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don't know how it can be avoided

I do believe in people who are endowed with unusual insight, but depite cicumstances, much of the time things are uttterly predictable but for exact time-frames.
Ready for the next war?

I Have So Much More On This 19.Jul.2016 21:34


If WW3. Nothing else will matter.

well fwiw PDX IMC composted this highly relevant musical statement 20.Jul.2016 00:53



( ...they didn't compost the below piece, which also applies here )

2016 U.S. Presidential Election Campaign: One Big Psyop?

more thought 20.Jul.2016 12:44


It's difficult at times in some endeavors to see predictability, but mostly in man's endeavors I find it predicts itself. If the direction remains
true, this is where it'll end up, like navigation. I hardly see such 'predictability' as 'special.' For instance, regarding human physical
evolution, I do not give the weight of Darwin's thoughts regarding 'natural selection'. It wasn't 'natural' at all regarding human development. I'm dissappointed that some are so adamant of the thought. It becomes. then, silly to me.

A prime example right now is the financical sector. They judge their worth too greatly from that viewpoint. They have, with only specific instance, predicted their future and I think willingly. Unfortunately, I do wonder if they're worthy of the social responsibility. Temperance is not one of their attributes.

The financial sector is what had me
think along current vein. Worst, I'm mad at lack of thought that landed us here. It was stupidly unecessary. They can't take pain. And it's likely 30 years too late, in my personal estimation, a generation lost. They would little like my personal cynicism.