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Control of major news media by fbi

The lockdown of free press by fbi is nearly complete , but the atrocities by fbi/cia/police are well underway.
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Control of major news media by fbi
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Submitted by gsosbee on Wed, 2017-01-11 10:43
Major mass media, Rotten



"Censorship is rampant throughout the world ensuring that the public only may see what the USA hierarchy wants people to see, hear what they want them to hear and read only what the authorities deem acceptable. The fbi deals with anyone who circumvents these boundaries. Censorship dominates the lives of the ordinary citizen everywhere.

The controlled media are greatly responsible for the fbi/cia/police state atrocities such as murder, mayhem, massive unlawful imprisonment and terrorist assaults (torture) on our people. So too are all in Congress & SCOTUS.

I try in earnest to present my vast knowledge of fbi high crimes, but the fbi contacts the media and frightens them.

Media responses:


In reality my chronicles, supported by incontrovertible evidence are hidden for at least 30 years, even though I show how the fbi is today quasi human monsters in their clandestine operations foreign & domestic: fbi champions torture, false imprisonment, forced suicide while the victim is monitored, and assassinations, often by methods that give the appearances of death by natural causes.

I believe that the public has the right to know of such criminal offenses by fbi, and that major media has the duty to cover the reports of fun out of control.

Notice to media:


Fbi assassins are begging to be exposed & prosecuted.


We are therefore assured by media cooperation with fbi/cia thugs that heinous crimes by these mobsters will expand right under our nose, and that this nation's criminal assaults on people globally will also spin out of conrol.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi everywhere..

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