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Donald"s Biggest Donor

War is a businessman's best friend
Trump's sixth largest private contributor so far for 2016 is from employees of The United States Department of Defense. Just in case you're wondering why he's so Gung-Ho about bombing the shit out of any nation that may run astray of our our "national interests". It's bye bye Iraq and adios Afghanistan these days, and the U.S. military is being depicted as being on the losing end of both. Trump's shameless fear posturing and war mongering rhetoric smacks more and more of Uncle Adolph every day. Not to mention the race and religion baiting that are the staple of his campaign arsenal. The military, ever since Vietnam, seems totally lost without some war to fight in somewhere. Anywhere. Our continual dismal escapades into foreign civil conflicts always ends in disarray and catastrophe. What did the Iraq debacle give to the world in the end? Democracy and economic salvation for the masses? Hell no. The endgame, the final product of all our shed blood and treasure is ISIS. Go figure. But someone made billions of death dollars off the game, and they still do. Trump is their puppet and always has been. All his fake, calculated "straight talk" is just a polished ploy to camouflage his true agenda: Perpetual military engagement and infinite mega profits for the likes of Boeing, Lockheed, Wall Street, and Halliburton (or whatever they call themselves now). "Normalizing" brutal and sadistic qualities is Trump's chief weapon of war. Just like Adolph did. Substitute Muslims and Mexicans for Jews and Gypsies and you get the drift. It's no accident that the major TV news outlet, CNN, has treated Trump as a viable candidate and has given him 1000 times the coverage of any other candidate from any party. CNN, almost all alone, has given Trump the undeserved image of a man you can speak with rationally and who is a serious thinker and student of international relations. Wolf Blitzer is the new king of the low ball, replacing longtime champion Larry King. Instead of just laughing out loud at Trump's plain to see stupidity and crassness, Blitzer just sits there like a lump and nods his admiration and says nothing. It's all so obviously scripted. Will the GOP run Trump and then introduce some secret nasty stuff on the Clinton's guaranteed to cause real shock waves? That's how it's apparently shaping up. The "permanent establishment" is definitely trying to shove Trump down our throats any way they can. They already had their affair with Billary and the thrill is gone. A lot of people on the left see Trump as some harmless sideshow to be ignored. Uncle Adolph was judged to be like that also. Just a funny little guy with a funny mustache.

U mad, bro? 06.Jan.2016 23:12


I wouldn't be worried about Trump.

I wouldn't be worried, about whoever ends up in the White House mid-November this year.

Trump is indeed a joke. Despite the lame attempts (from both rightist and leftist sources) at comparing the "Trump surge" with Germany/Italy 1930s etc. ad infinitum.

there will never again in the history of humanity be another Germany/Italy 1930s. No there will not. Historical comparisons to the politics and societies of the past are inept.

( False flag acts on the part of governments/corporations though, do and will indeed continue. Those tactics have not been made obsolete or irrelevant for powerbrokers. )

the whole cabal and house of cards will surely be collapsing soon. I know, you've/I've/we've heard it before. But believe me/have faith and also assure yourself.

RE: "how bad it is" / "can it get worse" etc.

Ask yourself those questions with deep sincerity.

( especially after 2008. or 9/11, USA Patriot Act, NSA, etc. )

only total economic collapse on the way, btw or Earth-wide natural/anthropogenic disaster can "save" us now.

Anyway there's nothing to "worry about" politically, anymore. and Trump (not to mention the entire 'pResidential campaign 2016') ain't worth time spent.

enjoy life. Don't sweat it. Listen to jazz music.

lazy sods 06.Jan.2016 23:54


Another lazy sod. Jazz was huge in Weimar Germany. A lot of good it did. See you soon in the new neighborhood re-education "facility". 'Listen to Jazz' indeed... I rest my case.

bro? 06.Jan.2016 23:57


And I'm not your fucking bro.

" Jazz was huge in Weimar Germany " 07.Jan.2016 00:05


dude, bro, I don't give a fuck. (About you or the 'filial' terminology which apparently chaps your ass)

your "rAT" posts (despite the 20% or so I tend to agree politically with and also don't dismiss as total drivel/insanity) here on PDX IMC are proof that you're a humorless, artless bastard twat.

anyway if you know / feel / care nothing about or towards music, art or jazz MUSIC (two words) then that's your problem entirely, not mine.

p.s. Jazz music evolved quite a lot, and contributed even more to human culture worldwide after the 1930s.

It's an incredibly wide, diverse, embracing and inspiring field of music. And hey this jazz music (believe it or not) also has many personal, spiritual and psychological health benefits. but it's up to you and your own edification to discover that (corporate mass media and much of 'popular culture' certainly won't shine lights in that direction for you), needn't listen to me...... but it's 'out there' ..........

I love Jazz 07.Jan.2016 09:54


So I'm a VAGINA? You seem to have more in common with the Trumpster than I thought. I like Jazz actually. It's just that the subject is basically irrelevant in this context. And thanks for the bone. 20 percent huh? Doing better than Bush anyway. And I'm humorless? Shit. I'm the funniest guy on this site. Twat did you say?

Trump Is Just Another Hope & Change Fascist 07.Jan.2016 11:29


He treats his Vegas hotel staff like feudal peasants. He wants to do away with the minimum wage. Or so he says (but of course he lies all the time.

Hillary is probably worse. She hates the unwashed "citizens" too. And she likes to kill people.

Bernie is just another "Hope and Change" artist.

They are all evil.

Hey rAT; get some paragraphs maybe? And please don't check The Box "check to use HTML (entire article must then be formatted with HTML)"!!! Unless you use HTML mark-up you lose all paragraphs if you check that box.

Gil Scott-Heron - Is That Jazz? 07.Jan.2016 16:04


try it, you'll like it...

hear this Song's lyrics next time Trump-ophobia grabs you, rAT 07.Jan.2016 16:07



Patti Smith 16.Jan.2016 15:00


Actually I'm a big Patti Smith fan.