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What to Do *** January 2017

Here are some activities to get involved with here in Portland / Salem during the month of January.
Feel free to add more events to this thread.
Rise Up!
1] Oregon #Day Against Denial (1-9)
2] Visibility Action Marking 15 Years of Guantanamo (1-11)
3] Report From Kabul - Zaher Wahab (1-11)
4] Womens' March on Portland (1-21)
5] Anarchist General Assembly (1-14)
7] March for Justice and Equality (1-28)
8] United for Immigrant Rights March & Rally (1-14)
9] Youth led Rally and March for The Dream! (1-16)
10] Anti-School Privatization Walkout & Protest (1-19)
11] United Front Against the Trump Agenda - Rally & March (1-21)


Start: January 09, 2017• 4:00 PM
911 NE 11th Ave• Outside Senator Wyden Office, Portland, OR 97232
Host Contact Info: www.350pdx.org
On January 9th, people in all 50 states, including here in Oregon, will send a message to every US Senator: reject Donald Trump's reckless climate denying cabinet nominees.

Please join us for a rally outside of Senator Wyden's Portland Office at:

911 NE 11th Ave

A few folks will meet with Wyden's staff in order to deliver our collective message that we, the people, will hold him accountable to do all he can to fight against Trump's most dangerous cabinet picks, including the following climate deniers:

- Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon, for Secretary of State
- Scott Pruitt for EPA Administrator
- Ex-Gov. Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy
- Rep. Ryan Zinke for Department of Interior

The climate is changing, and anyone who denies it shouldn't be in the White House cabinet. It's up to the Senate to stop these nominations -- and up to us to show up in person to tell our Senators to fight Trump's Climate Denial Cabinet.

That starts with rallies with all of our friends and neighbors, calling out our Senators to do the right thing and reject the nominations, and having direct conversation with the Senator's staff to pass along the message that we, as constituents and voters, do not accept Trump's dangerous nominations.


Visibility Action Marking 15 Years of Guantanamo Jan 11, 2017

Dear Supporters, Friends And Members Of Our Group,
Hello, I hope this new year finds everyone well.

There will be a visibility action marking 15 years that Guantanamo has been open.
The event, planned by Peace and Justice Works and Iraq Affinity Group, will include Peace and Justice Works' "Tower of Peace" and is cosponsored by Amnesty International Group 48 and Portland Close Guantanamo Coalition.
Please join us! The event will be on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 4:00-5:30 PM at SE Hawthorne & Grand (East end of Hawthorne Bridge).


Report From Kabul - Zaher Wahab

Wednesday, January 11, 7 to 9 pm,
Friends Multnomah Monthly Meetinghouse,
4312 SE Stark St., Portland (doors open at 6:30pm)

"Zaher Wahab was born, raised and schooled in Afghanistan. He received his BA from the American U. of Beirut, an MA from Columbia U., an MA in Anthropology and the PH.D. in International Development Education from Stanford U. He taught at Lewis and Clark College for forty years and then went to the American U. of Afghanistan full time in 2014. He is director of Graduate Studies and the Center for Teaching and Learning at AUAF.

Zaher has been traveling to Afghanistan every year since 2002 to help rebuild the Afghan Higher education system. He knows the country well and knows about US/NATO involvement there first hand. He has just returned from Kabul for a brief visit, and will go back soon. His talk consists of a critical analysis of the political, military, economic and cultural situation in that war torn country."

(For more information:  https://www.facebook.com/events/731777696978739/).

For more info/questions contact:
Jack DePue


This event is being co-organized by the Occupy Elders Caucus, Physician's for Social Responsibility (Portland) and Head, Heart, Hands, Spirit (HHHS)- Afghanistan.


Saturday, January 21st
12:00 - 3:30

Tom McCall Waterfront Park
2 Southwest Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97204

Please join us in a family-friendly, peaceful march and rally (www.womensmarchportland.org) to ENGAGE, ENCOURAGE, AND EMPOWER, joining in solidarity and unity coinciding with over 125 women's marches worldwide. In the spirit of democracy and honoring the champions of human rights, dignity, and justice who have come before us, we join in diversity to show our presence in numbers too great to ignore. The collective Women's March will send a bold message to our new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women's rights are human rights. We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us. We support the advocacy and resistance movements that reflect our multiple and intersecting identities. We call on all defenders of human rights to join us. This march is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the grassroots level up. We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society. We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all. HEAR OUR VOICE.




An Anarchist General Assembly has been called January 14th at the Old Red and Black Cafe, from 6 - 9pm.
Or known now as: the social action justice center 400 SE 12th Ave, Portland Oregon 97214.





A call has been put forward for anarchists to gather and form a contingent/black bloc at the major march taking place on January 20th. The event calls for anarchists all over town to show up and make a presence with flags banners and angry faces. 1-20-17 Friday - 3:30pm @ Pioneer Courthouse Square, 701 SW 6th



March for Justice and Equality
Saturday, January 28, 2017
10:00 AM

10:00 AM Assembly at Martin Luther King Jr Statue
1000 block, NE MLK Blvd (at Holladay St, by the Convention Center)

10:30 AM SHARP: March begins

11:45 AM: Rally at Maranatha Church, 4222 NE 12th Ave.
(tabling and refreshments)

March sponsored by Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform.

Endorsers include Portland NAACP, Urban League of Portland, Portland Copwatch and others.

Guidelines for AMA Coalition Actions and Demonstrations:

1. All AMA Coalition actions are guided by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s non-violent direct action principles.

2. Language use in rallies, marches and civil disobedience or other actions must be family and children friendly.

3. All organizations and individuals participating in AMA Coalition demonstrations and actions must show respect for one another.

4. All demonstrations and actions of the AMA Coalition are under the leadership of the AMA Coalition Steering Committee.

contact: Dr. LeRoy Haynes, Jr, Chair or Dr. T. Allen Bethel, co-chair, at 503-288-7242.



United for Immigrant Rights March & Rally

Save the Date! January 14, 11:30am at the Capitol steps in Salem.

Causa invites you to a March & Rally the weekend before Trump's presidential inauguration as part of a national day of action to defend immigrant rights, and denounce Trump's agenda of hate and exclusion. We must unite to stop Trump's first 100 days of hate. We call on Oregonians, community organizations, and our local elected leaders to join us! Show support and solidarity with your fellow neighbors, family members, colleagues, and friends as we march for justice, dignity, and respect.

More information to come. For questions, call 503-409- 2473.


Youth led Rally and March for The Dream!

Jan 16 2017
WE HAVE A DREAM! Fighting for our future and our rights, we stand united. We have a dream that one day we will live in a nation where we will see people of all colors, gender identies, national origins live in LOVE and PEACE without fear of social or government oppression.
This will be a safe, family friendly, inclusive event.

Monday, January 16 at 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Glenhaven City Park
NE 82nd Avenue & Siskiyou Street, Portland, Oregon 97213


Anti-School Privatization Walkout & Protest
Anti-Betsy DeVos Walkout and Protest

Pioneer Courthouse Square
701 SW 6th Ave, Portland, Oregon 97205
Thursday, January 19 at 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

As students, we recognize that the president-elect's platform and the appointment of billionaire Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education will accelerate the corporate privatization of education. Policies that promote "school choice" and charter schools devastate the public education system and disproportionately exploit economically disadvantaged students and students of color. DeVos's lobbying has led to the destruction of public schools in Michigan. We cannot allow her to use her new cabinet position to destroy public school districts across the country. Our education should not be for profit.

DeVos has never attended or sent her kids to public school and has no experience as an educator. She is a corporate lobbyist who is unqualified to be Secretary of Education. We are urging U.S. Senators to vote against her confirmation and prevent long-term damage to millions of students. We instead call for a massive and equitable federal investment in public education that focuses on closing the opportunity gap and strengthens our public schools.

