia251@centurytel.net
Admin ID:FAST-14376707
Admin Name:Alton Carroll
Admin Street1:20253 River Ridge
Admin City:Ashburn
Admin State/Province:Virginia
Admin Postal Code:20147
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.8302671500
Admin Email: patricia251@centurytel.net
Tech ID:FAST-12785297
Tech Name:HostMonster.Com INC
Tech Organization:HostMonster.Com, POWERFUL WEB HOSTING - 1500GB Disc - 15,000 GB Transfer
Tech Street1:1958 South 950 East
Tech Street3:Hosting Accounts starting at ONLY $6.95 per month -
Tech City:Provo
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Tech Postal Code:84606
Tech Country:US
Tech Phone:+1.8014948462
Tech FAX:+1.8017651992
Tech Email: support@hostmonster.com

Retrieved from DomainTools.com 2010-08-03

Although unaware of Al Carroll's past at the time of his hiring, staff at NOVA have recently become aware of his past. What actions they will take to maintain the academic standards of Northern Virginia Community College remains to be seen.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cal-for-northern-virginia-community-college-nova

There certainly is a lot of fiction in this 'article' and a lot of racism 18.Jan.2016 08:34

An Actual Native

Let's try facts instead:
From alcarroll.com
Dr. Al Carroll is a leading expert on American Indian Veterans, American Indians and Latin American Militaries, tribal soldiers of Asia, the teaching of Pre-Columbian history, New Age abuse and exploitation of American Indian spiritual traditions, and the human rights records of American Presidents. He is a long time advocate for American Indian Human rights as a member of New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) at newagefraud.org. Al Carroll is also the author of "Medicine Bags & Dog Tags" and "Presidents' Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents"

Dr. Al Carroll began his education at the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he earned his BA in History. He continued his education at Purdue University, where he achieved his MA in History in 2001. Dr. Carroll rounded out his education by earning a Ph.D. in History from Arizona State University in 2004. He was also a fellow throughout his time there as well as at Purdue University.

Currently, Dr. Al Carroll is an assistant professor in the Communications and Human Studies department at Northern Virginia Community College based in Sterling, Virginia, since 2010. Before his current focus on teaching, Dr. Carroll was a senior Fulbright Scholar based in Indonesia, where he focused on Comparative Literature and History. He also worked as an adjunct professor at St. Philip's College in San Antonio, Texas from 2005 to 2009. Dr. Carroll has published numerous articles discussing Latin America and indigenous Americans in numerous publications, as well as winning a number of awards and fellowships from institutions ranging from the Ford Foundation Doctoral Fellowship for Minorities to Arizona State University. He has taught classes such as US History, American Indian, Latin American Civilizations, to a history of tribal peoples and minorities in the United States. He has also presented to a number of conferences and was a guest lecturer at Hasanuddin University in Indonesia while a Fulbright Scholar there.

