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Video: Police Citizen Review Committee: Media Rules Discussion on 4.26.16

Portland Oregon - Citizen Review Committee (CRC) (is a Portland Police oversight volunteer committee) and they held a special CRC meeting on 4.26.16 to discuss their "media rules" regarding videographers and media folks who attend their public meetings. Flying Focus Video Collective (FFVC) represented their interest and their right to film concerns at this special discussion-meeting. FFVC also had used a FOI to get public-emails by the CRC and police pertaining to the camera / placement issue and the right to film freely at these meetings.
Portland Oregon - Citizen Review Committee (CRC)
This meeting video was filmed on 4-26-16 at city hall.
The meeting was in progress when I entered.

Police - Citizen Review Committee: Media Rules Discussion on 4.26.16 in Portland
 https://youtu.be/REHF3eAMqf4 [YouTube video 49 minutes]

This same meeting video is also on Archive (dot) org here:

****** see update at bottom of this article "AFTER THE SPECIAL MEDIA RULES DISCUSSION MEETING" *****

{copy/paste below}

Though we (FFVC) were able to speculate that the Portland Police Association
(PPA) had discussions with members of the Citizen Review Committee (CRC)
asking us to move our camera from its usual location at CRC hearings, we
received a final email from our public records request proving it so.

Below is a letter to the editor we sent to the Portland Tribune, which
covered the standoff among the PPB, the CRC, and members of the
media/public last Thursday, but forgot to mention Flying Focus by name;
the article is pasted in below the letter.

You can see the specific email thread showing former CRC Chair Mae Wilson
responding to the PPA President by referring to me and where my camera is

Flying Focus Video Collective Letter To the Editor:

Just a few points of clarification to the article "Police Bureau Standoff with
Civilian Review Board is Over" (May 5).I videotape the meetings of the Citizen
Review Committee (CRC) for the group Flying Focus Video Collective, while also
attending the meetings as a member of Portland Copwatch. The issue of where
people sit/stand to capture video of CRC meetings was of utmost concern to our
group as a media organization. The fact that the volunteer CRC was having
private conversations with the Portland Police Association (PPA) about where a
person could be located, with the specific promise to move me to make the PPA
more comfortable, should be of concern to every news organization in this city.

The same day the article was published, we received one more email as part of
our public records request which shows the former CRC Chair updating PPA
President Daryl Turner on a "conversation [we] had a few weeks ago" in which
the Chair notes that she "spoke with Mr. Handelman and is working on a
compromise." Part of the reason the Police Bureau agreed to come back to CRC
meetings is thanks to the effort of Flying Focus to force a public discussion
about their security guidelines and ground rules that re-asserted the right to
view all the participants in the meetings. As a video group that promotes
social change, we're proud to have helped resolve the issue through face to
face dialogue, rather than behind-the-scenes maneuvering. (Excerpts from
the public records request can be seen at:  http://www.flyingfocus.org/crc2016.html


To the members of the Citizen Review Committee:

Flying Focus Video Collective thanks you for your work in finding a
compromise layout to address the City's security concerns, community
members' listening concerns, and particularly our concerns about media
access to all participants in the meetings. Please see the attached
diagrams regarding our proposal, below.

We were disappointed to see at the last meeting that the CRC's proposed
"L-shaped" seating arrangement instead had a diagonal line creating a
narrow space where we needed to put our camera (page 1).

The angled line is not part of the CRC's published floor plan (page 2).

In addition to the stanchions separating parts of the room, CRC cut out
about 8 feet of the length of the tables from the previous layout (page
3), thus making it impossible for anyone _other_ than Flying Focus to
capture the face of the Appellant. The Appellant was thus seated 8 feet
closer to the Committee than in years past, which necessitates our moving
our camera even closer to the Committee than before.

We propose that you get more stanchions and create the L-shaped room as
promised, and add back at least 6 of the 8 feet of table space (page 4).
It was rather awkward having police officers seated two-deep at the last
meeting, and uncomfortable having some of them seated, with their
sidearms, among the general public.
We're glad this week's meeting has been postponed to give time for you to
consider this proposal and look forward to a set-up that allows multiple
members of the media access to useable images of the proceedings while
still accommodating the City's concerns.

dan handelman and other members of
Flying Focus Video Collective

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