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hart noecker information

hart noecker blocked me on twitter when i asked him what happened regarding allegations of sexual abuse published elsewhere on the internet. prior to blocking me he made mention of suing someone (i presume victims, but possibly media sources\\\?) for "defamation."
any information can be confidential or published on my lousy blog if any interested parties have any information. i usually publish hate mail, so feel free to send it too.

the person david hennessey from pittsburgh publishing as jess e hadden has blocked me on twitter for my line of of inquiry re: hart noecker. also from his pdx intelligencer twitter alternate. i have read most everything i could find online, including information on victim bullied out of restraining order by lawyers hired by hart noecker's mom.

i was specifically interested in issues relating to non-consensual strangulation, forced drugging, or anal rape, or emotional abuse.

it was unfortunate that hart noecker blocked me on twitter, because clearly it would be helpful to hear his story, as well as the other published accounts.

i asked for a victim chart list, offenses, and offence disputes, in my hope to get a graphical way of representing the allegations and the points of dispute.

i noticed mungen cakes in dialogue with him, and had checked out hart noecker's followers.

i was surprised he has some kind of "cult rapist" status among Portland Dude-hipster-activists

lots of portland media squares still follow him too. i presume some of them have no idea about the allegations.

say for instance ted wheeler.

ted wheeler follows hart necker, yet ted wheeler blocked me.

now hart noecker blocks me.

ted wheeler unblocked me.

does ted wheeler still follow hart noecker\\\? what is ted wheeler's viewpoint on rape\\\?

what's going on\\\?

i am curious why people follow him, despite the allegations.

do the allegations, make him an underdog edgy\\\?

does anyone besides jess e hadden find his content useful\\\?

he kept retweeting the same old rollings stones article at me, like it was some kind of magna carta

and by the way, what is up with jess e hadden. who is he, and why is he so upset at rape victims\\\?

why are all the best activists still following hart noecker\\\? joe anybody, hardesty people\\\?

what's up with that\\\?

and does hart noecker have any secret Identities, etc\\\?

are more rich kids moving to portland or what\\\?

he's from Michigan, right\\\?

feel free to email me at  maryeng1@gmail.com
or call
503 468 0450 with info or ideas
or tweet me at @braingarbage

victims especially feel welcome to share more, if it helps

does anyone have any ideas on blocking on twitter, and how it works.
note: katrina wheeler blocks me on twitter for oracle lawsuit questions

We No Need No "Twitter" Complaints 17.Feb.2016 18:07


Their logo should be a vulture!

If you're dumb enough to "trust" Twitter? Too bad for you. No so-called "real world" beyond your little Twitter fantasy?

You are well and truly fuckt.


This waste of time and bandwidth is destructive to IndyMedia.

no need for that input, blues 18.Feb.2016 10:35

little bird

The poster has a problem and limited solutions. They appealed for help. Twitter does have potential of contribution for solution. It's convenient and one can get real-time information. For instance, I was able to follow get a much idea of common public health issues from Japan with personal conjecture of those actually living there and ungated by public policy circumstance. One can find their way around and get something valuable there.

It may be a room of distorted mirror-walls, but my comment wasn't of the nature of yours. While I can't help but display my personal cyncism, I did try to help the poster. I apologize that it's damned exasperating to me that so few will read help sections provided. So, the majority there share the basic common problems with the public's conception of today's networking? (They have had little motivation to actually learn what they signed up for.) What else is new? Been the problem with computing for decades.

People do things to different levels of competence. So what? At least I tried to help. The poster obviously has no other avenue for relief that they know, or at least would like to use twitter to accomplish something. It's possible. You should be trying to empower and inform or stay quiet.

You know, I wouldn't have said anything but I've also read your response to the housing situation in techland before I decided to bother with you here. Your comment there was inappropriate, also, as contribution. There is a distinction between contribution and discussion...See? There at the bottom of the post?

I Went Too Far -- I Didn't Consider People's Feelings 19.Feb.2016 12:41


I apologize.

That came from my deep disgust with how gigantic monolithic media corporations like Twitter come to be trusted by activists. It should be clear that Twitter doesn't care at all about its victims.

I think Twitter is the real problem, but hope the folks involved here will find solutions and arrive at comfortable resolutions.

Sorry. I have to get a better handle on my own fanaticism, I guess.

Cyberstalker 23.Feb.2016 11:56

Jess E. Hadden

Please don't delete my comments on this post if you're going to leave this cyberstalker's original post up.