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Oakland Inferno: City Officials Scramble to Cover Their Asses

A rare chance to see how scummy politicians can be- even in the face of mass deaths
Watching the antics of Oakland's "Mayor" and fire department as they juggle questions from the press is an object lesson in how rotten elected officials and their cohorts can be. Even in times of historic tragedy. The Mayor sheds crocodile tears for the victims, and promises to find "safe places" for the arts community to do it's thing. She swears they will get to the bottom of the cause for the blaze, even though it's become obvious to everyone but her that the City of Oakland and it's fire department are the ones at fault here. The flammable nest of art supplies, bad wiring, curtains, wooden pallets and zero sprinklers or fire extinguishers had already been checked out by city authorities but nothing at all was done except the issuing of "citations" good for future remedies but with no real force or pressure to clean the mess up. This place wasn't very "green" either. Trash was piling up outside in vacant lots next door. The guy who rent3ed it out denies any knowledge of what went on inside either. Time will show that Oakland was guilty of allowing this fire trap hellhole to exist as it did. And the L.A. rave corporation that sponsored the party, "100% Silk" should be liable as well. Oakland has always been as corrupt as New York, just on a smaller scale.