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A Recent Letter from The GEO Group Inc. to Portland Books to Prisoners

The GEO Group Inc. is a for-profit private corporation that manages over 50 prisons in the United States. A representative of GEO Group sent Portland Books to Prisoners the attached letter requesting books for the Phoenix West prison library.
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Our Reply
Our Reply
Email correspondence confirmed that GEO Group does not include book purchases for the library in their operating budget: "Although a private prison, we do not have a library budget and rely completely on donations for acquisitions for the prison library."

Despite not having any funds available to stock the Phoenix West prison library, GEO Group will be paying a dividend of 65 cents per share to their shareholders on May 12, 2016.


"George C. Zoley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GEO, said: 'We are pleased to declare a quarterly cash dividend of $0.65 per share, or $2.60 per share annualized, which is indicative of our continued commitment to return value to our shareholders.' "

With 73.8 million GEO Group shares outstanding, that is a quarterly dividend payment of nearly $48 million. Yet there is no money available to buy books for the Phoenix West library?


We have redacted the name and contact information of the prison librarian, so that he/she does not receive any anonymous abuse from the internet.

If you would like to express your views to The GEO Group Inc. on their failure to have a book acquisitions budget, contact information is available at their website.


Note: Prisoners requesting books should mail those requests to our parent organization in Seattle, which forwards requests to the Portland branch. The PDX B2P address in the letter is only for administrative purposes.

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