From newagefraud.org
Who We Are & Our Purpose
New Age Frauds & Plastic Shamans or NAFPS is an activist group of Native people and our supporters. We began NAFPS five years ago as a Yahoo club/group and went through a lot together, at least eight unsuccessful attempts to shut us down, empty threats of lawsuits, stalkers, identity thieves, libel campaigns, and even death threats. We have emerged from it all relatively unscathed and more determined than ever to continue our work.
Ths site and forum is for those concerned about the fraud, deceit, money hunger, sexual abuse, racism, control, hunger for power and ego, and cult-like tendencies of the New Age movement and pseudo "shamans." We investigate and seek to warn the public about impostors and exploiters posing as Native medicine people or elders. There are more than two hundred impostors out there posing as Cherokee medicine people alone. Multiply that by five hundred Native nations in the US, and add on the exploiters who abuse or lie about practices of Latin America's Indians, and you get an idea of the sheer, massive scope of the problem.
What NAFPS Is and Is Not
We are not a "hate" group, any more than a rape crisis center promotes "hate" of men. This is one of the more ridiculous knee-jerk claims thrown at us. Many Nuage frauds are themselves blatantly racist in their contempt for Native people, beliefs, and wishes on these issues.
If anything we are an ANTI-hate group, a HateWatch group specializing in monitoring and warning the public about a special brand of racist, the Nuage fraud or pseudo-shaman leader.
We are not especially concerned about anyone's blood quantum, enrollment status, or family history. The only time we would care was if someone had lied in order to "pass" or appear "more Indian" to justify their misbehavior.
We accept all kinds of people: Native, white, black, Latino, Maori, traditionalist, Christian, pagan, atheist, Muslim, etc. We have members from an amazing variety of tribal backgrounds, Anishinaabe, Apache, Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota, Lenni Lenape, Menominee, Munsee, Navajo, O'odham, and many others.
We gladly accept help from all good people of conscience, because without them we can't stop these frauds. And without them, we wouldn't have had nearly as much success against frauds as we have.
What We Do & How We Differ From Nuage Frauds
No one at NAFPS has ever:
-- sold ceremonies, workshops, seminars, healings, readings, "asteroid avoidance courses" (yes, some frauds actually do), or anything else like that.
-- claimed to be a medicine man, elder, healer, wiseman, "don", "ascended master", "avatar", holy man, or anything else that frauds claim to be.
-- claimed to be descended from Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Black Elk, Crazy Horse, etc. or to "channel" or be the "reincarnation" of those same famous people.
-- told the gullible, vulnerable, and desperate that they had to put out to take part in a made up ceremony, give head, be sodomized, whipped, and even pay to be sexually abused. No one at NAFPS ever molested children as part of their roles as alleged "great leaders".
-- lied or deceived for a living; formed a cult around themselves; threatened lawsuits at anyone that disagreed with them or tried to isolate the people who listen to them from other people, often breaking up families in the process.
-- regarded selling spirituality and pay-to-pray scams as an acceptable way to make a buck (often tens or even hundreds of thousands of them).
We at NAFPS make no claim to perfection. But... we do research the information we put out.
We seek to *prevent* harm to people, not cause it.... except to frauds, who we merely wish to bankrupt, drive out of business, or see thrown in jail for some of the worst abuses.
That means we take great care with our warnings and pronouncements. We *do* retract or alter them if new information comes out, or if we inadvertently harm people.
We feel free to disagree among ourselves. No one is punished for simple dissent. In more than four years, we've only kicked out perhaps half a dozen people, and in each case after they'd caused severe disruption for weeks at a time.
And this gets down to the final point, again worth repeating: We are not a "hate" group, but are about as ANTI racist as can be.
Welcome to NAFPS. Feel free to join our forum and ask questions or comment.

Indymedia should be ashamed of hosting the libel of a great Native human rights group.

This is thetrue identity of the author of the slanderous article 18.Jan.2016 08:47

Truth Teller

"Denton first met his victim in 1996 at the Rainbow Gathering in France, when she was 19 and Denton, also known as Robin, was 33."



Wembley preacher jailed for week of rape

First published Monday 15 February 2010 in News Harrow Times

by Jack Royston

A "REMORSELESS" Wembley preacher who raped a woman on seven consecutive days was jailed on Friday.

Paul Robin Denton, 46, of Barnhill Road, was jailed for 12 years after repeatedly abusing his 32-year-old victim in October 2007.

He was found guilty after a trial at Inner London Crown Court when jurors heard how the religious fanatic put the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, through "hell on earth".

She told the court Denton believed women should be submissive "because the scripture says so".

When she challenged his views, Denton, who changed his name to Lord Denton, repeatedly punched her in the face, head-butted her, pulled out her hair, and raped her "day after day" as a punishment.

Detective Constable Jon Wedger said: "The level of abuse and the time period it has been spread over has had an overwhelming impact on the victim. Denton has shown no remorse for his actions, even making her go through the ordeal of the trial.

"I hope knowing he has been held accountable for his actions will go someway to helping his victim come to terms with what has happened and allow her to move forward with her life.