We invite students, school faculty members, parents, and others who support a pro-public education agenda to participate in a walkout and peaceful protest on January 19th. This is being organized as part of a national day of action for education reform. We will leave our schools at 1:36 (after third period) convene downtown at Pioneer Square at 2:30 for a rally. We will march at 3:30 and stop at 4:00 at Salmon Street Springs for more speeches.

 https://www.facebook.com/events/409041256106119/ -  https://www.facebook.com/portlandstudentactionnetwork/


United Front Against the Trump Agenda - Rally & March
Saturday, January 21 at 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM - Shemanski Park
1010 SW Park Ave., Portland, Oregon 97205

Labor-Community Rally & March for a United Front Against the Trump Agenda!

The election of Donald Trump is a stark reminder of the importance of community, solidarity, and working together to build a just society and economy that truly works for everyone.

Trump's agenda is dangerous for all working people, our unions and especially immigrants, people of color, women and LGBTQ people, muslims, and our jewish sisters and brothers, which means that now is the time to call for a labor-led mass mobilization to give our members and other workers the confidence and determination to unite and fight back.

The Oregon AFL-CIO is encouraging its affiliates to join with other labor unions for local protest actions on Inauguration weekend. We, the undersigned, urge all unions, student, community and faith-based organizations to join us for this action. A united front of all those threatened by the Trump presidency will be needed to defend each. This is only the beginning.

An Injury to One is An Injury to All!

This event will end in time for people to join the Women's March PDX at 12pm.

Endorsed by
SW Washington Central Labor Council
AFGE 2157
Laborers 483
Portland Jobs with Justice
Steve Demarest, SEIU 503
Shirley Block, ATU 757
Tina Turner Morfitt, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
Romeo Sosa, Voz Workers' Rights Education Project
Margaret Butler, AAUP Oregon
Hyung Nam, Portland Association of Teachers
Jamie Partridge, NALC 82
Deborah Hall, AFT & ORCBTU
Gabriel Erbs, UFCW 555
Mark Sturbois, CWA 7901
Scott Mills, IUPAT
Marj Hogan, Evergreen Education Association
Jim Cook, NALC 82 & AFM 99
Laurie King, Climate- Jobs PDX
Shamus Cooke, Portland Tenants United
Shanti Lewallen
Timothy Welp OSEASU

*affiliations listed for identification purposes only



Grow up! 06.Jan.2017 05:16

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

America has always been a fascist nation that pretends to be enlightened.

more events 07.Jan.2017 13:45


Hey all, picking up steam. Direct Action Alliance's website has a good compilation of upcoming events  http://www.directactionalliance.org/

On Jan 22nd there's the Queer Speak Out rally, noon at Pioneer Square

"Our inaugural event to introduce our #queerresistance and unique style to the public.this is NOT an insurgency or an event in which violence or violent rhetoric will be in any way sanctioned
The idea here is to use the imagery of funerals and mourning to draw attention to the fight we have on the horizon. We plan toacquire a fake coffin, drape it in a rainbow flag, dress in our freakiest funeral attire and march it into the crowd gathered at pioneer square, receive speeches from members of the community, commemorate the losses of one of the deadliest years on record for trans folks, and recognize the fact that hate has a body count, and as such, the appointment and normalization of radical anti-queer bigots to chief positions in the trump administration is inadmissible."

Today there's a call-in action for Jordan who was retaliated against for Burgerville union organizing.

"Attention supporters: On Thursday, long time union member Jordan was working his usual opening shift. It was a busy morning and when he went on his break, his manager made him a bagel and cream cheese and handed it to him. Jordan sat down and ate the bagel. In all the rush, he forgot to pay. Instead of letting him know about his mistake in the moment or later on that day, his managers kept silent. The next day, Jordan was informed by his managers that he was suspended effective immediately because he 'violated company policy' by forgetting to pay 70 cents for his bagel. He was forced to go home early and therefore lost 5 hours of work. The manager who gave Jordan the sandwich in question without ringing him up has received no disciplinary action.

This is an obvious case of retaliation for union organizing and basic disrespect. It is unacceptable.

Please join us in calling the Vancouver Plaza Burgerville (360-944-6230) and let them know that you stand with Jordan! And that we demand that they immediately end Jordan's suspension and to compensate him for hours he was forced to miss."

Rosehip Medic Collective has a series of safety and health workshops,  http://www.rosehipmedics.org/

"6-9 pm, Friday Jan 13th: Cramer Hall 150, Portland State University (1721 SW Broadway, PDX)
11a-1pm, Sat Jan 14th at PICA, 415 SW 10th Ave) for the First 100 Days-United in Resistance event
2-5pm, Sat Jan 14th at Sunnyside Community House (3520 SE Yamhill St) for Stand Together: A Day of Action Workshop"

Jan 9th, 7:30pm, Alive MMA is hosting free self defense classes. 5607 SE Woodstock Blvd,

Jan 9th, 5-8pm, Critical Resistance Portland has a monthly Mail Program @ In Other Words Feminist Community Center

"Each month we gather as a mail crew and volunteer team to host an open letter writing + work party to connect with folks looking to get involved. We receive anywhere from 5-25 letters a month and we offer political education, resource information, and books and articles Folks can help out by writing letters to people in OR/WA prisons, typing notes or archiving correspondence, as well as other things that help our chapter running. This is the best time to connect with chapter members and learn more about upcoming projects, events and build coalitions amongst accomplices for abolition.

All materials will be provided and CR PDX has a P.O. box for folks to write back to. One of the best parts about mail program work parties is that we put out all of the political education materials we use, both for events and our mail program. Come read some stuff and maybe help inventory our supplies.

Donations of stamps (.92, .47, and postcard stamps specifically), pens, lined paper, and envelopes are always needed and welcome.

Location is wheelchair accessible. There is one gender-neurtral ADA bathroom. Location uses scented cleaning products. We'll provide unscented soap during event. Florescent lighting and forced air heating. Folding metal chairs along with couches and wooden chairs with and without arms."

Jan 11th, 7:30pm Revolution Comedy Presents: Stand up for Don't Shoot PDX @ Curious Comedy Theater

"Local comedian/rabble rouser Andie Main believes that comedy is an art form which is exponentially growing in power and influence, so she is creating dynamic fundraisers that brighten the lives of those who are fighting for progressive causes. Gather with your fellow iconoclasts every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at our fancy new digs in Curious Comedy Theater, as we laugh in defiance of those who would rather see us silenced!

On January 11th we're throwing a benefit for the lovable activists who work to end police violence at Don't Shoot PDX. Featuring music from Free! Mason Jar and comedy from luminaries in our Portland scene- Whitney Streed, Jake Silberman, Jon Washington and Brandon Lyons. Hosted by Andie Main and Jason Lamb.

All profits from ticket sales go directly to Don't Shoot PDX, and we also appreciate you bringing tips to support the artists donating their time to perform for you.

Curious Comedy Theater is located at 5225 NE MLK

Doors at 7, show starts at 7:30, and ends by 9pm

Tickets $10 in advance $15 at the door, watch this space for when they go live!

All ages! Wheelchair accessible! Gender neutral bathrooms!

Subject matter may be offensive to certain people, but we never tolerate hate speech."

Jan 11th, 7-9pm Report From Kabul - Zaher Wahab @ Friends-Multnomah Meeting

"Zaher Wahab was born, raised and schooled in Afghanistan. He received his BA from the American U. of Beirut, an MA from Columbia U., an MA in Anthro and the PH.D. in International Development Education from Stanford U. He taught at Lewis and Clark College for forty years and then went to the American U. of Afghanistan full time in 2014. He is director of Graduate Studies and the Center for Teaching and Learning at AUAF.
Zaher has been traveling to Afghanistan every year since 2002 to help rebuild the Afghan Higher education system. He knows the country well and knows about US/NATO involvement there first hand. He has just returned from Kabul for a brief visit, and will go back soon. His Talk consists of a critical analysis of the Political, military, economic and cultural situation in that war torn country.

Suggested donation of $5 gratefully accepted to cover venue expenses. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Neighbors have requested no parking on 42nd Avenue across from the Meetinghouse.

