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J20 what are people here doing?

What is being planned for Inauguration day?
I know there will be a Black Block.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1392845627415645/ What else is planned?

I'd Say It's Is A day Late And A dollar Short To Protest This Ceremony 30.Dec.2016 06:34


Did anyone really believe that the Clintons were the least bit less ~neo-contrivaservative~ than Trump? At least Trump probably won't roast us all in thermonuclear fire as Clinton would have. Look at all the dreadful things the Clintons have perpetrated against the downtrodden:

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died [Vid 11 seconds]

The Leaked List Of Hillary Clinton's Mega Donors [Short list]

Here's the Full List of Companies & Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015 [Short list]
 link to libertyblitzkrieg.com

Hillary Clinton on NAFTA [Vid 2 minutes, 7 seconds]

1/2 Malfunctioning voting touchscreen Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton June 2016 [Vid 20 seconds]

Too bad we don't have simple score voting. Then we could give between 5 and 10 votes to many candidates. But no votes at all for Hillary the war monger. 8 votes for Bernie (since he is less bad than Hillary). 10 write-in votes for Jesse Ventura, and 10 write-in votes for Dennis Kucinich.

Strategic hedge simple score voting can be described in one simple sentence: Strategically bid no vote at all for undesired candidates (ignore them as though they did not exist), or strategically cast from five to ten votes for any number of candidates you prefer (up to some reasonable limit of, say, twelve candidates), and then simply add all the votes up.

So why not protest for that? At every election I get out and protest the election itself, the election machines, and the choose-one method we are now saddled with. I stand right next to the fools who hold up signs in support of the two fascists the one-two party system forces on us.

Trump is an obstinate authoritarian, so there should be plenty to protest later on.