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A Tribute To The Imprisoned

Read this report and weep for this Godless nation.
Geral Sosbee
Geral Sosbee
All prisoners are largely innocent on a relative basis:

See my reports on the fbi/cia/police high crimes and unconscionable torture & killing operations (foreign & domestic) and understand that the millions of our countrymen imprisoned (behind bars and in their own bodies/homes)  in the USA have done little to nothing in most instances  that would compare to the macabre offenses committed against them and others by the truly guilty fbi/cia/nsa/police, etc.

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com

World In A Box:


The fbi, police and their operatives terrorize their prey until they break and seek final exit, even as their government tormentors watch the gruesome ordeal in real time.

Retaliation for exposing the filth in this overthrown regime :





A Nuremberg type trial is needed, but the general population is in denial of the reality of heinous offenses committed in their name; so, nothing is done and the fbi/cia/police crime spree expands right before our eyes.


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