Presented by Occupy Portland Elder Caucus
Cosponsored by Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility"

Jan 12th, 2-5pm Move Your Money to help DeFund DAPL! @ 2249 E Burnside St, Portland,

"Join Portland Rising Tide for Round 3 to DEFUND DAPL! With only a couple of weeks left before the Trump administration is in place, it is CRUCIAL that we make the DAPL project financially unreasonable to complete. We are spending a day getting as many Portlanders as possible to take their money out of banks that fund DAPL. There will be cocoa, talking to strangers, and the merry jingle of the sounds of oil corporation bankruptcy.

Here's the Plan:
We'll meet up at the Rising Tide office, go over the strategy and talking points and then at 2:30 we will leave to fan out to as many different banks that fund DAPL as possible. Armed with tastefully designed "move your money" info packets (provided at the office), we will stand outside the banks, or on busy intersections or parks, in pairs or small groups and ask folks to move their money to a credit union or local bank that doesn't fund environmental destruction and violate indigenous rights. The goal is to have as many personal conversations with folks as possible and leave with new friends! After banks close we'll meet at The Standard Bar (on 22nd & Burnside) for a tasty beverage and a debrief.

What to Bring:
-Warm clothes, snacks and water.
-Anything else you need to be comfortable standing outside for a few hours.
-A buddy if you've got one!
-Treats to entice strangers to talk to you (optional)
-A sign related to NODAPL (optional)
-Musical instrument (optional)

If you can't join at 2pm, check back here and we will post places for people to join in throughout the afternoon.

Also, check out the de-fund DAPL withdrawal tracker, over 43 million and counting!  http://www.defunddapl.org/defund
Let's make this number skyrocket!

Can't make it to the event? Download and share your own Move Your Money packet!  https://portlandrisingtide.org/move-money-packets/"

Jan 14th, 9:30am-5pm Stand Together: A Day of Action Workshops @ Sunnyside Community House

"Join us on January 14 for a day of workshops for people new to social and political action and for those upgrading their skills. We'll have a full day of sessions in strategic action planning, media, community outreach, messaging, peace-keeping, tactical design, legal observing, Know Your Rights, non-violent direct action, and more.

Concurrent skills sessions will be available all day. Gain practical ideas for effective dissent and target messaging within a non-violent framework. Support and implementation of the workshops comes from a variety of Portland-area communities and issue advocacy groups promoting Immigrant and racial justice, gender rights, fair housing, healthcare-for-all, and climate action.

Organizations will be tabling throughout the day. Childcare is provided; RSVP to reserve a spot. Please bring a sack lunch.

Please RSVP so we know how many people to expect:  https://actionnetwork.org/events/stand-together

Doors 9:30am, opening panel 10am, workshops 11am-5pm.

Co-Sponsored by the Climate Action Coalition (350 PDX, Portland Rising Tide, Community for Earth and more), Portland's Resistance, Portland Assembly, Direct Action Alliance, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Health Care for All Oregon and more coming soon!"

Jan 14th, 10:15am-12pm First Meeting, Elders For A New World Pdx @ Central Library

"Come share ideas. Are we a support group for each other as we attend demonstrations and other activist events? Shall we create our own demonstrations, teach-ins, actions? Shall we address issues of special interest to elders (social security, medicare, poverty, loneliness) and/or other current issues? Let's be creative! The generation that gave the world Revolution For The Hell Of It probably still has a lot to say!"

Jan 14th-15th, noon to 5pm next day, 2017 Efryting Drive @ East Portland Eagle Lodge 3256

"Join us for a new 2 day version of our annual multi-thon.
We gather to raise cold weather survival gear for the most vulnerable and displaced members of our community.
We fill the day with music, jokes and incoming donations on Saturday,
and then redistribute it to local organizations on Sunday
-with more music.

The entertainment starts at noon on Saturday and doesnt stop until the "friendly fire" freestyle rap compliment battle at the end of the night.
We will be collecting the usual stuff, in clean and useable condition, however this year we will be sorting on site, to eliminate an extra step- volunteers are most certainly appreciated to help sorting and organizing.
On Sunday we will reopen the Lodge and invite members of local outreach agencies to come and share in on our bounty and get the stuff to the streets asap. I don't need to sell anyone on what a tremendous problem this is.

While the specific talent needs to be sorted out, you can count on it being an assortment of the best in local music, art and comedy.
our goal is to raise 1000 blankets in a day,
plus all the usual other good stuff.
please spread the word."

There's more,

First The Carrots. Then The Sticks 15.Jan.2017 16:56


Despite all the literal hate for Trump, what we need now is a little "real politics". Trump is going to be president. Despite what everybody's heard from the Ivory Tower, Trump is not like Hitler at all. Trump is NOT psychotic (or maybe extreme "borderline"), nor a multi-drug addict, which Hitler WAS. Trump, as a lifelong 1%er, has led a profoundly sheltered existence. Yet he does seem to possess a crude value system. Let me quote myself from another thread: "Trump is probably not a neocon, or even a paleocon. He certainly is an authoritarian and a "law and order" lover, and this will likely lead to a whole lot of trouble. But maybe he really believes this is good for the 99%". He also seems to believe in privatization, including privatization of education, which I think is a very bad idea. So, yeah, there will be a lot of problems with Trump. But consider: He is at least 50% a salesman, and he has a well documented reputation for listening to "everybody in the room".

I am convinced that Hillary Clinton would have been 100X more fascist.

His choice of high-level officials has been disastrous. But I am now convinced that this will change quickly after he fires them. He's a deal-maker -- he makes deals -- so we can negotiate (this is his best quality). So let's take advantage of that. Let's try to sell him on sound values. If that fails, then we wave the sticks. This is called "real politics" for a reason.

Do Not Watch 15.Jan.2017 17:23

lonevet lonevet2008@comcast.net

Do not, do not watch the swearing in of the Russian's President on January 20th The trump regime begins but we do not have to support it in any way. This Donald is not my president he is putin's poodle and will disappoint those who voted for him and wreck the Republican Party. You must tune your TV to a station that is not showing the swearing in of this monster in order to show that his percentage of the "viewership" is low, if you just have it off, that will help his percentage. So put it on cartoons, seems appropriate.

Putin's Poodle? Really? 15.Jan.2017 17:34


You don't give a damn about your actual credibility?

You propose that Donald Trump is "Putin's Poodle"? Really?

You just jumped the shark.

More events 19.Jan.2017 01:15

unity through diversity

Hey all, more events from J20 onwards!

------------------------- Jan. 20th -------------------------
in outer East Portland, 1pm: Don't let your President get you Fu@ked Up!! #WeResist
E 162nd Ave MAX Station
"Protest in East Portland Inauguration Day January 20th!

First of all America is exactly what many of us have always known. It's racist! Let's call it out and resist the framework of hate and violence!! Trump is Not Our President he is the CEO of America the Corporation. People of color have always lived in a state of terrorism allowed by and supported by systemic inequities. The politically fueled violations often promote civil and human rights abuse and humiliation from state sanctioned discrimination. Break Your Chains!! Become Engaged!! Speak Out! Fight Back... emancipate your mind and be the CHANGE!
We Will March and Protest so that our VOICES are LOUD and Clearly saying NO To TRUMPS Organized Hate Campaign as We Will be sending a STRONG Message to Leaders In OREGON!! We Hear Your SILENCE!! We Will See You In the #OrLeg"

#NotMyPresident PSU Inauguration Day Walk-Out
South Park Blocks, 2-4pm
"On January 20th the inauguration day of President Donald J. Trump, hundreds of students will be walking out of their classes to join in protesting the policies of hate the incoming President wishes to implement or maintain. Students, together with PSU faculty and the larger campus community are convening and rallying in the South Park blocks in an effort to organise and educate.
After rallying, community members will lend their experience and voices to a conversation about what it means to struggle today, in the coming years and beyond.
Finally, there will be a march to join our rally with a protest taking place at Pioneer Courthouse Square."

in Beaverton: #J20 march against Trump In all of Oregon
Beaverton Transit Center
"We are the people!
Make our voice heard
What ever city your in make your voice heard join the thousands of Oregonians marching

Come march against the orange mans racism and bigotry, this man will crash our economy and bring a wave of racism and inequality


Join the Resistance! Inauguration night dance and assembly! Ft DJ Anjali!
The Melody Ballroom, 6pm-12am
"Are you ready to take action against the Trump agenda?
Are you ready to build community and get organized?
Are you ready to dance?

