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US Supreme Court Imbalance

It is time for direct election of US Supreme Court justices.
No court not elected by the people is consistent with democracy. It is time for direct election of Supreme Court justices, to terms of 9 or 18 years, with a different justice elected every 1 or 2 years. 100 years ago, the people finally achieved direct election of senators.

In order to be elected, Ronald Reagan and G H W Bush agreed to pack the court with prolife justices. In exchange, the Catholic hierarchy in the US was for the most part silent about the illegal immoral wars Of Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2.

Antonin Scalia did refuse to recuse himself, though 2 of his sons worked for laywers representing Bush in Gore V Bush. Alito broke his promise to recuse himself in cases involving Vanguard, in which he was invested.

The US has since 2000 bombed 12 countries. The longest war in US history, that of Afghanistan, was begun by a CIA black op. Because of election fraud, unelected presidents moved into the White House and kept war and execution going.

Because of Republican election fraud, the Koch brothers and other billioanires have bought countless Senate, House seats, countless governors' chairs, state legislatures, and courts.

True democracy 09.Sep.2016 11:22


just buy a lotto ticket for your supreme court seat.. (one ticket per person, per household please)