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Look for the best... expect the absolute worst

My suggestion for the average good and naive persons.
Fbi agents & their murderous operatives, all low down rats  out of hell, are forever known as sub humans and human monsters as revealed in my documentaries on their crimes.

Do not think for a moment that you are free from their treachery and homicidal schemes, as the fbi draws its nourishment from the same violent and ignorant temperament that infects the general population. They and perhaps you allow the most base and disgusting instincts of man to run wild in this world. See my reports on how high officials of government and the average person are turned into fiends such as:

Knipfing and Rodriguez  , Wilson and Bleier , Posada, Cruz, Trevino & Earhart, Congress and the courts  ( all federal magistrate judges), hundreds of citizens such as I name in "My Story In Detail " , and the anonymous assassins deployed by fbi to kill me.

While I might live long enough to forgive them for their atrocities, history must not be so kind. As for the controlled media , their chiefs and personalities are equally guilty of high crimes as the fbi's own assassins. These media 'frauds' get rich by cover up of fbi's crime spree which is unprecedented in human affairs.

Look for the best in people and expect the absolute worst, except in those who demonstrate truth, integrity and bravery in the face of pervasive evil.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the filthy actions and thoughts of fbi and cia globally.