"She has shown incredible bravery throughout the criminal proceedings and I hope that strength continues as she rebuilds her life."

He was arrested in February 2008 but while on bail he sneaked into his victim's house and stole her hat.

He then sent it back to her in an effort to intimidate her.

Denton, who committed the crimes in Daventry, but later moved to Wembley, was born in Croydon and moved to South Africa with his parents when aged eight months old.

He claims he was kidnapped by his father after his parents split up and told the court he was forced to leave the country after being part of an anti-apartheid group.

He was found guilty of seven counts of rape, four of assault and one of witness intimidation.



Woman raped for week by 'saviour'

16:59 Monday 19 October 2009

A PREACHER who described himself as the Messiah and raped a young woman on seven consecutive nights faces years behind bars.

Paul Denton, 46, changed his name to Lord Denton by deed poll and claimed he was sent by God to save the people of Daventry.

But his victim told how he ordered her to submit to him as he quoted verses from scripture.

He described her allegations as "lies from the depths of hell" but was convicted after a three-week trial at Inner London Crown Court.

As the guilty verdicts were read out, Denton repeatedly asked for the opportunity to address the jury.

But this was denied by Judge Mervyn Roberts, who has postponed sentencing until December.

As he was led to the cells, he shouted: "Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is Lord, read Matthew 24."

Denton first met his victim in 1996 at the Rainbow Gathering in France, when she was 19 and Denton, also known as Robin, was 33.

She said: "He told me he had lots of experience with prostitutes. When he was 15 his father bought him a prostitute for a present."

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he also believed the fairer sex should be submissive "because the scripture says".

The 32-year-old, from Croydon, said: "He said I had to submit to him and to the Lord, he was quoting scriptures from the Bible. It got very violent.

"He was screaming in my face I'm a disobedient, evil woman and I have to submit to him."

During one incident he headbutted her in the face and in another he pulled her down the stairs by her hair and throttled her.

After another attack Denton went to Russia for a month to customise an airship to spread the word of God.

Denton, now of Wembley, had allowed local children to use a bus outside his house as a playground. Judge Roberts said it was essential he had a pre-sentence report prior to sentencing him in December.

He said: "I'll also need a report from a psychologist. I don't mean to say you're mentally ill. For you to be sentenced, all my sentencing options need to remain open.'

Denton, formerly of Hood Road, Daventry, and of Holcot, is thought to have regularly travelled around Africa and Eastern Europe as a Christian missionary.

He was found guilty of four actual bodily harm assaults, seven rapes and witness intimidation. He was cleared of indecently assaulting a child.

A True History of NAFPS and Al Carroll 20.Jan.2016 16:52

Native Americans Against Discrimination

In its nearly 20 years, New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans (NAFPS) have an enviable record as a deeply respected human rights organization, one founded by and made up of mostly American Indians, and widely used as a resource by tribes, universities, museums, other activists, and people from all walks of life. It began as a Yahoogroup, founded by members of Our Red Earth, a support group for the American Indian Movement or AIM, the best known Native warrior society from the Red Power movement.

NAFPS was founded to combat cultural appropriation, a current hot topic on social media. But NAFPS was doing so long ago, back in the days when internet sites on Native topics were dominated by New Age imposters posing as Native American spiritual leaders. White posers sell false versions of Native ceremonies for huge profits (sometimes in the millions of dollars), and actual Native peoples are outnumbered, shouted down, and frequently threatened with violence. When New Age leaders, anxious to hold onto their huge fortunes and cults, cannot silence them by threats, they resort to censorship, making up claims of TOS violations and "libel." Nervous ISPs, more concerned with lawsuits than with the truthfulness of claims, easily fold.

NAFPS supporters described early on a vicious reign of terror aimed at them by New Age cults. Death threats came on a monthly and even weekly basis. Threats came not just through email. NAFPS members saw their home addresses and phone numbers published online. Police investigated phone threats to "shove a shotgun up your *** and pull the trigger" and emails sent with graphics lynchings. In the early days of the internet, when few police were clear about jurisdiction, such threats went unpunished.

