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Capitalism Is Solely About Breaking Small People

That's Right. Being Rich Is Purely And Totally About Domination.

If You Fail To Understand -- Ask About Guantanamo. (Or just don't ask -- keep political science -- don't get machine-free simple score voting.)
Watch about the Guantanamo Reality:
Shaker Aamer: Gitmo built with sole purpose of breaking people (FULL INTERVIEW)

The Rich cannot be Rich, unless the poor are not poor.

Is that simple or what?

The Poor Must Suffer 21.Jan.2016 20:17


They must have oppressive duopoly single-selection fake intellectual "Wikipedia" voting.

Never real simple score. Because that would deprive their Wikipedia intellectual vampires of their blood.

This is the real world THAT YOU MUST LIVE IN!

(tongue in cheek) Not really, blues... 23.Jan.2016 08:14


It's just a minor consequence of application.

Such 'glitches' hardly invalidate the theory...

(please don't think I'm serious)

There's Never A Shortage Of Irony 25.Jan.2016 18:46


I think I know how it is, shaker, and it sometimes makes me sad. Still sensitive after all these years. My handle (blues) comes from my former nickname. Actual Black Panthers called me bluesneakers because I had a very rich friend who had a yacht, so I had to buy blue denim "deck shoes". They are minimal sneakers with very rubbery soles. I just shortened the nickname.

I knew the very poor and the super-rich, not all of whom were "part of the problem". But some of the rich wallowed in schadenfreude. That's part of why I do sometimes feel blue all over. One cannot go about being serious all the time.