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The Case for Public Housing

The market can't solve the nation's affordable housing crisis. The gap between costs and incomes is just too large.
The Case for Public Housing by Matthew Gordon Lasner
May 6, 2016

To realize this vision, activists and grassroots groups need to put considerable pressure on federal and state lawmakers to suspend, after more than four decades, the moratorium on deep housing subsidies. More important, we as a nation must let go of the mistaken idea that housing subsidies ought to be for the poor only, or that accepting a housing subsidy represents a moral failure.

Tens of millions of Americans, mostly middle class and well to do, take about $270 billion a year in tax breaks offered to homeowners in part to offset the cost of mortgage interest and property taxes: more than four times what we spend on subsidies for below-market housing. Meanwhile, in virtually every other rich country it is well understood that housing subsidies are essential to the wellbeing of cities. In a city without quality housing for working and middle-income families, and where people regularly spend 50 percent or 60 percent of their income on rent, we are all impoverished. The United States is no exception.

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We are the Fools. 17.May.2016 22:20

The Red 'X' Society!

They do not want to solve this problem. As a matter of fact, I believe they are currently forcibly culling the population for a variety of reasons, but mostly so they do not get caught for what they have done already.

With an aging population explosion since the downhill curve of the baby boom generation, these pressures to eliminate Social Security obligations when the monies collected from the previous generations have already been squandered.

They are literally generating trillions in health care by intentionally making individuals sick with EMF/Microwave radiation bathing, and then taking the sick to the hospital and milking them for the rest of what they are worth, in savings, income, real estate, and estate property holdings.

This mean increased funding to fire, ambulance services, doctors, hospitals, medical staff, the pharmaceutical industry, then when you are dead for seeking out the most desired commodity on earth, life - they chop up your body a sell it to other sick people that need them to save their pathetic lives.

They do not want to employ you. They do not want to feed you. They want you dead.

They want to own their ideals of a utopian planet and you do not fit in to that picture.

If they can steal your thoughts before you go, and you cannot share them with the World, only they can profit from them or the acquired knowledge.

You stand in their way. You are the enemy of their special place on this earth. They are the dominators, and you are nothing.

You must die so they can win.

This is the way they live. Consuming everything including life itself, without moral conscience of responsibility.

The worst part is they do not care.

They created the conditions of this planet through the exploitation of human endeavor and natural resources. And They want to be the ones to carry-on the protection and longevity of the planet Earth.

Yet they are not the doers, but the destroyers, and we let them get away with it, because we are the compassionate, the loving, the caring, and we could never see through the blinders that something so cruel and evil could exist within the hearts of mankind.

We are the fools.

The Case For Everyone Owning A Detatched 2-Bedroom Dwelling 18.May.2016 20:38


No more divisive strife with the crazy neighbors down the "hall."

"Glass Thermos Bottle" temperature even-outing all year long.

Heat exchange cuts fuel costs 95%.

Reduce police involvement 10 times. Wife, husband, kids have their own free space.

Your house is granted at birth, and cannot ever be sold. Only traded for another one if you want to move.

No mortgage. No rent. It's all yours, with no land and no dwelling tax ever.

Live free!

The state should represent the public interest 26.May.2016 11:13


The state should represent the "public interest" but private interests are increasingly in the drivers seat - through privatization, tax subsidies, revolving doors, tax competition etc. The Miami Marlins are building a new $2-billion baseball stadium with public money. Wal-Mart hides $76 billion in profits in the Cayman Islands tax haven and Apple shifts tens of billions of profits to dummy Irish shell companies like AOS - Apple Overseas Services. Amazon, Google, GE, Citigroup, Boeing and most large corporations shift billions to tax havens so state, local and federal budgets are strapped. In the 1960s, corporations covered 40% of federal revenue and now they cover 8% or 9%. Housing should be a human right but is subverted by the right of speculation. The keys to affordable housing are low-interest long-term loans and the creation of a cooperative or non-profit sector.

Trillions were given to Wall Street banks when they cried "Too big to fail." Private risks were made into public risks. A transactions tax could raise billions for revenue-strapped state, local and federal budgets. The financial sector must be re-coupled to the real economy. Taxes on capital gains should not be taxed lower than work incomes. Tax havens like the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and Delaware hide $21-$32 trillion in corporate profits. Bernie Sanders as president would be like everyone enjoying an extra week of vacation since the economy would run for the 99%. We could make the transition from exploding inequality and corporate feudalism to a social contract with shared responsibilities.