Some NAFPS members were stalked in person. NAFPS member in Arizona and Massachusetts both saw their family members threatened, including an elderly grandmother. At one protest, the German "security force" of the Deer Tribe cult tried to break into the car to get at a Native woman. Yet NAFPS members bravely never once backed down. They have an enviable record of success:

- Suraj Holzwarth, a white woman calling herself "White Eagle Woman" and inventing claims of being a Mohawk messiah, saw all of her ceremony selling tour dates canceled due to NAFPS protests outing her false claims.

- Kiesha Crowther, a white woman falsely claiming to being the messiah for the Salish and Lakota tribes, also saw her ceremony selling tour ended after her claims were exposed. She gave up and fled to Europe, removed her claims from her website, and apologized.

- Robert Franzone, an Italian American long falsely claiming to be a Lakota medicine man named "Ghostwolf," gave up ceremony selling due to being exposed by NAFPS, and died in obscurity.

- Charles Storm, one of the oldest and most notorious frauds, a German-American long posing as a Cheyenne medicine man named "Hyemyehosts," remains in hiding after NAFPS exposed him as a serial rapist. Former members of his cult came forward to describe his raping many of their children. He remains at large, his ceremony selling ended, even his internet presence gone. A faux civil rights group he set up, NAMA, shut down after NAFPS criticism.

-The Erie Moundbuilders, a Black supremacist cult begun by James Johnson III (AKA Tecumseh Browneagle) shut down entirely, its attempts to start a casino with an organized crime figure exposed by NAFPS. Nothing remains of the group but the shell of an unmaintained website.

At the center of NAFPS was Dr. Alton Carroll, or more often, Al Carroll, a history professor, author, and tireless human rights activist on this and other causes. Al Carroll was perhaps the bravest of all NAFPS members, personally being threatened the most of any of them. More attacks have been aimed at him than any other NAFPS member because he has used his academic credentials to bolster Native human rights and protect Native spiritual traditions. His research skills have also exposed more imposters and cults than any other, almost 4,000 posts of research, nearly triple that of the next most prolific NAFPS member.

But Al Carroll is certainly far from alone at NAFPS. It has over 2,000 members from dozens of tribes, including indigenous peoples in Latin America, Hawaii, and Australia. Some of its more notable members include:

Dr. Richard Allen, policy analyst for the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Mike Two Horses, Lakota professor in Virginia
Ladonna Allard, member of Lakota tribal government
Ric Richardson, member of Metis band government in Canada
Huhanna Hickey, Australian Aboriginal disabled rights activist
Bryant Holman, curandero researcher
Maria Blanco, community organizer
Sky Davis, Cherokee member of the American Indian Movement and Iron Lodge Prisoner Support
Bee Niedlinger, Munsee member of the American Indian Movement
Debbie Redbear, member of NDN-AIM
Albert Running Wolf, Kiowa member of the American Indian Movement

But Al Carroll wound up being targeted the most. Over the years his attackers and libelers have been a rogue's gallery of the worst of New Age culture vultures, abusers, and other racists:

A racist pagan supporter of Brooke Edwards, an imposter posing as a Crow medicine woman named "Medicine Eagle" who uses spray on tanning makeup and a "tribal enrollment certificate" clearly made at Kinko's.
"Looking Back Woman," a hairdresser claiming to be a Lakota messiah.
David Yeagley, a white supremacist and longtime associate of neo Nazis, enrolled by mistake in the Comanche tribe through an ancestor listed as an "adopted Mexican."
Paul Robin Denton, a convicted serial rapist, Scientology cult member, and leader of the Rainbow Tribe, a white Englishman posing as the leader of a tiny fringe political party in South Africa.

The latest attack was posted on Portland Indymedia, taking advantage of the lack of oversight on open source media to prevent such defamation. The falsehoods begin in the title:
"How Al Carroll formed NAFPS author: DG Hooper."