Then join us for a night of live music, DJs, and inspiration from local grassroots organizations. Celebrate the power of collective spirit and connect with organizations braving against the Trump agenda! This will be a space for workers, immigrants, POC, LGBTQ, and anyone committed to justice! Here's to healing and building strong communities!

Music by
>> DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid, voted Portland's best DJs in Willamette Week's 2016 readers' poll
>> LoveBomb Go-Go marching band
>> Portland Samba
>> and a special guest singer-songwriter

* 6:00 pm: All ages space opens on lower level, including kids' activities and professional childcare with RSVP:  http://bit.ly/ChildcareJTR
* NEW TIME 7:00: Doors open for 21+ performances in ballroom
* 8:00: Show
* All evening: Talk with grassroots organizations and join one!

$5-25 sliding scale; pay as you are able; no one turned away for lack of funds. You can buy your tickets in advance here:  https://actionnetwork.org/ticketed_events/join-the-resistance-an-inauguration-night-concert-organizing-event

Sponsored by Portland Jobs with Justice, Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon Working Families Party, Unite Oregon (formerly Center for Intercultural Organizing & Oregon Action), Greenpeace PNW, Showing Up for Racial Justice-Portland chapter, The Bus Project, Portland Tenants United, Enlace, Portland Harbor Community Coalition, Don't Shoot Portland, NARAL

Accessibility: please note that the Melody Ballroom building has stairs with a wheelchair lift."

Not Without a Fight - Benefit for Planned Parenthood & ACLU
High Water Mark Lounge, 6pm-12am
"With these trying times ahead of us we as a music community need to do all we can to show President-Elect Donald Drumpf that we will not stand for his bullshit! Thats why we are holding these benefits to help the organizations that will be fighting for us.

Long Knife

Marriage + Cancer

The Lightheads






Starts early. Not punk time.

No Jerks Allowed."

Punk Rock Anti-Trump Show!
Twilight Cafe and Bar, 9pm-2:30am
"This is a full out punk rock Anti-Trump show taking place on the day he gets inaugurated!! Dump Trump!! Only $5 bucks!!"

------------------------- Jan. 21st -------------------------
Mujeres Latinas en la Lucha - Latina Women in the Struggle
Revolución Coffee House Downtown Portland, 9am-12pm
"Before you go to the Historical Women's March and Rally in Portland... You are cordially invited to meet Latina Women in the Struggle for Human and Civil Rights in Oregon and support the work of Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario.

Date: Saturday, January 21st, 2017
Time: from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon
Location: Revolucion Coffee House, 1432 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Rvolucion Coffee House is owned by Mexican Immigrant Leader Maria Garcia. To honor the work for social justice of Latina Immigrant Women in Oregon, Maria will donate a percentage of the sales to the Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario organizing efforts with Latina Women in Oregon. Come and meet Voz Hispana Cambio Comunitario Latina Women leaders and organizers and Latina women from other grassroots organizations. Grab a cup of Mexican coffee and enjoy a delicious Mexican Breakfast before going to the Women's March and Rally. For more information email us at  vozhispana.woregon@gmail.com

About Café Revolucion
Maria Garcia is the proud owner of Revolución Coffee House. With experience in the food industry back in Palm Springs, California; Maria relocated to Portland. As a former employee of the Mexican Consulate in Portland her diverse background and passion is currently funneled into growing her business. She enjoys cultural events and small business development, which drives the creativity behind Revolución. The style of product including the traditional Mexican warm beverages and desserts made by her sister, Zulema, and cookies made by her mom, Silvia, are influenced by her passion for art, culture, cooking and folklore. She believes there is a niche in the well-known Portland coffee scene for these products, coffee drinking and café culture in México and Central America.
"Our products at Revolución, such as coffee, atole, champurrado & café de olla are not only delicious, they reflect a page in my own personal cultural heritage and they play a role in the larger story of "What is Mexico?" I am excited to share something a little different with the Portland coffee drinking scene." "

NXT LVL - A dance party for women's rights!
JADE CLUB, 9pm-2am
"Join us on January 21st for a dance party for women's rights, featuring...


DJ ANJALI (Anjali Hursh - Voted Portland's Best DJ as DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid (WW) 2016) - BHANGRA, BOLLYWOOD, HIP HOP


Live Performance by:
Kumari Suraj ("The Queen of Waacking Nouveau ")
& The Jungle Jills
"a 90's Fly Girl Thang"

We will also be celebrating Chloe Eudaly Portland City Commissioner's victory with proceeds going to 3 non-profit charities.

Portland Tenants United (Portland Tenants United is a growing tenants union dedicated to organizing tenants to take action to strengthen and enforce tenants rights and protections.)

Camions of Care PSU (Feminine hygeine product drive for low income students - please bring donations!)

Network for Reproductive Options - is a non-profit organization offering reproductive health support and resources to women and girls.

$5-$20 sliding scale, CASH at the door.
FREE NXT LVL holographic sticker with tampon donations (sealed boxes only)

315 SE 3RD AVE. PORTLAND, OR 97214

Sponsored by The Get Down and Seizure Palace

IG: nxtlvlpdx

Please also check out:
Friday Jan 20th
Queers Rise Up & Resist

Saturday Jan 21st
Women's March on Portland

#nxtlvl #wmwpdx #PeriodPolicy, #PeriodPride, #MenstrualMovement #camionsofcare #camionsofcarePSU #PTU #portlandtenantsunited #portland #pdx #networkforreproductiveoptions #NRO #inclusivity #feminism #intersectional #period #womensrights

***Capacity is around 600 people, so please get there early to make sure you get in***"

Indigenous Women Rise Portland
Tom McCall Waterfront Park, 12pm-4pm
"Join the rapidly growing circle of Indigenous women and hundreds of thousands of women on January 21st to march on Washington, D.C./PORTLAND and stand together in solidarity for the protection of our rights, safety, health and families. The Women's March on Washington/PORTLAND will send a bold message to the incoming presidential administration and to the world that women's rights are human rights.

Indigenous women who plan to participate or show support are asked to wear turquoise scarves or shawls for visual representation and if possible a long skirt to signify prayer. ALL walks of life are welcome!

Social Media and Signs:
Use the hashtags #IndigenousWomenRise #StandingRockisEverywhere #WomensMarch

Sign slogans:
Still Indigenous. Still Strong. Still Here.
Justice for Indigenous Women.
Water is Life. Women are Life.
Bring your Idle No More, NoDAPL and other creative signs.

The rally will start at Noon with a variety of speakers and the march at 1:15pm. This is a permitted peaceful march. The march route is 1.3 miles. Check back often for updated details and flyer.

For more information contact Kate Laubernds

------------------------- Jan. 22nd -------------------------
Silent Prayer and Meditation in the Public Square
Congregation Beth Israel, 3:30-6:30pm
"In an era of hate speech, hate crimes, and racial profiling, Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of "the Beloved Community" is more important than ever. The interfaith community of Portland is therefore calling on all people who believe in this dream to gather on Sunday, January 22, two days after the Presidential inauguration, to stand in solidarity with all those who stand to be marginalized and silenced by the incoming administration.

We will meet a Congregation Beth Israel at 3:30p, hear from Steve Wax of the Oregon Justice Resource Center about resources for those who have experienced a hate crime, followed by a special liturgy and silent march to Pioneer Square. Then, starting at 4:30pm, we will practice silent prayer and meditation for one hour in the name of Peace, Justice, and the Integrity of All Creation. Some parking is available at Congregation Beth Israel and nearby Trinity Episcopal, but as we will be marching down to Pioneer Square afterwards, make your own best decision as to where you'll want your vehicle to be. If you're able, please bring a battery-powered candle that can endure the elements and keep shining out as we pray together.

