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Video: Janitors Rally in Portland for Good Pay, Health Care and Good Jobs 6 15 16

Janitors Rally in Portland at Terry Shrunk park for 15$ Now...Health Care and Good Jobs... then they march through downtown with their message. SEIU Local 49 drove 2 school buses full of workers to the rally. #Raise America

Portland Mayor and a a member of city council was at the rally as well as a few Oregon Congress members
200 or more Janitors and supporters held a rally for good jobs and health care for portland Janitors

 https://youtu.be/X6BbN95YjtM (video 50 minutes)

No visible "corporate media" at this event as well as no police harassing folks who were marching as we are used to here in Portland.

More Information about this event from this website is copy \ pasted below:
 link to www.seiu49.org

Downtown building janitors, City workers and supporters held coordinated rallies in downtown Portland today for good jobs and a fair minimum wage. The rally marks the latest local action in support of the Fight For $15 movement and marks one of many nationwide actions that took place this week as part of janitor's "Raise America" campaign.

Maria Moran a janitor that works for GCA, a subcontractor of Adidas, joined supporters and described the importance of today's rally:

"We live in a very special community, but unfortunately too many here suffer. We work hard,we take great pride in our work and look to contribute to a better future for us and our kids. But it is getting harder an harder just to get by. We're out here today, to ask building owners and elected leaders to provide good jobs and a fair $15 minimum wage."

As part of today's coordinated rallies, workers returned to the Pittock Building where they called on the owner and property manager of the building to "do the right thing" by stopping their practice of hiring low-bid, non-union janitorial contractors. Contractors that reportedly pay low wages and do not provide healthcare for workers. Hundreds filled the lobby of the building in April to call out Pittock's low-road contracting practices

"We returned back to the Pittock building to let these owners know that what they're doing is hurting our community and not in-line with the values and expectations we have as a community", said Renato Quintero, a janitor at ABM. "When Pittock ousted the old janitorial contractor, they put the bottom line before people. Many lost their jobs with little notice and now new workers have to work for less. It's just not right"

Meanwhile at City Hall, City workers stood up to call on elected leaders of the City to extend their commitment to good jobs and $15 minimum wage to the seasonal, part-time workers of the City.

"It's about a lot more than just $15. For me, organizing with my fellow temp workers at the zoo has given us a sense that, even though we are still organizing for living wages and respect at work, we now have the base to join together and work on our problems together," said Anne McDonnell a worker at the Oregon Zoo.

Many of Portland's park and community center workers continue to make less than the $15 an hour minimum wage despite City Hall's recent passing of a $15 an hour wage for City workers.

Today's rally was the latest in a series planned to highlight the need good jobs that offer basic union protections and a path to get some of Portland's most vulnerable workers on a path to making a fair $15 minimum hour wage. This effort, also part of the Fair Shot Campaign, has gained momentum with recent efforts to raise the minimum wage that include Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek introducing a bill to raise Oregon's statewide minimum wage, and a ballot initiative filed by "Oregonians For 15" for a $15 minimum wage. In addition, there have been recent legislative victories around "Ban The Box", retirement security, ending racial profiling and improving paid sick time for all Oregonians.

For more information visit: www.raiseamericapdx.tumblr.com

For more information about nationwide Raise America actions taking place this week:


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