Dr. Alton Carroll did not form NAFPS alone. He was one of dozens of members of the AIM support group Our Red Earth that formed NAFPS. The interesting thing is the author's choice of name. DB Cooper was a thief who got himself killed during a failed hijacking.

So the author wants to be thought of as a failed thief\\\? One who was very incompetent\\\? New Age leaders routinely kill their hapless followers with poorly run sweatlodges. The author seems to be Paul Robin Denton, the already mentioned convicted serial rapist and Rainbow Tribe cult leader. The Rainbow Tribe often runs poor imitations of Native sweatlodges, sometimes killing its members.

The defamation continues:

"Al Carroll began identifying as 'Indian' in graduate school."

Just one problem: The article then goes on to quote sources showing he identified as not just American Indian, but Apache, many years before that. Not only did Al Carroll identify as American Indian, everyone else identified him as one, outside of New Age exploiters.

"...when he began using monies from fellowships dedicated to minorities"

False on two counts. One, he is not just a minority, but a double minority, both American Indian and Mexican. And he was never awarded fellowships for minorities, but based on merit.

"...his wife would file for divorce."

False. Court records online show Al Carroll filed for divorce from her, citing abandonment and adultery on her part. He was the aggrieved party.

Paul Robin Denton then goes on to get angry about the age difference between the couple. Apparently he is horrified that a woman in her early 20s married a man in his early 30s. It's worth noting that Denton was 46 when he repeatedly raped a woman of 32, 14 years younger than him.

"Al Carroll would meet fellow "blogger/cyberstalker" Robert 'Rob' Schmidt"

So Mr. Denton is now defaming any associate of Al Carroll. Rob Schmidt is pretty well known as an author of Native themed comics, and as an activist for Native causes. Both Schmidt and Carroll are often attacked by New Age exploiters, and both are supporters of human rights causes. Those are their only connections.

"...who 'interviewed' him on his website in April 2002."

No such interview exists. Al Carroll often contributed to the Blue Corn Comics site, where both wrote analysis of racism, stereotypes, and promoted human rights.

"Al Carroll would later create a GeoCities website called Our Red Earth Organization in March 2003."

Our Red Earth actually began five years earlier, as a Yahoogroup, and never was on Geocities. Al Carroll had no part in either. Why the paranoid tendency of Mr. Denton to see Al Carroll's hand in everything\\\? Seems like he is admitting how effective Dr. Carroll was in exposing Denton. Paul Robin Denton, himself a convicted serial rapist, then goes into a bizarre bit of psychological projection to falsely accuse Al Carroll of being a serial rapist.

It's worth noting where Denton gets these claims. White supremacist David Yeagley and his fellow neo Nazis originally made them up on his website. Even more bizarrely, they claimed Al Carroll is a Russian porn star. Denton is willing to dig through the worst, lowest, and least reliable sites for his mudslinging and defamation.

"Al Carroll traveled to Europe in 2005 and 2006 to lecture"

Very sloppy. There was no travel in 2006. Al Carroll went on a speaking tour to raise money for charity, the Albuquerque Indian Center's Powwow Academy. It's a drug prevention and gang intervention program. So now Paul Robin Denton is smearing very worthwhile Native charities. The academy went on to invite Al Carroll to be an honored guest at their powwow, since the tour kept the center open for another year.

"Around this time he would start a short period of employment at St Phillip's College in San Antonio."

If by "short period," one means "five years." If by "employment," one means an adjunct professor.

"During this time he began recruiting for "GENUINE Native Americans" to appear in Swedish director Annika Banfield's 800,000 krone movie project"

The director of Spirits for Sale was actually Folke Johansson. Banfield was just one of several writers. Al Carroll did no "recruiting." Johannson did. He found a number of famed American Indians to appear in the film. Andrew Thomas is Director of the Albuquerque Pueblo Indian Center. Arvol Looking Horse is a highly respected Lakota elder, the Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Bundle for the tribe, a position held in his family for 19 generations.