Please spread the word as you are able, and help us on the actual day by observing total silence as we invoke the Beloved Community together. #BelovedCommunityNW

3:30 PM - Meet at Congregation Beth Israel (1972 NW Flanders)

4:30 PM - Silent March to Pioneer Square

5:00 PM- Silent Prayer & Meditation in Pioneer Square

6:00 PM - Closing Prayer & Departure"

Intro to Transformative Justice & Survivor Support!
In Other Words Feminist Community Center, 2-4pm
"Please join Transformative Lenses Collective (TLC) for our first public event!

This will be an introductory workshop on Transformative Justice, survivor support, and understanding trauma. There will be a presentation on theory and practice of transformative and restorative justice models as strategies to address harm and violence outside of punitive state models which reinforce race- and class-based oppression. We will also present key concepts for understanding trauma and supporting members of our community who are surviving sexual assault or abuse. There will be a Q&A session to follow.

This event is meant to be educational and is at a basic, introductory level open to folks who have no prior knowledge. However, those with more extensive, first hand experience to share regarding the topics to be discussed are also encouraged to come!

This workshop will contain discussion of abuse, sexual assault, rape culture, and related issues, and could be triggering for some folks. We encourage everyone thinking of attending to check in with themselves about their needs and limits when dealing with these subjects, and to let us know if you have any specific accommodation needs around them that we might be able to help out with. If there are specific rapists or abusers who you're concerned might try to attend, feel free to let us know before or during the event and we'll do whatever we can to remove them. We believe in unconditionally believing accusations of abuse and assault, and will support survivors safety and confidentiality needs with no questions asked.

Please participate respectfully and be aware of how your comments and behavior may impact others' experiences of the event. We will be upholding In Other Words safer space policy (which can be found here:  http://inotherwords.org/about-us/safer-space-policy/) and anyone whose comments or behaviors reinforce racist, sexist, trans or homophobic ideas may be asked to leave.

Childcare and light snacks will be provided. If you think you might be bringing kids along just let us know beforehand how many and of what ages. This will help our childcare providers be prepared with enough people and age appropriate activities.

In Other Words is wheelchair accessible with folding chairs and some couches available for seating, and aims to be a fragrence free space, so please try to leave chemical perfumes and colognes at home for this event.

Cover photo credit goes to artist and activist Malena Magnolia. More of her work can be found here:  http://www.malenamagnoliaart.com/

If you have questions about the event, please get in touch at the email address below.


TLC is a collective of organizers working to facilitate and support transformative justice processes with the goal of survivor-centered support for those affected by sexual violence and abuse, and accountability and transformation for those who perpetrate violence. For more information about TLC, our points of unity, or how to get involved or reach out for support, feel free to contact us at:  transformativelenses@gmail.com"

What Is your Medicaid/Medicare Story?
Seiu Local 503 Portland, Or, 6-8:30pm
"With the lurch toward repeal of the Affordable Care Act, stories of the impacts of Medicaid expansion under OHP and coverage for pre-existing conditions are increasingly important. This event is intended for a range of people who interact with Medicaid/Medicare, including paid caregivers, family caregivers, consumers with various types of waivers, people newly insured with ACA, people with pre-existing conditions, and consumers new to services provided by OR Medicaid, which are better than that of many other states.

Trump and Congressional Republicans are threatening to reshape social services in the US by limiting funding and privatizing them. A group of activists has emerged to preserve Medicaid and Medicare, crucial services that support the well-being of people with disabilities, working-class people and retirees.

A personal narrative workshop around Medicaid/Medicare to:

-help develop stories about how as individuals we connect with these systems
-how the proposed changes affect us
-and what we want to be improved.

As part of the workshop, we'll write and/or record the stories for use with community members, legislators and other decisionmakers."

PTU Info Session & 1st General Membership Meeting!
Seiu Local 503 Portland, Or, 4-6pm
"Are you a renter wondering what's up with Oregon's lack of tenants rights and who is taking action to change them?

Are you a PTU fan, wondering how to be a member, or get more involved?

Are you a PTU member and you want to inform the direction of the organization?


Sunday, January 22nd at SEIU Local 503 from 4pm to 6pm!

Information Session will be held from 4pm to 5pm and will include:
* What is PTU?
* What does it mean to be PTU member, and how to join?
* Getting plugged into the work

*Sign up as a member at the info session and receive your PTU Membership Card at the Membership Meeting!

The FIRST General Membership Meeting will be held from 5pm to 6pm and will include:
* Updates on current KPH campaign with the City of Portland
* Repealing the State ban on Rent Control & Just Cause Evictions
* Voting Process: Who votes, How and What does that mean?
* Membership Cards!

We will have light refreshements to enjoy throughout the event!

Event will be held at:
SEIU Local 503
6401 SE Foster
Portland, Oregon

Please RSVP & Feel free to message us with any questions!
Text PTU to 444999 to get more info! See you there!"

Women In Action PDX: Brunch
Unite Oregon, formerly Center for Intercultural Organizing & Oregon Action, 11am-2pm
"Greetings to My Beautiful People!

I'm super excited to bring further the Women in Action PDX Brunch, at such important time for us here in Portland, Oregon for us to stay connected, stay in touch and give love with support to each other after the 2016 election.

We are Celebrating Our Take Over!
Here is a bit of background on how this is my ongoing Social Justice Commitment to Women in the City of Portland.

The idea literally manifested on it own, well not completely true, lol ...Social Justice Fund had a huge role in what came to light from a Black Lives Matter >Black Led Community Capacity grant that my Women's Community Action Plan group received in 2015.

It was a start to building many relationships with amazing women in the Portland Metropolitan area.

We spoke about building a Women's Response Team to advocate on Community related issues around gentrification, and digital divide that was not allowing women of color and their families to be themselves in the rapid pace of the growing pain Portland has been experiencing in the last few years since gentrification has disrupted the lives of the black natives, the Original People.

Fast forward 2016> I realized at the end of the reporting period to Social Justices Fund, how many Amazing women from our diverse communities, I now know because of the working of bring community together through gathering for information on important concern women from all walks of life have about being health and include.
I was like I'm a Community Connector, problem solve on many fronts.

In 2017 I'm Honoring Women in PDX!
So what is the brunch all about?
Well we now have an elect President by the name of Donald J. Trump, and the start to this year is going to be challenging for the world we live and the communities we serve.
But what we're going to is continuing to build a rich in goodness community here in Portland!

It's a Community Potluck Style Brunch, so we can share the love with good foodies with each other!

The Aftermath of the 2017 Inauguration.

(1) There will be space for a Healing Hour.
(2) Women's Building Activities.
(3)Shake Yo Groove Thang!
(4)Word of Wisdom by Kathleen Saadat
On Being Black..Being a Queer Woman in Politics in the State of Oregon!

When: January 22nd, 2017
Time: 11am-2pm
Location:700 N.Killingsworth St

This space will be open to our diverse community of women who Identify, Women of Color > Sistah's and Friends!
And Most Importantly Us!"

Visioning to Reignite The Marissa Mission
Rogue Ales & Spirits, 1-3pm
"It's time to reignite!

As you may or may not know, The Marissa Mission has been on sabbatical while Rachel and Kisa both had babies, and Sofia is undergoing training to become a firefighter!

Rachel has also been attending classes in Nonprofit & Public Administration, and is brimming with inspiration to restructure The Marissa Mission's program into a sustainable and transformative future.

Please join us on January 8th for community visioning. We are inviting past students and volunteers of The Marissa Mission, members of the Portland bellydance community, and anyone who would like to be involved in revitalizing our effort to bring bellydance and yoga to young people in our community with the understanding of their transformative powers. We want to hear from the community about how to make this an effective and exciting program.

