"Many have asked for a comment concerning my most recent "Insurance" release. Unfortunately at this moment in time, I can't comment further on it. I am hoping it never needs to be released and that it will fade away over time, but I also need a guarantee I can pull the trigger on a particular issue should I need to resort to drastic measures.

As I posted on my Twitter, today I was in the custody of a UK intelligence agency/law enforcement. Legally speaking, I have been advised not to make further comment on the matter for now. Should the circumstances change on that front, I will do my best to update everyone.

For everyone on Twitter - many thanks for everyone sharing the file and taking a copy for reference in future should it be released. I do not believe in giving control of material to a single group of journalists, for it does not allow for proper interrogation of the data, nor do I believe any one group of people should be entitled to privileged access in a matter of public interest. For that reason, I made it distributed in a way I believe to be fairest to all.

Following Snowden's retweet of my post, my servers have been struggling to keep up. As a result, accessing the links are difficult now, so I suggest using the torrent or magnet link. To download using the magnet, you can click below:

As I have time to review my situation and other matters, I will post what I can. But for now, after a long night and day, I need to rest. So I thank everyone who has sent messages of support today - they really do wonders for my morale when it gets tough."

original posts, with links - https://www.thecthulhu.com/insurance-release/

David Roknich,

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