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Are You A Statist? Quiz Vanishes From PDX IMC

not that I care

or the people composting it, did

btw to the self appointed Geniuses who selectively delete/composting useful and utilizable information (also worthy of discussion and consideration, even) from the Newswire :

***K YOU.

flag-burning story still center column, though thank goodness 14.Jul.2016 02:12


( so-ooo important to have flag burning memorialized on independent media.... what a crushing impact flag burning has on the established fascist order, fightin' the man )

It's in the compost folder 14.Jul.2016 19:37

Garbage Man

Look in the open compost folder for your quiz.

thanks (already knew it but) that wasn't the point, Garbage Man 18.Jul.2016 22:07


I'm just highlighting the priorities around here :

1) Center Column page flag burning 4th of July protest

2) Compost Bin user-determined quiz of statist tendencies

Are You Kidding 21.Jul.2016 11:29

Garbage Man

The quiz is garbage.
It is a ruse.
Go back to sleep.
Don't waste your time on it.

newswire 21.Jul.2016 11:32

Garbage Man

center column is local news
compost is non news, rants & corporate media crap
your quiz is not "news" in any way shape or form
its not even a ligimate useful / helful quiz

GM peanut gallery still has ZERO answer for the question / contrast : 21.Jul.2016 19:14


QUOTE: " center column is local news "

Important, crucial local news to be Featured Prominently on Portland Indymedia

1) Center Column page flag burning 4th of July protest

2) Compost Bin user-determined quiz of statist tendencies

Yep, that ol' flag burning certainly accomplished a lot for the 'struggle', delivered a punch to 'da man'...

QUOTE: " ligimate [sic] / helful [sic] "

I rest my case

( .... crickets ... )

I know ... flag burning obviously really upsets you 23.Jul.2016 09:44


Regardless if you approve or not - it is a local PDX story - and this type of action (flag burning) is happening a lot around the country and is not just some lone one time non-event. Yes we know, you want the issue buried or disappeared from being reported on.

The quiz you are obsessed about is a farce and a ruse
I am still surprised it is even still posted in any column on indymedia

LOL -- "crickets my arse" your spam / joke / quiz is irrelevant to indymedia readers
(hence: The Compost Bin)

Lol it does not "upset" me Rather, UNWORTHY of center column 23.Jul.2016 12:19


"Regardless if you approve or not - it is a local PDX story - "

1) Yeah I know it's a local story. ( d'oh )

2) I simply don't care. Flag burning is excessively '90s. Get out of the past, and into the present. Nobody gives a flying ***K about burning the U.S. flag
(Perhaps ?? they did back in the '60s-'70-'80s-'90s ...... but it's the 21st century now and corporations have taken over the U.S. Congress, Supreme Court, and White House. The U.S. flag itself has no meaning, certainly not enough for 'burning the flag' to c

Don't you comprehend what we're talking about here?

Semiotics, symbols and efficacy of 'political' protest.

Burning the U.S. flag (in 2016) is like a dull knife, it just ain't cuttin'


"and this type of action (flag burning) is happening a lot around the country"

Really, is it? in 2016? Don't see it reported on even by IMCs. And even if it was, it's so jejeune and 1990s.

"and is not just some lone one time non-event."

See ^^ above.

I don't care.

"Yes we know, you want the issue buried or disappeared from being reported on."

No, you don't know. See ^^ above. I simply don't care, and furthermore center column space is not worthy of a

"Flag Burning In Downtown PDX !!!111!!"

hysteria-story headline.

"The quiz you are obsessed about is a farce and a ruse"

1) Do you know what a 'ruse' is? Define it.

2) That quiz apparently exceeded your intellectual capabilities. (which is no surprise given your responses here...)

3) I'm not "obsessed" with that quiz. I took it in several minutes, posted it here to IMC and was then later surprised when it got composted with no responses.

As noted above, I'm still interested to see the relative statist-tendencies based on respondents' results. But apparently, some around here are either too chicken to, or mentally incapable of participating in it.

"crickets my arse"

(as from the outset) the joke remains on you.

edit / corrections to ^above comment 23.Jul.2016 12:32


[sentence was cut-off] ...certainly not enough for 'burning the flag' to constitute any sort of effective 'protest' statement in mid-2016.

jejune, not "jejeune"

For a person who doesn't care 23.Jul.2016 17:35

Garbage Man

See ^^ above.
I don't care.
(Oh you care ...in fact you are obsessed with this).

Sorry this (quote) "dull knife" is bothering you so much (oh my!). You could play some James Brown and just plain "Forget about it!.

And by the way fights have happened numerous times lately around the country over this old 60's flag burning issue, usually at Trump rallies and yes shockingly it is in 2016.

Really your complaint is you "Just don't want to know about it".
Go ahead and reply back how "you don't care" LOL

Burn Baby Burn 23.Jul.2016 19:06

Smelling Smoke

Apparently one indymedia reader thinks "Flag burning is excessively '90s." So with a 5 minute Google search I found all these current flag burning incidents, and there is more than just these that what I copied and pasted below.


Police and Protesters Clash Over Flag Burning at Republican Convention

CLEVELAND The tensest exchange yet between the police and protesters at the Republican National Convention unfolded Wednesday afternoon with officers arresting several people after some of them tried to burn a United States flag near the site of the convention.


 link to www.usatoday.com

A flag-burning protest turned chaotic outside Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday afternoon as a total of 17 people were arrested and two officers suffered minor injuries.


 link to nymag.com
The Flag-Burning Protest in Cleveland: My Minute-by-Minute Diary


 link to www.forbes.com
Flag-Burning Illinois Man Has Flag-Desecration Charges Dropped, Free-Speech Advocates Confounded


 link to www.breitbart.com
American Flag Burnt By 'Trans Power' Activists in San Francisco


American flag-burning mob terrorizes, attacks Trump supporters
Read more at  link to www.wnd.com


WATCH: Bikers & Vets CRASH Flag Burning Party


 link to nation.foxnews.com
Tear Gas, Rocks Thrown, Flag Burning ... Anti-Trump Protests Turn Violent in New Mexico, Several Injuries Reported

Flag of Fire 28.Jul.2016 17:54

Smokey Bear

More Flag Burning


"Last night, a self-proclaimed pacifist tried to stamp out a burning flag & caught fire themselves. #DemsInPhilly"

wow he knows how 2 use Google and flag torching remains soo-o 90s 30.Jul.2016 14:44


just because a bunch of retards got in the


news stories (which btw most of which were from World Net Daily et al. and other such reputable Wing Nut naturally-so-obsessed...) about flag burning,

doesn't mean these demonstrations have any relevance today. Or that anyone (aside from regular WND readers, Lol) gives a ***K.

Yeah yeah we know: Bikers, rednecks, wingnuts etc. "hate" flag burning and "love to bash" the hippies / hoodie-anarchists that undertake it....

which is why you insistently "doth protest" so much that someone could _even conceivably_ (think Wallace Shawn's character in 'The Princess Bride') note that flag burning is jejune, vacuous and irrelevant.

you think you're "turning someone's crank" (when really it's just your own) and staunchly on the 'opposing' / 'fight DA MAN' side.

keep insinuating and some day, at one of your actual flag burning 'demonstrations' things might get out of hand :

( unless you happen to show up with sufficient preparation.... )

RE: ^ pacifist tried to stamp out a burning flag 30.Jul.2016 14:47


Yeah I'd seen and Lol'd at that one

here's some more awesome soundtrack :

" burn that mother down "...