The Marissa Mission is a non-profit youth empowerment program, offering classes, camps, workshops and performances. We foster youths into strength, vibrance and health through yoga, tribal belly dance, music, expressive arts, guest presentations, group dialogue, and community.

Anyone who would like to join is welcome!

There will be food!

There will be a chance to get to know each other!

It will not be boring!!! But it will still be productive!

Contact Rachel at 503.933.5536 or  rachel@marissamission.org"

Songs for Freedom and Justice
The Alberta Rose Theatre, 7pm to 10pm the next day
"Local musicians come together to benefit the ACLU. Performers include Darrell Grant & Catherine Feeny, Ashleigh Flynn, Kate Power & Steve Einhorn, Mic Crenshaw, Adam East & Kris Deelane, Tony Furtado, LaRhonda & Mark Steele, and Mary Flower"

Punk Trumps Hate: Benefit for Planned Parenthood & Anarres Infoshop
Anarres Infoshop & Community Space, 4-9pm
"How else can we survive this Inauguration Weekend than with a big punk show?


Millstone Grit
Heavy Handed
Kulululu (acoustic)

...and more?

Funds go to Planned Parenthood, with a percentage going to Anarres, as safe spaces are going to be more and more important in the coming years.

$5-15 suggested donation, no one turned away due to lack of funds, but it all goes to a good cause!

All ages

No drugs or alchohol. Safe space, so don't be a jerk"

DUG turns 2: a panel for the people
DISJECTA, 7pm-1am
"YALL! Two whole years have gone by since the creation of Deep Under Ground.
Two years of friendship, community building, being creative together, making music, dancing, creating, loving, expressing, sharing, and way more...
Sooo it is about time to celebrate and YOU of course are invited to join us (:

THIS Sunday the 22nd, join us at Disjecta for a two part panel discussion, performance pieces, good music & dance.
$5 suggested donation

Doors @ 7PM"

------------------------- Jan. 23rd -------------------------
No Child Behind Bars: Living Resistance from the US to Palestine
Seiu Local, 6:30-9pm
"We are at a precipice in our struggle for collective liberation. The opportunity to engage with prophetic voices of our time, powered by distinctive and united visions, on tour and in our communities, while sharing a platform to mobilize for systemic change and interface with communities across the US, is something that we need now more than ever.

Let us be exceptionally bold together and grow in the light of Living Resistance and the possibility, inevitability, of liberation.

Combining grassroots community engagement with municipal boycotts, community actions, testimony, and education campaigns, the tour--No Child Behind Bars: Living Resistance From the US to Palestine--explores state violence, particularly the criminalization and detention of youth in Palestine and the US. The tour focuses on the interests and powers that reinforce these systems, with the goal of destabilizing them and breaking them down.

The tour will feature three speakers:
Ahed Tamimi is 15 years old, charismatic, and articulate. She will be speaking from her home in Nabi Saleh, Occupied West Bank.

Amanda Weatherspoon is a Unitarian Universalist minister and Black liberation activist in the Bay Area. Her ministry is centered on collective liberation with an intersectional approach.

Nadya Tannous is a writer and organizer in the Bay Area. She has researched the detention of Palestinian minors since 2013.

You can directly support the tour by coming out, spreading the word and contributing to our crowdfunding page at:  https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/no-child-behind-bars-living-resistance-tour

This tour is backed by a diverse and strong coalition of National and Local Sponsors. National Sponsors include:

Friends of Sabeel North America, Middle East Children's Alliance (MECA), American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Defence for Children International (DCI), Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU), Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East (UUJME), Addameer and Interfaith Peace-Builders (IFPB), Dream Defenders, and Tree of Life

Questions about the tour? Please message us!
Visit the Tour Website at:  http://nochildbehindbars.squarespace.com/ "

A4BL PDX - Lunar New Year Week of Action Join Portland Asians4BlackLives for our Lunar New Year Week of Action. We will be gathering together to eat dinner at local, Black-owned restaurants to support them and build community with each other. We plan to have conversations about why Black Lives Matter within Asian communities, and hopefully we will all leave with deeper knowledge and a stronger togetherness. Attendees are expected to purchase their own meals, but we will provide the lively talking points!

***These dinners are intended as spaces for conversation among Asian and Asian American communities. They are also open to non-Asian people of color to participate. We ask White allies to respect the need for community-specific spaces and find other ways to support these businesses and organizations, and/or join us at the public rallies at the end of the week!***

We will also be asking those attending for a meaningful donation to local, Black-led organizations including All African People's Revolutionary Party - Oregon, Black Lives Matter Portland, and Sankofa Collective Northwest. A suggested cash donation between $10-$30 is encouraged, and we will split the total evenly between all three groups.

Join us later in the week at the Justice for Christopher Kalonji One Year Anniversary on January 27th and the AMA Coalition for Justice & Police Reform's March and Rally for Justice and Equality on January 28th.

***We ask you to please RSVP for the dinners! We are making a limit of 10 people at each dinner to make it manageable for the restaurants. Click on the links below to RSVP and get more details and accessibility information of each location.***

For questions, email us at < asians4blacklivesPDX@gmail.com>

Schedule of events with links to RSVP:

Mon, Jan 23:
6:30pm- Week of Action Dinner at Steakadelphia--

Tues, Jan 24:
6:30pm- Week of Action Dinner at Spice of Africa (5-course African dinner party at the owner's home in Beaverton. Exact address will be sent to guests prior to the dinner.)--

7:00pm- Week of Action Dinner at Dub's St. John--

Wed, Jan 25:
6:30pm- Week of Action Dinner at Bete-Lukas--

Thu, Jan 26:
7:30pm- Week of Action Dinner at Solae's Lounge--
 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/asians4blacklives-pdx-lunar-new-year-week-of-action-dinner-at-solaes-lounge-tickets-31269717567 "

--------------------- Jan 24th --------------------
J20+ Aftercare and Legal Aid
Q Center, 6-9pm
"Come receive herbal, acupuncture, bodywork, first aid, and legal guidance at this J20 Aftercare Session. Tea and snacks will be served.

The event is free and open to all--primarily intended for those taking part in the J20, Women's March, NAACP march, immigrants march, and other events surrounding the 2017 inauguration. The goal is to help those subjected to police violence, arrest, injury, illness, and stress by this round of protests or by the combined and intolerable effects of weather and political season. This will include both a brief program and opportunities to meet 1:1 with care providers

National Lawyers Guild attorneys, legal workers, and law students will be available to discuss legal options around police interactions and charges, and to help point folks towards possible next steps.

Accessibility: the Q Center is wheelchair accessible, offers gender neutral bathrooms, and is on the Bus 4 line (7 blocks from MAX Yellow line).

Volunteering: organizers seek volunteer body workers, herbalists, energy healers, and other modalities of care workers to care for attendees free of charge. Volunteers are asked to email  rosehipmedics@gmail.com or PM the organizers to inquire about requirements and timing.

 https://portlandnlg.org/ "

Mass Incarceration at the Local Level
First Unitarian Portland, 6:30-8:30pm
"Room B302-303 Buchan Building, First Unitarian Church

Kate Gonsalves, political director at the Oregon Justice Resource Center, is passionate about decreasing systemic inequalities in the justice system, a commitment that stems from her work with the ACLU linking race and death penalty sentencing and coursework examining race and mass incarceration under Dr. Angela Davis. More information:  kathryn@withyscott.com

FREE — All Welcome"

---------------------- Jan 25th ----------------------
Anarchist Reading Group: Listen Marxist!
Anarres Infoshop & Community Space, 7-10pm
"This is the second meeting of the Portland Anarchist Reading Group, a monthly book club based around radical anarchist literature aimed at buliding our understanding of revolutionary struggle. The Anarchist Reading Group was created through collaberation between the Portland Anarchist Black Cross and the Anarres Infoshop and Community Space.

