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Police Murder In Milwaukee Sparks Violent Clashes

It seems like every day now brings forth a new police atrocity. Whether it be in massive urban areas or smalls towns, the epidemic of authoritarian-state mayhem continues on unabated. But increasingly, the citizenry is refusing to accept police-state terrorism as the norm.
On Saturday August 13th in Milwaukee, WI A 23 year old Black male was gunned down by a gang member of the Milwaukee Police Gestapo(MPG). The victim has been identified by family members as Sylville K. Smith. The pig who murdered Smith has not yet been identified. The incident occurred during a traffic stop, in which Smith was said to have ran from the vehicle, attempting to flee certain police violence. Smith was then shot in the back and died from his injuries. To absolutely no one's surprise, official police accounts have claimed "self-defense" and that Smith had been armed, officer's lives were in "danger", etc. Accounts from eyewitnesses have completely contradicted police lies, however. Claims from citizens on the scene range from Smith not having a gun at all, to Smith having one, but never pointing it at any cops. All this is really beside the point though, since racist gestapo cops are trained to kill Black citizens on sight... whether or not they flee, are armed, or are any threat at all. There is apparently police body-cam footage of the shooting, but has not yet been released to the public.

As a result of Smith's murder, unrest broke out in down town Milwaukee by later that evening. It's been reported that several cop cars were set on fire. A gas station was also torched. Several cops have also been said to have suffered minor injuries. At least 17 citizens had been arrested during street clashes with terrorist cops over the weekend.


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