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Edinburgh March Against Trump's Muslim Ban

This is a report with 20 photos of the Edinburgh, Scotland protest against President Trump's banning people from certain countries that happen to be majority Muslim.
Edinburgh March Against Trump's Muslim Ban

There were demonstrations against Donald Trump in Edinburgh and London today. As SACC (Scotland against Criminalising Communities) put it "Donald Trump wants to ban people from certain countries that happen to be majority Muslim - except for those with whom he has business dealings - from entering the USA. This is unconscionable and against the values America stands on. It is reminiscent of the demonizing of Jews in Hitler's Germany. We, decent human beings, will not stand for it. We are with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We will fight for them."

The Edinburgh protest started with an assembly at 1100 on the city's Royal Mile followed by a march at 1130 down the hill to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood. Outside the building which opened in 2004 the 500 or so activists listened with enthusiasm to many speakers including Mick Napier of Scottish Palestine Solidarity and Richard Haley of SACC (Scotland against Criminalising Communities). 20 photos of the day are included.

Media coverage of the demonstrations

Channel Four News at 1830 on Saturday did lead with Donald Trump and did cover the London demonstration showing the large crowd outside the US Embassy. There were also interviews with protestors outside Downing Street including one with Azad Ali who is a spokesman for the Islamic Forum of Europe.

Regular viewers of RT (Russia Today) will have noticed that any criticism of Trump and his policies have been rather muted. The 1800 news bulletin only had a glimpse of the London demonstration while commentators `Lionel` (real name Michael William Lebron, an American radio and television personality) said he was `shocked` by the negative coverage of Trump and his polices while American comedian Tim Young opined that the negative coverage of Trump by the so-called liberal media was in bad taste.

Al Jazeera's bulletin at 1900 led with massive anti-corruption protests in Romania. Later in the bulletin there was coverage of anti-Trump protests in Paris and in Australia (in Sydney, Melbourne Canberra, Newcastle and Hobart). The London protest was covered in some detail and the petition urging that Trump's coming state visit to Britain be postponed or cancelled was touched on. It currently has two million signatures on it. The `Listening Post` presented by Canadian journalist Richard Gizbert dealt with the Trump's cavalier treatment of the US media.

Links to media reports

1/The BBC website gave a link to a report in the London Evening Standard.  link to www.standard.co.uk

2/The Sunday Herald has this report on the Edinburgh protest : link to www.heraldscotland.com

3/Al Jazeera has these photos from the London demo - Solidarity and British humour at London anti-Trump demo: link to www.aljazeera.com

4/Reports of Australian protests: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-immigration-australia-idUSKBN15J07S

5/More photos from the London demonstration:  https://twitter.com/i/moments/827899408788385794

address: address: Edinburgh, Scotland

Who Protested The Murder Of MidEast Families? ME! Now Let Their Fathers IN!!! 04.Feb.2017 20:11


YOU bombed them YOU keep them.

I was out on the street demanding that they not be bombed and killed. Now you demand that their widower fathers be allowed into our nation to exact revenge.

What is your New World Order agenda anyway?

We all must die. For you.

Because you are nuclear neocons pretending to be anarchists. Too bad if we must die.

Wow 04.Feb.2017 21:33

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

As the world turns (burns)
I still have compassion for the masses

Have Compassion For the Masses? 04.Feb.2017 21:57


Maybe, like, stop bombing them?

Maybe Stop Sending In CIA Mercenaries 04.Feb.2017 22:07


To REMOVE their free healthcare, education, homes, food, etc., that Gaddafi provided.

If that is compassion, you can shove it where the sun don't shine.

agreed 04.Feb.2017 23:44


stop bombing them - I agree

JA Obama bombed browns for 8 years, and Bush before that 05.Feb.2017 02:04


just a reminder.

(Trump has only even been in office, for a few weeks. They / we have had 16 STRAIGHT YEARS to protest.)

Yes, stop bombing....but keep in mind the consequences and be prepared 16.Feb.2017 17:17


You're on the right track, blues, but we didn't take military action against Libya until Ghaddaffi started taking steps to use his oil money to create an African petrodollar, the West put pressure on Ghaddaffi to stop being so generous with his oil wealth to his citizens and park it in the Western banks but the bombing didn't start until he threatened the hegemony of the US petrodollar. It's the same reason we invaded Iraq, Hussein was going to us his oil to back the Ruble. It was Sec. of State Hillary under the direction of Pres. Obama that ordered the bombing of Iraq, BTW.
If a foreign country successfully established a petrodollar to compete with the US dollar we would see a mass defection of countries from using the US dollar as defacto world currency. The dollar would retract in value and the Western banks would lose massive profits, they would look to us (middle class primarily) to cover those losses, expect to see your 401(k)'s, pensions, stock investments, even savings account to collapse in value if not disappear entirely. Not saying that makes the bombing right, just pointing out reality of what will happen.

As for immigration, most immigrants don't come from Libya anyways. They come from all over the world. In fact, the largest ethnic group entering the US in recent years are people from Myannmar. It's a previously closed country that is opening up to Western business interests so the US and other Western nations start bringing people over in order to help establish relations, hoping to cultivate "trade" and "business".

These migrations are economically coerced and have underlying political motivations. Plus, the 3rd world is going to double in pop. in 50 yrs. Think of how many people will want to migrate to the West then? The environmental consequences of having 15 billion plus people in this world are frightening. Especially, if the "developed" countries add more consumers. Mother Earth doesn't have the resources to support them.

I sure get tired of all these so called progressive moaning about immigrant "rights" with the population tsunami on the horizon. People should have the right to stay where they were born and live sustainable and happy lives without being uprooted and dispersed like pieces on a gameboard.