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Its been said recently that Portland Indymedia belongs to ALL of us and if anyone wants change they need to get involved. Good idea!! So where\?
As per the website instructions:


"General meetings are usually held on the 3rd Saturday at 5pm "

Was that yesterday\\\? If so, that's too bad. People have been asking where the meetings are held now the Red and Black cafe is closed. It's a shame the indy bees haven't volunteered this information.

But no problem. Now they'll have a FULL MONTH to figure out logistics.

Unless it HASNT happened yet this month in which case we're all good to go. Just need to know where/when to drop in.

Thanks a million


okay, thats funny 17.Jan.2016 15:33


major misspelling.

PDC should be PDX

correction just submitted.


Read 17.Jan.2016 16:01

If you truly cared

Update: July 2015: Please use  pdx-imc@resist.ca to contact the workerbees for general meetings info, suggesting ideas, sharing any requests or concerns.


PIMC General Meetings 2016 21.Jan.2016 00:35


The PIMC General Meetings have not been happening lately. [1/21/16]

If there is an interest in meeting with the indy workerbees contact us at:  pdx-imc@resist.ca and we can set a time and place to have a meeting. As soon as there is more local interest in social justice organizing and citizen journalism the meeting will resume at the "usual time" [and a new place]. Until then please use email, to suggest your ideas, or concerns about PIMC. If you are interested in volunteering we would love to hear from you.

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