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Sorry Feinstein, But it IS 1968

Dianne Feinstein, the epitome of Bourgeois liberalism, blames the '68 Chicago protesters for what Congress termed a "POLICE RIOT".
He knows his Bible too!
He knows his Bible too!
So Feinstein does her little "Rain on Bernie" dance too, and just in time. Tuesday's ballots aren't even dry and the Clintonian Mafia has taken to the mattresses over Bernie's huge win in Oregon and Hillary's pipsqueak-out in Kentucky. Where else but Harry Reid's fiefdom of Las Vegas could the Dem establishment conduct such a slash and burn op without too much media scrutiny. Notice all the videos are from shaky cell phones and not from network news teams. The Dem poo-bahs challenged nearly all of Sander's delegates and seated a tiny fraction. They did exactly the opposite for the Clinton delegates. Sanders supporters weren't even permitted to present their case officially. No one threw chairs, as was reported by everyone from the Times to the WSJ and attested to live on CNN by various Dem stooges on the Clinton gravy train. It wasn't nearly as rowdy as a typical U.A.W. convention. Raised fists and loud protests does not make a riot, despite the obviously desperate attempts by the likes of Feinstein to demonize Sanders and lionize Clinton. When Feinstein was Mayor of San Francisco (by default of course- someone shot the real Mayor dead) she was infamous for instituting a virtual police state in a city loved and respected for it's joy of life and freedom of expression. After Feinstein got in the city went to hell in a handbasket and became some weird Yuppie utopia full of homeless refugees who used to be able to afford a rental somewhere. The Chicago Democratic Convention of 1968 was officially determined to be a POLICE RIOT by a Congressional committee. Everyone knew that that thousands would show up. The authorities, under the classic 60's typecast "pig" of all time, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daly (the "honorable" of course) refused to issue permits for gatherings and protests as allowed and encouraged by the very Constitution of The United States. The cops attacked in the middle of the night, like some Calvary charge of old through a sleeping Sioux village, beating and kicking and throwing and dragging away peaceful college kids in handcuffs to the Cook County Jail, where they were abused and starved and refused phone calls for days. To invoke and compare the outrage expressed by Sander's people to the unmitigated destruction allowed and unleashed by the established Democratic machine back then is nothing but cheap posturing and a total disregard for history and truth. The Babylonian clique that Feinstein and Clinton both belong and work for will do anything to elect Clinton, including selling out the very honor and blind hope of millions of young people. Just as LBJ did back in the mid 60's. We were all "communists and pinkos" for finding the Vietnam war and it's evil Draft nothing short of demonic. All that Boy Scout and church programming went right out the window with The Draft. Suddenly killing was good. Necessary. God wants you to murder little stone age people who have been exploited by the West for centuries. You'll come home a HERO too. That's why so many showed up in Chicago. The Democratic Party had exposed itself as completely corrupt. Even inside the hall, any delegates who stood up and opposed LBJ and his war machine was bullied back into silence by goon squads resembling 1920's mob gorillas. When informed of the bloodbath going down outside, Mayor Daley himself grabbed the microphone away and began ranting about "unpatriotic communist agitators" like some babbling madman. It's all on You Tube. CNN spun the Vegas incident this way: they didn't explain what actually happened that infuriated the attendees. Their entire focus was on Trump's reaction to the protest and the Democratic National Committee's vehement condemnation of Sanders and his supporters for "resorting to violence". CNN kept playing a looping tape of some clown phoning in a threat. But is it real? Couldn't Trump or the DNC pay off some idiot to make these calls and then blame it Sander's people? Not an inconceivable move considering how insane this campaign cycle has turned out and how desperate and clawing these last minute assaults on Bernie really are. Clinton stayed in the race against Obummer until June also, so all this "spoiler" crap is just that. BS. Don't be surprised if Philadelphia gets crowded too, considering how pissed off folks are getting. And the Philly cops? Are you kidding? Google Frank Rizzo. The bottom line is that Bernie beats Trump by more than Hillary does. Sure, running a woman for President would be exciting and a major historical event. But if Trump beats her, what's the point? Watching Dianne rave is a sure sign that the DNC has lost it's collective mind. Watching Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC chairwoman, run interference against Bernie yet once again is proof positive that the DNC and Hillary and the perpetual Military Industrial web Ike warned us about way back when are all joined at the hip.

Feinstein = gun grabber (authoritarian who wants to disarm law abiding populace) 19.May.2016 22:49


from the Democrat side this is just one more example of how the "2 Party" elite is completely out of touch with the electorate.

Hopefully for them...? it doesn't all come crashing down on their heads in a fashion similar-or-related to what Feinstein hysterically ("refusal to admit defeat", Lol) envisions.

and yes the 'spoiler' BS regarding the Presidential election is again in cycle, good ol' Nader being bashed again from mass and (so called) alternative media sources etc.

I'm not a big Sanders supporter but do see the value in having run his campaign (despite his inability to actually 'win' and he ran as Democrat thus upcoming/inevitable HRC endorsement.... but the latter's on his rosy-eyed T-shirt emblazoned bumperstickered acolytes, not me), and give him credit for having cojones to really bring out & 'parade' some key issues. The 'paranoia' about Sanders, his campaign itself emanating from "2 Party" elitists is indeed palpable.

f*** Dianne Feinstein.