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We Shall See

can we as humans figure a way to come together and fight against the new threat?
I am scheduled for Communications and will say something like this. I have never remained on script so it will be something like this. Ha!

To be presented to city council on Jan 18

Today I could waste my time trying to convince the majority of this council that we need to do more concerning the question of houselessness in this city and county.
I could yell and jump up and down about your lack of planning for winter, but I will not.
I could point out that we warned you of this coming disaster, we may have 5-8 deaths so far as we are told.
I could stand up and be called out of order and get thrown out, something that I have done and at least one of you find that behavior would not be tolerated on the set of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." So we also may have a nurse Rachett in the house.
What I have decided to do with my few minutes is to warn you of the coming Political Tsunami that is called the Trump Regime. Two days from now we will swear in what one of my heroes, Congressman John Lewis, called an illegitimate President and the dismantling of many programs/things we hold dear will begin.
If we do not figure a way to come together and fight this monster at our gates we will all suffer and many of us will perish.
I am going to finish now before my 3 minutes are up, maybe for the first time, because I do not have the answers, just questions and thoughts.
I don't pray much anymore, because I just don't believe in it, but I will look up and say something just in case someone is listening to our plea for help because we all will need it.

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

?? " the new threat " / " coming Political Tsunami " 16.Jan.2017 04:33


9/11 mass deception, and the USA Patriot act  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/10/433617.shtml having been in place for 15+ years aren't enough of a threat?

what's with the "new" lingo?

How is any of the 'New Plutocracy' actually "new" or different from big-bank-insurance enabler/collaborator OBomba?

how was OBomba different from Bu$h?  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/11/433691.shtml

How has the Federal government and/or its policy impacts on your daily life, Lone Vet, changed in the past 15 years (see first line of this post)?

How on ****ing EARTH has the Democrat party _helped_ Lone Vet or his causes?

if Hillary had won,

would that somehow _not_ have been " the new threat " / " the coming Political Tsunami "

[QUOTE, 'Lone Vet']:
" one of my heroes, Congressman John Lewis "

**--> Your 'hero' is someone who wants and is actively working to take away the civil rights of Americans?

1960s Icon Of Civil Rights Leads House Democrats In 'Sit Down' To Have Them Taken Away

House Democrats Sing Civil Rights Anthem In Support Of Taking Away Our Civil Rights

^ article + further pieces for lonevet and his pals to read, study