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KGB Set Up Trump in Moscow? Hookers, Golden Showers on Tape? Holy SHIT!

What next?
goodbye cruel world (flush)
goodbye cruel world (flush)
Did the KGB set Trump up? The CIA seems to think so. What if these vids make it to Youtube for even five minutes? Or uploaded to some porno sites? Where's Jerry Falwell???????????????

ughhh 11.Jan.2017 10:53



More Anti-Russia Propaganda From The Central Assassination Agency 11.Jan.2017 20:31


This is Real Fake News created by people in the CIA who have deep underground military bunkers payed for by you -- who want a nuclear war with Russia. It was even channeled through the 4chan website.

People who have underground bunkers should get life in prison. Now!

B.S. 12.Jan.2017 12:50


That's bullshit Blues. Trump is a cretinous sicko and is reaping the appropriate karmic whirlwind. He's the real FAKE here. You seem obsessed with WWIII. If anyone is out to start it, it's the Red Headed Tweety Bird. If Trump really did engage in hacking with the Russians against the Dems for the last 5 years, well that seems to border on a type of treason. Collaborating with foreign superpowers to undermine the voting process of your own nation has got to be a serious breach of fidelity at some level. Trying to predict the future, WWIII or The 2nd Coming is more than pointless because critical changes are hitting so fast that the possibilities are endless for global outcomes never even imagined. The play is far from the last act. "May you live in interesting times" indeed.

!! 12.Jan.2017 12:58