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Portland Copwatch: People's Police Report #67 - January 2016

Portland Copwatch recently uploaded all of the articles (and a .pdf
version) of the January 2016 People's Police Report (#67).
Here's what you can find on line if you did not receive a print copy:
People's Police Report #67 - January 2016


Table of Contents (text only-March 2016)

Man in Crisis Killed by Portland Police; Medical Examiner Calls It "Suicide"
OR Police Continue Pattern of Shooting
"Independent" Police Review Division Annual Report Shows Disinterest in Accountability
Dept. of Justice Force Agreement: Judge Hears Reports, Paid Participants Foment Tension
Citizen Review Committee Flexes New Power, Sends Case Back for Investigation
Profiling: State Hearing, Spying
PPB Ignores Input on Directives
O'Deas of Our Lives 67
Devaluing Houseless Lives
Police Forums on Body Cameras
Updates PPR 67
OR FBI Sting Updates
"Arresting Power" on DVD
PPB Labels "Gangs" w/o Criteria
Training Council Focuses on Process
Quick Flashes PPR 67
Officer Badmouths Protests, Suspended
Jury Deadlocks on Mistaken ID Case
Klamath Sheriff Arrested for Force
Clatskanie Cop Opposes Racism
Rapping Back #67 Analysis of Police "Union" Newsletter

People's Police Report Index Page:  http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/PPR.html
Return to Copwatch home page:  http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/

Imagine? 04.Apr.2016 20:19

Problem Solved

...if their cars couldn't go anywhere.