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Anarchists are mobilizing!! A list of Anarchist activities in PDX.

Click the link read the article.

That's One Hypercrafted Super-Slick Website 31.Dec.2016 01:52


Who paid for that? (The Fake Democratic Party?). Or maybe the Department of Defense?

I will not, as this super-slick website demands -- "choose sides" -- be "either with us or against us" (as per G. W. Bush).

I am quite happy with the Portland Indymedia primicrafted style. And my independent small circles.

Obviously I can't stop you from holding a consensus-demanding massive hyper-conformity "General Meeting" (with all the George Soros world class university trimmings).

The fascist Democratic Party is a master of controlling the masses with slickness.

(Get strategic hedge simple score voting!)

A Team Challenge 31.Dec.2016 08:35

Changing Old Timer

(blues) what if it(?) is not as you are projecting it to be
there are many Anarchist that have nothing to do with the D party or Soros
to say its "fake" with no facts is in my opinion misleading the readers
to tear it apart before it(?) even starts with only conspiracy speculations
this happens a lot when people don't understand something they get fearful and paranoid
not saying that "what your saying could be true" - but what if it is not true ? who really knows ?

No. I Didn't Say "It" Was "Fake" 31.Dec.2016 20:00


{Quote} to say its "fake" with no facts is in my opinion misleading the readers {End quote} -- above

I didn't ever say it was "fake". I said it was suspiciously slick. It's a huge, sprawling, very sophisticated website that promotes a putatively anarchist agenda, but who knows what it really is? Some organization with international reach stands behind it, and I personally avoid gigantic organizations. If people want to attend their meetings, that's probably safe so long as they do not disclose information about themselves, or about any smaller groups they may be associated with.

I have been through the consensus driven community experience, and it inevitably ends up with a small inner circle demanding "solidarity" -- This has long been known as "the tyranny of consensus".

Also they already insist on complaining about Trump, and I long ago discovered the futility of people seeking sincere analyses complaining about bogymen -- that is a tool for devious propagandists. It's very likely that, given that Trump is an obstinate authoritarian, he will sponsor a largish number of pernicious policies, so it would be wise to attack those, rather than the benighted president. All indications are that both houses of Congress are significantly more dreadful then Trump.

I prefer to think for myself, and to play my cards close to the vest.