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Jill Stein Poster

Vote The Green Ticket!
Print and deliver!

Jill Stein - in Portland - Oct 23 - 6 to 9 pm 23.Oct.2016 12:54

At Roseland Theater

Jill Stein is running for President on the Green Party ticket
Here is a chance to hear from Jill, what her plans and ideas are.

Flyer repost 23.Oct.2016 13:09


Flyer reposting

Jill Stein LIVE STREAM feed from Portland Oregon 23.Oct.2016 20:05

Listening Larry

 link to www.ustream.tv

Live Streaming is LIVE here at 8:00 PM by "Mungencakes"

David Cobb at Jill Stein Event 26.Oct.2016 16:15

Jim Lockhart

Jill couldn't speak that night. But David Cobb did..........


OK 27.Oct.2016 12:33


thanks for sharing the info on Jill and the video of David