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4 dead so far this winter in PDX

Four people have died this winter in Portland due to hypothermia WHILE they were houseless.
The Portland Business Alliance & Charlie Hales are two names that come to mind when I ask myself why this has to happen like this!

4 dead and counting!

Human Life 10.Jan.2017 23:28

Twitter Feed

Portland woman who died of hypothermia was evicted for being late on $338 in rent. @Tarra_Martin reports.  link to www.wweek.com ... pic.twitter.com/fqjJbZdgQQ

Oh Well 11.Jan.2017 14:29

Another Day in Portland

28 degrees out - Jan 6th

Clarify Picture 11.Jan.2017 14:34


the person in the picture was NOT one of the four who lost their life this winter in Portland

Some people need to be forcibly brought indoors? 12.Jan.2017 09:09


Some people fully aware of their situation and the dangers it presents,need to be forcibly brought in from the cold, against their will and then forced to stay in a building where it's warm. Is that the answer?