As for 800,000 krone, a krone is worth about 15 cents. This was not a "movie," but a low budget factual documentary about spiritual exploiters and imposters, like Paul Robin Denton.

Spirits for Sale also won a number of awards and received nothing but praise in reviews:
"... a good and heart-felt piece of work and would make an impact on students and the general public."
Anthropology Review Database
"A very moving and interesting documentary of the commercialization and ignorance surrounding Native Americans and their culture...highly recommended." EMRO

Denton's failed effort at defamation continues:
"He began making false claims about having been a professor at ASU."

Actually both ASU's site and Al Carroll's own online resumes show him listed as Teaching Instructor while at ASU. Nowhere did he claim to be a professor. He is also shown as having been "Editor" for the prestigious H-Amindian academic listserve, and "Researcher" for the equally prestigious Labriola American Indian Data Center. His bosses at the two institutes were themselves very prestigious, Joyce Kievet, an Eastern Band Cherokee, and Patricia Etter, a Pottawatomi Indian.

Denton also fails to mention Al Carroll's other prestigious mentors. At Purdue he was trained by a Choctaw Indian professor, Donna Akers. Ay ASU his teachers included James Riding In, a famed Pawnee historian, and Angela Cavendar Wilson, a Dakota Indian professor.

Denton goes on to claim:
"Other people active with NAFPS at or before this time include Brent Michael Davids, Cinda Hughes, Vance Hawkins, Debbie Redbear Moran, and Ladonna Allard."

Denton does not mention who these notable people are. Davids is from the Stockbridge tribe and a famed composer and artist. Hughes is a Kiowa Indian disabled rights activist. Hawkins is a Cherokee Indian activist. Redbear is a member of NDN-AIM. Allard is a member of Lakota tribal government. That's pretty prestigious company Al Carroll is keeping.

Denton's failed defamation and sloppy research and falsehoods continues:

"In 2008 Al Carroll padded his PHD dissertation from ASU to book length, releasing it as Medicine Bags and Dog Tags."

Actually Al Carroll did not release his book. The University of Nebraska Press did. UNP is the most prestigious of academic publishers of American Indian Studies. Let's take a look at the reviews for his book, all found at the UNP website:

"Al Carroll has written a cogent, readable, scholarly, and comprehensive study of Native American veterans from a Native perspective." Gretchen Healy, Tribal College Journal

"An interesting and provocative book, Medicine Bags and Dog Tags succeeds in providing an Indian perspective on military service and its effects on cultural renewal and perseverance." Thomas A. Britten, Great Plains Quarterly.

"[This book] should be in the hands of not only Native but non-Indians veterans and service groups, in order to better understand why we serve, fight, and die in the service of the United States, and how best to honor Native soldiers and veterans." Debra Utacia Krol (Salinan/Essalen), Native Peoples magazine.

Denton does not mention that Al Carroll has gotten three more books published since then. One of them is Presidents' Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions. Let's take a look at reviews for it:

"This is a brave and magisterial work that will make you look again at American history and the Presidency. It's a real eye-opener to anyone who thinks they know everything there is to know about U.S. history. It is the truth that you won't hear through your mainstream media." MWB Reviews

"Dr. Carroll is well known in Indian Country. He has fought for many years to protect our sacred ways from the wasichu colonial spiritual invaders. I am glad he represents an Indian point of view. The words you have written are very good Dr. Carroll. I hope many heed them." Sam Bear

"It is a devastating critique of the presidency and its failures, contrary to the sunshine patriotism view one gets (mis)taught. A search for him online shows he's American Indian, very well respected by most but deeply hated by racists and religious exploiters. He has my respect, and I expect this book will be much used as a resource by anyone wanting an antidote to all the hazy president worshipping bios." John Martine

Another of his books is The New Age Speak to Plain English Dictionary, a collection of humor. Let's take a look at the reviews:

"Excellent and necessary. Cultural misappropriation (aka cultural appropriation) from Native Americans is a serious problem. The newage market is full of non-Natives spouting bafflegab. Usually they rely on Noble Savage stereotypes, which, despite the newagers' claims to "admire" Natives actually disenfranchise and denigrate the very people being "admired." This handy and entertaining book cuts through the bafflegab. It will save you time, money, and brain cells. Don't feed the frauds. Arm yourself with the translation!" Redwing44

"Hilarious and dead on target. Funny funny FUNNY in how it takes New Agers to task for their pompousness, their mock profoundness, and their cultural appropriation and casual but also deep seated racism, bigotry, cultural imperialism, greed, and sometimes sexual abuse." American Man

A fourth book of Al Carroll's is Survivors: Family Histories of Surviving Colonialism, Genocide, and War. It's a collection of accounts from wartime and genocide survivors. The book won Al Carroll an Award for Scholarly and Creative Engagement from his university.

What all of Al Carroll's books share in common is a concern with human rights. His whole career and life seem dedicated to that, and it has won him much praise and prestige. But what does Denton go on to smear Al Carroll with\\\?

"Comanche David Yeagley in early January 2009 Carroll was sued for libel/slander in Oklahoma Supreme Court."

Supreme Court\\\? For a libel suit\\\? How clumsy a lie is that\\\? Yeagley also sued Google. He sued Amazon. He also sued ten other people and institutions and civil rights groups and activists.

What did he sue them for\\\? He sued on behalf of American Renaissance, a white supremacist organization he was long part of. Yeagley was a white supremacist and neo Nazi, a long associate of Storm Front, neo Nazi skinheads, and other white supremacists like One Nation, White Boy Society, and VDARE. Yeagley was openly an admirer of Hitler, Columbus, Dracula, Custer, and the Shah of Iran. He called for Obama's assassination and genocide against Mexicans, Muslims, Arabs, gays, and pagans.

Yeagley sued all these people and organizations for pointing out he is a white supremacist and NOT Comanche. His father was German. His mother was a Mexican, born in Mexico. His ancestor was mistakenly enrolled in the Comanche tribe, and listed on Comanche tribal rolls as "adopted Mexican." He was a truly bizarre character, a gay man who hated other gays, a Mexican who hated other Mexicans, and who posed as Comanche to spread white supremacist hatred and calls for violence. THIS is the source that Denton relies on for his smears.

Yeagley was also repeatedly defeated in court. Every single lawsuit was thrown out, without exception. None of the people or organizations he sued even had to defend themselves in court, including Al Carroll. That's in the public record, but Denton never mentions that.

Denton goes on to claim:
"Carroll left the country. Some said to avoid further scrutiny and lawsuit. He would travel to Indonesia to lecture about Native Americans."

False. Al Carroll went to Indonesia as a Fulbright Scholar, one of the most prestigious awards in America for teachers and scholars. That puts Al Carroll in some amazing company, alongside dozens of presidents and prime ministers, Nobel Prize winners, and hundreds of other revered scholars.

Besides teaching, Al Carroll described his work for the Fulbright this way:

"One of the things I'm doing over here is trying to help as many Indonesians as possible get advanced degrees in the US. This includes students from Indonesia's tribes, who make up about a fourth of the population here, Dayaks, Bataks, Papuans, and Torajans. Right now they have me mentoring eight Indonesian students who want to be in Master's or PhD programs in the US. This includes two in heathcare, a mining engineer who want to study environmental science, two economics students (including one who studies poverty reduction through microfinancing), two agriculture students, and one studying how to improve fishing yields for fishermen without depleting the oceans."

That's enormously impressive and noble, in line with everything else Al Carroll has done in his life as a humanitarian. But what does Denton go on to defame him for\\\?

"On May 12th he was cited in Loudon County for an expired registration."

A parking ticket\\\? Denton, a convicted serial rapist, is trying to smear a human rights activist as a bad person for an expired sticker\\\? What else is Denton desperate enough to claim\\\?

