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4chan Hacks Podesta's Twitter, iCloud + Anonymous Promises 33K Hillary Emails By Nov 1st

Clinton / Democratic Party confidante and Center for American Progress chair John Podesta is subject of WikiLeaks' ongoing series of thousands of email releases  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/10/433303.shtml this past week...

now 4chan /pol/ has stepped in to the fray, having at his Twitter account and downloading his iCloud :

"I've switched teams."


per usual de rigueur, Podesta and the Clinton campaign have claimed, put out statements that all of the recent hacking is "related to Russia" and that purportedly the FBI is "on to it".

in other news, Anonymous has promised to release 33,000 Clinton related emails by November 1, 2016 :

(we'll see how it all pans out...)
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