This months reading will be the essay Listen Marxist! by Murrey Bookchin. This essay is a scathing examination and denunciation of Marxism and the resurgence of Marxist organizations during the struggles of the 1960s and 70s such as SDS or the PLP. Bookchin denounces Marxism's tendancy to look to the past, at revolutionary theories devoleped in scarcity based economy, proposing that in the post-scarcity world of today our struggles must be revised to fit the times.

Whereas last night we focused the discussion around the rise of Identity Politics and the ally framework, we would like to move our focus towards Marxist organizing today, groups such as the ISO as well as the recent growth of so-called democratic socialist groups like Socialist Alternative and DSA. As anarchists and anti-authoritarians, we must ask ourselves how or if we can organize along side authoritarian groups and how we can best further our struggle against both capitalism and the state in today's political arena.

A PDF copy of the essay can be found here:  http://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/murray-bookchin-listen-marxist

You can also come pick up a paper copy from Anarres during our open hours 12-6 Fri-Sun.

During the meeting we will discuss the zine so come prepared with plenty of questions, critiques and highlighted sections for us to explore.

We are wheelchair accessible. Note on accessibility: The door to the bathroom is about 25.5 inches wide taking into account the door frame. We recognize that this is not accessible for all wheelchair sizes."

Picket to Bring Back Jordan!
1135 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 6:30-8:30pm
"As many of you know, on Friday January 6th, union leader Jordan was suspended and accused of violating company policy because his manager gave him a bagel with cream cheese and forgot to ring him up for it. It is clear from the communications Jordan has recieved from HR, and the fact that he has been left off the scedule for two weeks, that Burgerville is considering firing him. Jordan expects to hear word sometime this week. If Burgerville chooses to fire Jordan, we are calling for a picket to be held at the Convention Center Burgerville on Wednesday, January 25th at 6:30pm before the Lakers-Blazers Game.

We demand that Burgerville immediately end Jordan's suspension and to compensate him for hours he was forced to miss! If Burgerville chooses to fire Jordan this week, they are choosing to escalate their war against the union. We will have no choice but to respond, to defend ourselves, to defend our union, and to fight for what we need. #WeNeedARaise #Bagelgate #Burgerville"

---------------------- Jan 26th ---------------------
Overnight Emergency Shelter Volunteer Training
East County Church of Christ, 7-9pm
"2-hour training course led by 20-year houseless advocate Steve Kimes. This winter our cities have made many calls for "experienced" volunteers at emergency warming shelters. This class will help prepare you to answer that call."

---------------------- Jan 27th ---------------------
DeFund DAPL: US Bank Picket and Jam nw 23rd Ave
US Bank 1001 NW 23rd Ave, 3-6pm
"US bank has extended a $275 million line of credit to Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics, builders of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This is your money, money they have used to finance human rights atrocities at Standing Rock, money they will use to pay their fines as they continue to drill under the Missouri River.
In coordination with the national Defund DAPL movement, we are undertaking a sustained and indefinite direct action campaign against US Bank. Every Friday, we will be picketing, passing out flyers, and jamming out at a US Bank branch in the Portland area to bring awareness to the way US bank has chosen to invest our money. We will be encouraging people to divest from US bank and invest their money into a local credit union.
All materials will be provided, just bring your body, your energy and a noise-maker of your choice. We will not stay silent."

Portland Clowns Without Borders Benefit Show
The Alberta Rose Theatre, 8-10pm
"Every year the Northwest's top artists in Comedy, Circus, and Variety Theatre put on a very special show to benefit Clowns Without Borders. Exciting and family friendly, with live music too! We hope to see you there!

Where: the Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta St, Portland
When: Doors at 7pm, show begins at 8pm
Tickets:  https://www.albertarosetheatre.com/tickets.html?Page=https%3A%2F%2Fpublic.ticketbiscuit.com%2FAlbertaRoseTheatre%2FTicketing%2F282934

$25 Advance
$35 At the door
$15 Kids (12 & under)
$50 Premium Seats (support CWB and sit in the front center section - advance only)

Family friendly! Beer, wine, pop, and snacks available.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian."

---------------------- Jan 28th ---------------------
PoC Power Happy Hour
"If you plan on attending the event, please email  cameron.s.whitten@gmail.com to get the event location and additional information.

Portland's Resistance is holding its second PoC Power Happy Hour Saturday, January 28th from 5pm to 8pm at a local PoC owned business in Northeast Portland. This will be a PoC-only safe space event, as an invitation to organizers and activists of color to build rapport and provide opportunities for leadership within Portland's Resistance's organizational decision making.

This will be a space for us to hear directly from the concerns of PoC and how Portland's Resistance can strategize its work in collaboration with people and organizations of color in the region.

You are encouraged to invite any PoC friends that are interested in Portland's Resistance and wants to be involved in direct action and anti-oppression political organizing. Bring yourselves and your ideas, the free appetizers are our treat!

Thank you!"

---------------------- Jan 29th ---------------------
Oueer Movie Night!: The Living End (1992) by Gregg Araki
Anarres Infoshop & Community Space, 7-10pm
"Oueer Movie Night!: The Living End (1992) by Gregg Araki.

Come by to watch, eat snacks, and chat.

Film trailer:


Film description:

"The Living End, Gregg Araki's acclaimed postmodern story explores the relationship between of two HIV-positive gay men; Luke the studly,
gun-toting drifter, and Jon, a freelance writer whose life and stability
are devastated when he finds out he's HIV positive. With literally nothing
to lose and propelled by a hardcore-industrial soundtrack, they set off on
an anarchic car trip across California into the desolate, quasi-surrealistic american wasteland".

Film is 84 minutes"

---------------------- Jan 31st ---------------------
Spectacle Garden 9: Solidarity & Resistance
The Headwaters Theatre, 6:30-9pm
"In honor of the inauguration of the Troll King, This month's Spectacle Garden will be a benefit for Rose City Antifa and ENLACE. Find data about these two organizations in the comments section of this Event Page.


Paula Helen & Oceanna Burke - ( performative sculpture )
John Laurits - ( independent journalist )
Devin Cain - ( silent film )
Elzza Doll - ( anarcho-butoh )
Kelly Nesbitt - ( something cool )
Athan Spathas - ( dance )
Honey LeFleur - ( body as protest )
Samsi - (poetix)
Comfortable Club - (direct action)


GLASYS - Prog-Electro Pop
Moro - Machine Spirit Liaison
Ben Martens/Drew Slum - Dystopian Rapz

*Tickets are a Suggested Donation of 10$ - all the money is going to aforementioned organizations, so be generous!

**Show will begin promptly at 7, Doors will open at 6:30. You are encouraged to arrive early because we will have representatives from these great radical organizations in the lobby to share the good message."

J-20 Jail Support Update Page  https://www.facebook.com/events/270162703402705/

The Portland Anarchist Black Cross will be working with the National Lawyers Guild Portland Chapter to provide jail support for arrestees on January 20th. Please write this number on your arm or leg in a concealed place, if you intend to attend the protest in whatever capacity as police have been known to wash off such numbers in the past and mass arrests are always a possibility in any demonstration. And remember you have a right to remain silent. Never talk to a police officer without an attorney present! The number to call is (503) 902-5340.

If you are arrested at J-20 or subsequent events please call this number and we will gather your information and provide support for you. Please share widely!

We will be using this page to update folks on any solidarity demonstrations being held for arrestees on j-20 and subsequently.

We will also be coordinating pickup and drop off rides for arrestees. All drivers are vetted and trusted community members."

---------------------- Feb 2nd ---------------------
SJAC Monthly Series Strategic Campaign Workshop
Social Justice Action Center, 7-9pm
"Karen Coulter's Strategic Campaigning workshop is based on a framework for strategically planning issue campaigns adapted by the Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy to more specifically address corporate rule and deeper underpinnings of Capitalist culture. Karen also incorporates discussion of the principles of corporate behavior based on Jerry Mander's book, In the Absence of the Sacred and alternatives to corporate dependency that involve local community initiatives that counter corporate culture. She also demonstrates some simpler group exercises for identifying obstacles, opportunities, and allies.

