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FOR SALE - Elliott State Forest for $220.8 million.

This week, we [OLCV] learned that the Stand Land Board will sell the Elliott State Forest for $220.8 million.

The Elliott State Forest is a special place. Nestled in the foothills between the Coast and Coast Range near Port Orford, the Elliott contains some of the best habitat for wildlife of all kinds - including endangered species like Coho salmon and marbled murrelet. It is so remote that it does not contain a single sanctioned hiking trail. And perhaps most importantly, it is owned by us - you and me - as part of Oregon's rich heritage of public lands.
This week, we learned that the Stand Land Board will sell the Elliott State Forest for $220.8 million.


 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_State_Forest [Wikipedia information on Elliott State Forest]

But this special place - our place - is in danger. For over a year, the State Land Board has been evaluating options to sell the Elliott. They believe they are legally obligated to maximize profits on the lands in their portfolio. Logging on the Elliott only maximizes profit for the state with aggressive practices that a federal court deemed non-compliant with the Endangered Species Act.

So, here we are. Contemplating selling off this amazing place - stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. OLCV members have written thousands of messages urging that the land stay public. But, as every day passes, we are more and more concerned that this special place will be sold to private interests.

Why do we think it is likely that the Elliott will be sold to a private interest - probably a timber company? That $220.8 million price tag. Rather than finding the highest bidder, the Land Board will evaluate all offers of that amount, whether it's from a logging company, a land trust, or even another public entity. But $220.8 million is a lot of money - and we all know who has a lot more money than conservation groups: big timber.

We have been working hard at OLCV and with our friends in the Oregon Conservation Network for years to find a common-good solution for the Elliott. The current plan for sale has us deeply troubled. We need your help in a multitude of ways to save this amazing place for future generations.

Elliott State Forest is a state forest in the Oregon Coast Range in Coos and Douglas counties, between Coos Bay and Reedsport. The first state forest established in Oregon, it is named after the state's first state forester Francis Elliott

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Oregon League of Conservation Voters
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It Is All About To Burn Down Anyway. The Water Is Running Out 29.Jul.2016 14:09


We are losing all that is precious. Because of our sociopath rulers.

Because we fail to demand strategic hedge simple score voting.

We have given power to demons. (Like Hillary Clinton.)