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One of the few '60's Gurus worthy of the name made some astonishing predictions before he departed this world- Now new NASA revelations may shed light on his apocalyptic vision
I always dug Meher Baba the most out of all the Gurus running around during the late 1960's. He wasn't hustling rock stars for fortunes and fame. (The Who's Pete Townshend was a serious devotee and was inspired to write the first Rock Opera, "Tommy" about Meher Baba.) While the Maharishi and countless others were building their own new age empires among the hipster elite, Baba hung out at home in Poona, India and never spoke a word. He communicated via a sort of abacus device that spelled words. I had some friends in Madison, Wisconsin back in 1969 who used to go to Poona and visit Baba regularly. Berfore Baba passed away he left his closest devotees a private message about the end of the world, so to speak. They showed me this letter and it basically said that cataclysmic events due to geological upheavals would actually destroy a huge portion of this planet and a great deal of the life on it. Not all of it, but enough to wipe out humanity unless an event happens similar to Noah and his ark. Baba was never a UFO sort of guy, but he wrote that there would be a major evacuation of humans soon before these catastrophes occurred by giant intergalactic motherships crewed by humans from other worlds quite like ours. They will be brought back to re-colonize after the deluge. He also said these events would happen almost simultaneously with a real threat of global nuclear attacks between superpowers. It seems the universe is out to get us all no matter what unless Baba is correct and we are evacuated from Dunkirk Earth via tractor beams from huge ships. Baba actually described these beams and how people can just step into them and be saved. Some if not many will be petrified and stay behind. Now I used to wonder about how big a spaceship you would actually need to evacuate huge populations in this scenario. One of tthe coolest things revealed online these days is the story of Apollo 20 and it's mission to The Moon and it's discovery of a monstrously huge spaceship and it's crew of dead human-like alien beings. This ship could easily hold half a million people- it's thyat big. Wikipedia and NASA both claim the whole thing is a fake, but if it is they must have built an exact replica of the orbiter because that's what you see in the film- the alien body IN the orbiter- no doubt about it. Go to Youtube and there are many submissions of the video that will convince anyone with a brain that NASA is covering up the greatest discoveries of all time. Anyway, there really ARE ships that big and there REALLY are other humans on other planets. The wreck on the moon may be 1.2 BILLION years old and it's technology is a billion years ahead of us! So if the shit really begins to hit the cosmic fan in the near future, put on "Tommy" and cross your fingers and scan the skies.

more pics 03.Aug.2016 15:10

rodentia citizen

more pics of the ship

r u serius: "Apollo 20", Lol 03.Aug.2016 23:04



Wikipedia Is Part Of The Conspiracy 04.Aug.2016 12:54


As a worker in the microwave communications industry, I was a member of some satellite communications professional organization (can't remember the name, probably the Satellite Industry Association (SIA)). So anyhow we had this big convention in New Orleans, and as we sat around a big table, I was foolish enough to ask about the "space noise". Do you recall that whenever the astronauts called "Houston" there was all that hissing and crackling that almost made it impossible to here what they were saying? So I asked my fellow members why that was. They all laughed at me and said it was just a publicity gimmick that NASA used, and that what Houston really received was super-high fidelity, better tan what a millionaire could buy! That was totally embarrassing! (Do today's cheap home satellite TV receivers suffer from "space noise?)

They also knew that the military had its own secret space program.

dead serious 04.Aug.2016 18:53


see who laughs last the two Americans on the mission were Bell Labs' top technology wonks. No shit. Wikipedia is crap.

hi rodentia citizen - I'd like to speak more about this if you're willing... 18.May.2018 14:16


Hi rodentia citizen,

I'm doing some research on Meher Baba and UFOs for a project and I'd love to know more about this deathbed letter received by your friends. It's the first I've heard of it after years of research and it'd be super cool if I could find out more. If you're game, I guess respond in these comments and I'll find a way to get you my contact info.