Karen Coulter is Director of Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, a legal forest defense organization monitoring four National Forests and two Bureau of Land Management Districts in eastern Oregon. She has been part of the Earth First! Movement since 1984 and a principal activist with the Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy since 1996. Karen was a campaigner for Greenpeace International on acid rain and ozone depletion and did research on alternative energy sources and climate change from 1986-1990. She worked for the American Friends Service Committee and Citizen Alert in Nevada against the MX missile in 1980 and 1981. She has also worked with various grassroots environmental groups and in solidarity with Native nations in the U.S. She was awarded for courage in 1995 by the Oregon Natural Resources Council, for grassroots activism in 2013 by Fund for Wild Nature, and for long-term forest defense by Friends of the Clearwater in 2015."

---------------------- Feb 3rd ---------------------
The Yes Men Fix The World
Clinton Street Theater, 7-9pm
"THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD - Are you feeling freaked out or fearful of days ahead in the USA? Then come out for one of the most hilarious, inspiring and shocking films ever made! It all started HERE in Portland!! A wickedly fun skewering of corporate greed, this is the TRUE STORY of two guys in thrift store suits who impersonate corporate big-wigs and wreak havoc with outlandish stunts. Suggested admission: $7-10, but no one ever turned away for lack of funds! #kboo #portlandresistance #yesmen
In this wonderfully therapeutic film, Yes Men Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno impose cosmic (and comic) justice by any means necessary. THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD 'shines with a raw wit and originality' (Newsweek) as it fearlessly follows the twisted logic of corporate capitalism to its absurd conclusion, exposing the hilarious absurdities and ironies of an economic system that ruthlessly rules the planet"

---------------------- Feb 4th to 7th ---------------------
Activist Filmmaking
The ReBuilding Center,
"Instructor: Kathryn Garcia
Location: ReBuilding Center
Ages: 16+
Schedule: 2 3/hr sessions
Dates: Feb. 4, 7
Times: 1:00-4:00pm (2/4), 6:00-9:00pm (2/7)
Capacity: 15

Video is one of the most effective forms of citizen journalism today. This project-based class gets you access to Portland Community Media's portable Activist Filmmaking kits, which are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to use for inexperienced videomakers, yet powerful enough to capture great footage and audio of protests, strikes and other PDX events.

This class certifies you as an Activist Filmmaker, which means you can check out Portland Community Media's Activist Filmmaking kits for free (which include an iPad, tripod, monopod, two lenses, a light and two mics). It also certifies you to submit videos to our cable channels."

---------------------- Feb 11th ---------------------
Teaching In a Time of Trump: Saturday Teach-In
Portland Association of Teachers, 9am-12:30pm
"Worried about the harm and threat the Trump administration poses to our students and their families?
Unsure how to address the root causes of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, economic inequality, and climate change in your classroom?
Unsure of how to teach for truth and justice in this age of "post-facts"?
Scared that your own ability to teach for social justice is under attack?

As educators we know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to address these questions, especially in our siloed classrooms and schools. This is why social justice educators are coming together for this

Teaching in a Time of Trump: Saturday Teach-In

The Teach-In will provide a forum for social justice educators across the Portland metro area to discuss and strategize ways we can protect our students, our families, and our public schools. The Teach-In will also feature a panel discussion of local leaders from movements and organizations fighting for immigration justice, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, economic justice and climate justice.

When: Saturday, February 11th from 9:00am-12:30pm
Where: Portland Association of Teachers Offices (345 NE 8th Ave, Portland, OR 97232)
What to bring: All your good thinking about what educators must do in our classrooms, at our schools, and in our communities to resist the Trump agenda.

PLEASE RSVP HERE  http://tinyurl.com/TTTRSVP so that we can provide adequate refreshments and materials.

Questions? Contact Us!  teachingintimeoftrump@gmail.com"

---------------------- Feb 12th ---------------------
February Bark About Hike: Wildlife Tracking
Bark, 9am-5pm
"This month Bark and Cascadia Wild are teaming up to lead a winter tracking hike in Mt. Hood National Forest. Learn the art of animal tracking and how to help protect our threatened local forests. Cascadia Wild is dedicated to teaching people about the natural world and inspiring personal connection to nature, while Bark is dedicated to protecting Mt. Hood National Forest. Check out www.cascadiawild.org to learn more about their work.

We are encouraging folks who want to brush up on their tracking skills to attend this month's Ecology Club: Wildlife tracking

Please be prepared to hike off trail. Bring lunch, water, and whatever else you need to feel comfortable. We are anticipating being in the snow for this hike, so PLEASE don't forget extra layers of wool clothes, socks and warm boots. To protect off-trail resources, we ask that you leave your dog at home.

This hike is likely a snowshoe hike, so if you have a pair please bring them along. If not, Bark has a few pairs to loan out for the day. Please call Bark at 503-331-0374 for more information and to see if we have a pair of snowshoes for you. Next Adventure also rents out snowshoes for affordable prices, if you are interested in the hike and need snowshoes please also consider calling them at (503) 233-0706.

Be prepared to hike off trail. Bring lunch, water, and whatever else you need to feel comfortable for a day in the forest. To protect off trail resources, please no dogs on this hike.

Carpools leave from the Hollywood Trader Joe's, 4121 NE Halsey, (across the street from the Hollywood Transit Center, near the I-84 exit 2) in Portland at 9am sharp. If you are able to drive, we greatly appreciate your contribution to helping make a successful hike. If you are looking for a ride, please come prepared to reimburse your driver.

If you plan to drive please review Bark's Expectations for all Drivers, here.

Call Bark at 503-331-0374 for more details and information.

351 NE 18th Ave.
Portland, OR 9720
Call Bark at 503-331-0374 for more details and information.
If you are willing to drive in our carpool, please review Bark's Driver Safety Expectations before coming, here -  http://bark-out.org/content/expectations-all-bark-drivers. "

---------------------- Feb 18th ---------------------
What is Community Defense
6401 SE Foster Rd, 2-4pm
"In this hands-on training we will cover what community defense is, successful examples of community defense and how to identify and organize your community against threats and challenges to your safety and well being.

Childcare will be provided. Space is accessible.

Have questions or want more information, email  pdxactnow@gmail.com "

---------------------- Feb 19th ---------------------
Tour of Right 2 Dream Too
Right 2 Dream Too, 1:30-3pm
"Come take a tour of Right 2 Dream Too, which for the past five years has provided twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep for 120 people a night in Old Town/Chinatown.

This tour is hosted by the Right 2 Survive Ambassador Project, which create opportunities for housed Portlanders to meet and learn from houseless neighbors. After the tour we invite you to join us for coffee at Floyd's Coffee Shop at 118 NW Couch, so we can discuss the future of Right 2 Dream Too, and houselessness in our city.

Learn more about the Right 2 Survive Ambassador Project:  https://right2surviveambassadors.wordpress.com/ "

---------------------- Feb 28th ---------------------
Ride for Resistance
Portland State University, 6-9pm
"Red Warrior Society is now dedicating themselves to building a culture and community of resistance on every level. They are called by the People to help fight a battle that is far from our home territories of them, they have sacrificed much in the efforts for Mni Wiconi.

Red Warrior Society will be sharing stories of indigenous rezistance, as well as connecting the dots on the fight against the black snake, extreme extraction, corporations, and colonial violence in both indigenous territories as well as indigenous bodies. Featuring the voices of front line warriorz from over twelve different nations."

---------------------- Mar 17th ---------------------
Public Hearing on the Oregon Wolf Plan
TBA, 8am-1pm
"**SAVE THE DATE** DRAFT Wolf Plan - Informational
Written public comment period will open January 15, 2017

Offer or join a carpool from Portland:  https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/omciab "

Portland Shuts Down on Friday 19.Jan.2017 12:39

Corporate Media Pukes a Message

TriMet suspends service downtown Friday afternoon ahead of protests

 link to katu.com

J20 Shut It Down -