"By 2010 Alton Carroll had begun working for Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) as an assistant."

By assistant, he mean assistant professor. It's also worth noting just how prestigious a school NOVA is. It's consistently ranked the best community college in all of America. Obama has given two speeches at NOVA, touting it as a model for the whole country.

What else can Denton come up with\\\?
"The school was not aware of Al Carroll's background at the time they engaged him."

We can be pretty sure they were very aware of his background, the Fulbright Scholarship, an outstanding record as a scholar and human rights organizer, and highly praised books. Not only are they aware of it, they eagerly sought him out for it, and they keep giving him awards for it.

The attackers going after NAFPS and Al Carroll and other Native human rights activists share three things in common:

They are mostly anonymous, unsigned, or with obvious fake names. That destroys any credibility in the articles and tells readers the authors are cowardly, the kind of losers others tell to get a life.

They are obvious smears, filled with falsehoods anyone can easily find and pick apart. This has the effect of making the readers side with those being attacked.

They have all failed repeatedly with their attacks. During the 20 years of defamation and demonization, NAFPS went from a little Yahoogroup to a highly respected resource for tribe, universities, and the public. During that same 20 years, Al Carroll went from an unknown college student to a revered and highly awarded scholar and activist. At this rate, this latest round of attacks may get Al Carroll a Nobel Prize to go along with his many other awards. He would deserve it too.

-Signed and Authored by, Native Americans Against Discrimination

Anyone can find out the truth about NAFPS, Al Carroll, and its other respected leaders just by going straight to the source, instead of anonymous smears.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch\\\?v=5ikwshoJelU (Interview)
 link to www.quora.com
 link to www.startribune.com
 link to www.articlesbase.com
HYPERLINK " link to www.skepticforum.com

Al Carroll's nasty history with underaged Asian women 10.Mar.2016 21:32

Lynn Manning

Al Carroll has a nasty history with young Asian women. While at Purdue he was posting his desired stats for women in the "Native American Polygamy Group" he started. Yahoo quickly deleted his group. He was divorced from his first wife (more than a dozen years his junior) after that. During his time at ASU he faced sexual assault allegations from two young visiting Asian students.

After going to Asia to look for sexual targets, ge returned from Indonesia with another wife over a dozen years younger, who is now another ex-wife. Upon his return he wrote a Sex Guide for men who want Indonesian women: Indonesian Women, Western Men: A Guide to Love, Romance, and Sex  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/170336

He also wrote a BDSM Erotica novel (bondage, dominance, submission, masochism) about his time there - An Indonesian Love Story.  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/162236

Nice teachers Northern Virginia Community College employs. I'm glad I'm not a female student there.


PAUL DENTON robinrainbowheart@gmail.com

I did not write the above . However, I can concur that the new age fraud website is a criminal undertaking that hides its real purpose..and this reason is to keep indians and others who support native indian causes ... divided. he is clever... but... he lacks any wisdom. all the allegations and lies he makes about me are totally false. this can easily be verified. just google my name and royal courts of justice and you will see. i also have a facebook page called the true paul robin denton - you can join and you will see the truth for yourself.


paul robin denton realdenton@gmail.com

Dr. Carroll who started the new age site and has been asked by some angry militant indians who didn't like rainbow people in the black hills last year... embarked on a slanderous campaign to ruin my reputation... i have been mercilessly attacked because of some fake articles by a local uk newspaper written by a reporter who has since left the paper. The facts of this article are wrong. As for dr carroll... well... he obviously has a lot of enemies... more than 130 signatures calling for an investigation into his activities. Be that as it is... Im not here to judge him. That GOD will do. In the mean time... if anyone is interested in the truth gp to my Facebook page...: TRUE STORY OF PAUL ROBIN DENTON... if carroll was for the indian he should be freezing out there on the plains with the rest of us rainbow brothers and sisters...at STANDING ROCK!!!!